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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Whom do you mean by they?"
2.  "But if I do fight, you will surely not object to giving mea lesson or two in shooting and fencing?"
3.  "Was he in the wars?"
4.  "Well, you can throw out the draft; their signature is worthfive per cent."
5.  Ali descended to the street, and marked a straight line onthe pavement immediately at the entrance of the house, andthen pointed out the line he had traced to the count, whowas watching him. The count patted him gently on theshoulder, his usual mode of praising Ali, who, pleased andgratified with the commission assigned him, walked calmlytowards a projecting stone forming the angle of the streetand house, and, seating himself thereon, began to smoke hischibouque, while Monte Cristo re-entered his dwelling,perfectly assured of the success of his plan. Still, as fiveo'clock approached, and the carriage was momentarilyexpected by the count, the indication of more than commonimpatience and uneasiness might be observed in his manner.He stationed himself in a room commanding a view of thestreet, pacing the chamber with restless steps, stoppingmerely to listen from time to time for the sound ofapproaching wheels, then to cast an anxious glance on Ali;but the regularity with which the Nubian puffed forth thesmoke of his chibouque proved that he at least was whollyabsorbed in the enjoyment of his favorite occupation.Suddenly a distant sound of rapidly advancing wheels washeard, and almost immediately a carriage appeared, drawn bya pair of wild, ungovernable horses, while the terrifiedcoachman strove in vain to restrain their furious speed.
6.  "Then you must suffer hunger."


1.  "Yes, you."
2.  "Command me, madame."
3.  "Come," he said, as he ascended the stairs leading to hiswife's room, "nothing is changed here." He then closed thedoor of the landing. "No one must disturb us," he said; "Imust speak freely to her, accuse myself, and say" -- heapproached the door, touched the crystal handle, whichyielded to his hand. "Not locked," he cried; "that is well."And he entered the little room in which Edward slept; forthough the child went to school during the day, his mothercould not allow him to be separated from her at night. Witha single glance Villefort's eye ran through the room. "Nothere," he said; "doubtless she is in her bedroom." He rushedtowards the door, found it bolted, and stopped, shuddering."Heloise!" he cried. He fancied he heard the sound of apiece of furniture being removed. "Heloise!" he repeated.
4.  D'Avrigny's look implied, "I told you it would be so." Thenhe slowly uttered these words, "Who is now dying in yourhouse? What new victim is going to accuse you of weaknessbefore God?" A mournful sob burst from Villefort's heart; heapproached the doctor, and seizing his arm, -- "Valentine,"said he, "it is Valentine's turn!"
5.  "Oliva Corsinari, was it not?"
6.  "The Comtesse de Morcerf?" said Monte Cristo, starting.


1.  Morrel was, in fact, very happy. M. Noirtier had just sentfor him, and he was in such haste to know the reason of hisdoing so that he had not stopped to take a cab, placinginfinitely more dependence on his own two legs than on thefour legs of a cab-horse. He had therefore set off at afurious rate from the Rue Meslay, and was hastening withrapid strides in the direction of the Faubourg Saint-Honore.Morrel advanced with a firm, manly tread, and poor Barroisfollowed him as he best might. Morrel was only thirty-one,Barrois was sixty years of age; Morrel was deeply in love,and Barrois was dying with heat and exertion. These two men,thus opposed in age and interests, resembled two parts of atriangle, presenting the extremes of separation, yetnevertheless possessing their point of union. This point ofunion was Noirtier, and it was he who had just sent forMorrel, with the request that the latter would lose no timein coming to him -- a command which Morrel obeyed to theletter, to the great discomfiture of Barrois. On arriving atthe house, Morrel was not even out of breath, for love lendswings to our desires; but Barrois, who had long forgottenwhat it was to love, was sorely fatigued by the expeditionhe had been constrained to use.
2.  "Come," said Monte Cristo, "this cross seems to me to bewisely awarded. I suppose, had he found another additionalvertebra, they would have made him a commander."
3.  "Yes," said Noirtier.
4.  "Ah, true."
5.   "You say this, my dear boy; but do you think we ought toaccept these 3,000 francs?" said Mercedes, coloring.
6.  Caderousse, scarcely yet relying on this promise, put hislegs out of the window and stood on the ladder. "Now godown," said the abbe, folding his arms. Understanding he hadnothing more to fear from him, Caderousse began to go down.Then the count brought the taper to the window, that itmight be seen in the Champs-Elysees that a man was gettingout of the window while another held a light.


1.  "And you allow then, sir, that spheres exist, and that thesemarked and invisible beings mingle amongst us?"
2.  "Will the petition go soon?"
3.  "Come, my friend," said Danglars, seeing that he made noimpression on Peppino, "you will not refuse me a glass ofwine?"
4、  "Yes."
5、  "What particulars would your excellency like to hear?"




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      "Certainly there are. Haidee is a very uncommon name inFrance, but is common enough in Albania and Epirus; it is asit you said, for example, Chastity, Modesty, Innocence, --it is a kind of baptismal name, as you Parisians call it."

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      His words were re-echoed by the whole party, with vociferouscheers.

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       "Oh, madame, I do not presume to call myself your friend,but at all times I am your most respectful servant." Thecountess left with an indescribable pang in her heart, andbefore she had taken ten steps the count saw her raise herhandkerchief to her eyes. "Do not my mother and you agree?"asked Albert, astonished.

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    {  "My father answered with a loud laugh, which was morefrightful than even threats would have been, and he had notceased when two reports of a pistol were heard; he had firedthem himself, and had killed two men. The Palikares, whowere prostrated at my father's feet, now sprang up andfired, and the room was filled with fire and smoke. At thesame instant the firing began on the other side, and theballs penetrated the boards all round us. Oh, how noble didthe grand vizier my father look at that moment, in the midstof the flying bullets, his scimitar in his hand, and hisface blackened with the powder of his enemies! and how heterrified them, even then, and made them fly before him!`Selim, Selim!' cried he, `guardian of the fire, do yourduty!' -- `Selim is dead,' replied a voice which seemed tocome from the depths of the earth, `and you are lost, Ali!'At the same moment an explosion was heard, and the flooringof the room in which my father was sitting was suddenly tornup and shivered to atoms -- the troops were firing fromunderneath. Three or four Palikares fell with their bodiesliterally ploughed with wounds.

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      "Hush -- here is our man!" The clerk seized his pen, andPeppino his beads; one was writing and the other prayingwhen the door opened. Danglars looked radiant with joy; thebanker accompanied him to the door. Peppino followedDanglars.}

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      "I understand -- you allowed matters to take their course,that was all."

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      Chapter 27The Story.

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       Two hours passed thus. It was intensely dark; still Ali,thanks to his wild nature, and the count, thanks doubtlessto his long confinement, could distinguish in the darknessthe slightest movement of the trees. The little light in thelodge had long been extinct. It might be expected that theattack, if indeed an attack was projected, would be madefrom the staircase of the ground floor, and not from awindow; in Monte Cristo's opinion, the villains sought hislife, not his money. It would be his bedroom they wouldattack, and they must reach it by the back staircase, or bythe window in the dressing-room. The clock of the Invalidesstruck a quarter to twelve; the west wind bore on itsmoistened gusts the doleful vibration of the three strokes.

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    {  "Then it will be to-morrow."

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      "No; they were going to marry their daughter" --