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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The king, however, who sought distraction, while traveling as fast aspossible--for he was anxious to be in Paris by the twenty-third--stoppedfrom time to time to fly the magpie, a pastime for which the taste hadbeen formerly inspired in him by De Luynes, and for which he had alwayspreserved a great predilection. Out of the twenty Musketeers sixteen,when this took place, rejoiced greatly at this relaxation; but the otherfour cursed it heartily. D'Artagnan, in particular, had a perpetualbuzzing in his ears, which Porthos explained thus: "A very great ladyhas told me that this means that somebody is talking of you somewhere."At length the escort passed through Paris on the twenty-third, in thenight. The king thanked M. de Treville, and permitted him to distributefurloughs for four days, on condition that the favored parties shouldnot appear in any public place, under penalty of the Bastille.The first four furloughs granted, as may be imagined, were to our fourfriends. Still further, Athos obtained of M. de Treville six daysinstead of four, and introduced into these six days two more nights--forthey set out on the twenty-fourth at five o'clock in the evening, and asa further kindness M. de Treville post-dated the leave to the morning ofthe twenty-fifth.
2.  At that moment Planchet put his head modestly in at thehalf-open door, and told his master that the horses wereready.
3.  "You must go away immediately. I will give you a paper which youmust not part with on any account, and which you will deliverinto the proper hands."
4.  "And I," said Aramis, with his soft, melodius voice,"remember that I will roast you at a slow fire, like asavage."
5.  The imprudent young man expected a surprise, mixed withshame--a slight storm which would resolve itself into tears;but he was strangely deceived, and his error was not of longduration.
6.  "Well, this time," said the cardinal, "it is not necessaryto steal his confidence, but to present yourself frankly andloyally as a negotiator."


1.  The three Musketeers passed behind his Eminence, who againenveloped his face in his cloak, and put his horse inmotion, keeping from eight to ten paces in advance of hisfour companions.
2.  "My dear fellow, I invited them to a dinner the next day,"replied Aramis. "They have some capital wine here-please toobserve that in passing. I did my best to make them drunk. Thenthe curate forbade me to quit my uniform, and the Jesuitentreated me to get him made a Musketeer."
3.  A black point floated on the sea. That was the sloop. While theboat was advancing with all the speed its four rowers could giveit, Felton untied the cord and then the handkerchief which boundMilady's hands together. When her hands were loosed he took somesea water and sprinkled it over her face.
4.  "They'll kill poor Porthos when he comes up," said Aramis."If Porthos were on his legs, he would have rejoined us by thistime," said Athos. "My opinion is that on the ground the drunkenman was not intoxicated."
5.  "She then arose, and with altered voice, 'Ladies,' said she,'wait for me ten minutes, I shall soon return.' She then openedthe door of her alcove, and went out."
6.  "It is done; as your Excellency may have observed, your horse isin the great gateway, ready saddled for your departure.""That is well; do as I have directed you, then."


1.  Milady folded her hands, and raising her fine eyes toward heaven,"Lord, Lord," said she, with an angelic meekness of gesture andtone, "pardon this man, as I myself pardon him."
2.  That pretty little SOUBRETTE whom D'Artagnan had alreadyobserved then came in. She spoke some words to Lord deWinter in English, who thereupon requested D'Artagnan'spermission to retire, excusing himself on account of theurgency of the business that had called him away, andcharging his sister to obtain his pardon.
3.  38 HOW, WIHTOUT INCOMMODING HIMSELF, ATHOS PROCURES HIA EQUIPMENTD'Artagnan was so completely bewildered that without takingany heed of what might become of Kitty he ran at full speedacross half Paris, and did not stop till he came to Athos'sdoor. The confusion of his mind, the terror which spurredhim on, the cries of some of the patrol who started inpursuit of him, and the hooting of the people who,notwithstanding the early hour, were going to their work,only made him precipitate his course.
4.  "But who, who? In whom can I trust?"
5.   "Because she was afraid of compromising you."
6.  "Yes, monsieur," replied the mercer, in a tremble, feeling thatit was at this point affairs were likely to become perplexing;"that is to say, I HAD one."


1.  She was a charming woman of twenty-five or twenty-six years, withdark hair, blue eyes, and a nose slightly turned up, admirableteeth, and a complexion marbled with rose and opal. There,however, ended the signs which might have confounded her with alady of rank. The hands were white, but without delicacy; thefeet did not bespeak the woman of quality. Happily, D'Artagnanwas not yet acquainted with such niceties.
2.  Nevertheless, whether the cough had been answered by a similarsignal which had fixed the irresolution of the nocturnal seeker,or whether without this aid she saw that she had arrived at theend of her journey, she resolutely drew near to Aramis's shutter,and tapped, at three equal intervals, with her bent finger."This is all very fine, dear Aramis," murmured D'Artagnan."Ah, Monsieur Hypocrite, I understand how you study theology."The three blows were scarcely struck, when the inside blind wasopened and a light appeared through the panes of the outsideshutter.
3.  Now, as at the moment in which D'Artagnan fixed his eyes upon thegentleman in the violet doublet, the gentleman made one of hismost knowing and profound remarks respecting the Bearnese pony,his two auditors laughed even louder than before, and he himself,though contrary to his custom, allowed a pale smile (if I mayallowed to use such an expression) to stray over his countenance.This time there could be no doubt; D'Artagnan was reallyinsulted. Full, then, of this conviction, he pulled his cap downover his eyes, and endeavoring to copy some of the court airs hehad picked up in Gascony among young traveling nobles, headvanced with one hand on the hilt of his sword and the otherresting on his hip. Unfortunately, as he advanced, his angerincreased at every step; and instead of the proper and loftyspeech he had prepared as a prelude to his challenge, he foundnothing at the tip of his tongue but a gross personality, whichhe accompanied with a furious gesture.
4、  "Zounds, Lieutenant!" said he; "you are not unlucky in beingcharged with such commissions, particularly if my Lord hasauthorized you to look into her bed."
5、  "You will be served, thus, madame, three times a day," said he."In the morning at nine o'clock, in the day at one o'clock, andin the evening at eight. If that does not suit you, you canpoint out what other hours you prefer, and in this respect yourwishes will be complied with."




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      "Do you find yourself badly lodged, sister? Demand anything youwant, and I will hasten to have you furnished with it.""But I have neither my women nor my servants."

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      "There are many thanks to be offered to you, and to betransmitted to you. Be this evening about ten o'clock at St.Cloud, in front of the pavilion which stands at the corner of thehouse of M. d'Estrees.--C.B."

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       "But how did you become concerned in this villainousaffair?"

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      With such a VADE MECUM D'Artagnan was morally and physically anexact copy of the hero of Cervantes, to whom we so happilycompared him when our duty of an historian placed us under thenecessity of sketching his portrait. Don Quixote took windmillsfor giants, and sheep for armies; D'Artagnan took every smile foran insult, and every look as a provocation--whence it resultedthat from Tarbes to Meung his fist was constantly doubled, or hishand on the hilt of his sword; and yet the fist did not descendupon any jaw, nor did the sword issue from its scabbard. It wasnot that the sight of the wretched pony did not excite numeroussmiles on the countenances of passers-by; but as against the sideof this pony rattled a sword of respectable length, and as overthis sword gleamed an eye rather ferocious than haughty, thesepassers-by repressed their hilarity, or if hilarity prevailedover prudence, they endeavored to laugh only on one side, likethe masks of the ancients. D'Artagnan, then, remained majesticand intact in his susceptibility, till he came to this unluckycity of Meung.

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    {  "But the Bastille?" said Aramis.

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      "We have still fifteen days before us," said he to his friends."well, if at the end of a fortnight I have found nothing, orrather if nothing has come to find me, as I a, too good aCatholic to kill myself with a pistol bullet, I will seek a goodquarrel with four of his Eminence's Guards or with eightEnglishmen, and I will fight until one of them has killed me,which, considering the number, cannot fail to happen. It willthen be said of me that I died for the king; so that I shall haveperformed my duty without the expense of an outfit."Porthos continued to walk about with his hands behind him,tossing his head and repeating, "I shall follow up on my idea."Aramis, anxious and negligently dressed, said nothing.It may be seen by these disastrous details that desolationreigned in the community.}

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      "By force? You are joking! Holloa, Patrick!"

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      "Messieurs Athos, Porthos, and Aramis."

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       "Hear me, Athos," said D'Artagnan. "Instead of shuttingyourself up here as if you were under arrest, get onhorseback and come and take a ride with me to St. Germain.""My dear fellow," said Athos, "I ride horses when I haveany; when I have none, I go afoot."

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    {  "Alas, monseigneur!" replied the young man, "very easily, nodoubt, for they are strong and well supported, while I amalone."

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      As they rode along, the duke endeavored to draw from D'Artagnan,not all that had happened, but what D'Artagnan himself knew. Byadding all that he heard from the mouth of the young man to hisown remembrances, he was enabled to form a pretty exact idea of aposition of the seriousness of which, for the rest, the queen'sletter, short but explicit, gave him the clue. But that whichastonished him most was that the cardinal, so deeply interestedin preventing this young man from setting his foot in England,had not succeeded in arresting him on the road. It was then,upon the manifestation of this astonishment, that D'Artagnanrelated to him the precaution taken, and how, thanks to thedevotion of his three friends, whom he had left scattered andbleeding on the road, he had succeeded in coming off with asingle sword thrust, which had pierced the queen's letter and forwhich he had repaid M. de Wardes with such terrible coin. Whilehe was listening to this recital, delivered with the greatestsimplicity, the duke looked from time to time at the young manwith astonishment, as if he could not comprehend how so muchprudence, courage, and devotedness could be allied with acountenance which indicated not more than twenty years.The horses went like the wind, and in a few minutes they were atthe gates of London. D'Artagnan imagined that on arriving intown the duke would slacken his pace, but it was not so. He kepton his way at the same rate, heedless about upsetting those whomhe met on the road. In fact, in crossing the city two or threeaccidents of this kind happened; but Buckingham did not even turnhis head to see what became of those he had knocked down.D'Artagnan followed him amid cries which strongly resembledcurses.