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1. Ranked 10th position, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the highest ranking Chinese company on the list.
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3. 单词encourage 联想记忆:
4. 我叫它“万隆奖”,该奖得名于一位中国肉业大亨,人家身为CEO却无比坦诚地宣称:“我就是个杀猪卖肉的。”万隆先生一定会同意我把这个奖颁给北伯林顿铁路公司(BNSF)的一位高管,这位仁兄在一次会议上说:“我们把东西从一个地方运到另一个地方。”
5. 独裁者利用前者作为镇压的借口,利用后者要求绝对服从。
6. That price looks excellent given that Tucker should fit more neatly in a three-and-d role than Ross, Sullinger is a total non-factor, and the Raptors kept their own 2017 first-round pick.


1. AR could be the bigger opportunity after Apple’s Tim Cook gave the technology his backing — it was included in Apple’s latest operating system and its iPhone X device.
2. Song “Happiness” (Mao A’Min)
3. Brazil
4. Song of the year: "Over you," Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton
5. 税:每年大约18036美元(约合人民币11.5万元)。
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1. Anne-Sylvaine Chassany
2. 在即将卸任的中国领导层不愿做出任何有远见的决定时,中国必须沿着一条狭窄的道路审慎推进。
3. China Poised to Claim Half of Global Online Game Market, Report Says
4. Bella is the youngest model on the list, having just turned 21 last month.
5. The rest of them, he goes over quickly:
6. 10. Be mindful of your attitude.


1. It scares/intimidates people and they don't know better anyway.
2. That feeling of success may have provided a sort of identity in itself.
3. 6. You don’t just pass in front of the TV if i’m watching football, you better crawl on the floor.
4. [s?'plai]
5. One of the best James Bond theme songs wasn't actually played over the opening credits, so we're giving it our first honorable mention. This enormously romantic song from On Her Majesty's Secret Service is one of the few James Bond themes that helps tell the story of the film, in which our hero finally meets the love of his life. (Alas, it was short-lived.) Satchmo warbles his trademark warble, our hearts melt, and a classic is born.
6. ● “奥巴马签署行政令禁止学校读效忠宣言”


1. Although the original book got 7.9 out of 10 on Douban, the TV version only got 5 for its poor adaptation.
2. 在这部1998年的古装剑侠动作电影中,安东尼奥·班德拉斯扮演了一个无聊的贵族,他有时会扮成蒙面歹徒,从腐败领导人手中拯救加州的墨西哥平民。虽然佐罗听起来可能像个普通的老派超级英雄,但是《佐罗的面具》依据的故事大部分来源于现实世界中,一个叫乔伊·穆里埃塔的亡命之徒。
3. Why does beauty exist? To answer this question, Richard O. Prum, an ornithologist, is working to revive an idea advanced by Charles Darwin: the attractiveness of an animal to another of its species isn’t only tied to fitness and good genes. Rather, animals — especially birds in Dr. Prum’s work — are making subjective decisions. He hopes that evolutionary biologists will stop “explaining away desire.”

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    To provide assistance to these laid-off workers will continue to be our priority in cutting overcapacity and pursuing the supply-side structural reform.

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    Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) announced that it would put $30 billion of its cash toward share repurchases. The news made investors happy: The stock popped, and even a week later was up 12% relative to the S&P over that same 7-day period. The buybacks were part of a larger $130 billion capital return program that the company said would extend through 2015.

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    With a bit of help from Charles Dickens, let’s take a look back at the year in which almost nothing worked:

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    Rose McGowan accused producer Harvey Weinstein of rape this time last year, sparking an avalanche of allegations in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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