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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, sir, I am your prisoner," she said. "From where I stood Icould hear everything, and I know that you have learned the truth. Iconfess it all. It was I who killed the young man. But you areright- you who say it was an accident. I did not even know that it wasa knife which I held in my hand, for in my despair I snatched anythingfrom the table and struck at him to make him let me go. It is thetruth that I tell."
2.  "It was a pitch-dark night when my husband and I went down, as wasour custom, to feed the beast. We carried with us the raw meat in azinc pail. Leonardo was waiting at the corner of the big van whichwe should have to pass before we reached the cage. He was too slow,and we walked past him before he could strike, but he followed us ontiptoe and I heard the crash as the club smashed my husband's skull.My heart leaped with joy at the sound. I sprang forward, and I undidthe catch which held the door of the great lion's cage."And then the terrible thing happened. You may have heard howquick these creatures are to scent human blood, and how it excitesthem. Some strange instinct had told the creature in one instantthat a human being had been slain. As I slipped the bars it bouncedout and was on me in an instant. Leonardo could have saved me. If hehad rushed forward and struck the beast with his club he might havecowed it. But the man lost his nerve. I heard him shout in his terror,and then I saw him turn and fly. At the same instant the teeth ofthe lion met in my face. Its hot, filthy breath had already poisonedme and I was hardly conscious of pain. With the palms of my hands Itried to push the great steaming, blood-stained jaws away from me, andI screamed for help. I was conscious that the camp was stirring, andthen dimly I remembered a group of men. Leonardo, Griggs, andothers, dragging me from under the creature's paws. That was my lastmemory, Mr. Holmes, for many a weary month. When I came to myselfand saw myself in the mirror, I cursed that lion- oh, how I cursedhim!- not because he had torn away my beauty but because he had nottorn away my life. I had but one desire, Mr. Holmes, and I hadenough money to gratify it. It was that I should cover myself sothat my poor face should be seen by none, and that I should dwellwhere none whom I had ever known should find me. That was all that wasleft to me to do- and that is what I have done. A poor wounded beastthat has crawled into its hole to die- that is the end of EugeniaRonder."
3.  "But what had it to do with the crime?"
4.  "For England, home and beauty- eh, Watson? Martyrs on the altar ofour country. But what do you think of it, Mycroft?"
5.  "And now, Mr. Holmes, I come at last to the special thing whichhas caused me to ask your advice to-day. You must know that everySaturday forenoon I ride on my bicycle to Farnham Station, in order toget the 12:22 to town. The road from Chiltern Grange is a lonelyone, and at one spot it is particularly so, for it lies for over amile between Charlington Heath upon one side and the woods which lieround Charlington Hall upon the other. You could not find a morelonely tract of road anywhere, and it is quite rare to meet so much asa cart, or a peasant, until you reach the high road near CrooksburyHill. Two weeks ago I was passing this place, when I chanced to lookback over my shoulder, and about two hundred yards behind me I saw aman, also on a bicycle. He seemed to be a middle-aged man, with ashort, dark beard. I looked back before I reached Farnham, but the manwas gone, so I thought no more about it. But you can imagine howsurprised I was, Mr. Holmes, when, on my return on the Monday, I sawthe same man on the same stretch of road. My astonishment wasincreased when the incident occurred again, exactly as before, onthe following Saturday and Monday. He always kept his distance and didnot molest me in any way, but still it certainly was very odd. Imentioned it to Mr. Carruthers, who seemed interested in what Isaid, and told me that he had ordered a horse and trap, so that infuture I should not pass over these lonely roads without somecompanion.
6.  (See illustration.)


1.  "'On the contrary,' said I, 'I opened the door myself because I feltthe room to be a little close.'
2.  "'Well, I hope to goodness the house won't be burgled during thenight,' said he.
3.  "It is for his sake. You can serve him. Quick! Promise!"She gave a quick nod of assent just as the other two came up."Why do you sit moping there, Annie?" cried her brother. "Come outinto the sunshine!"
4.  "You stayed here when your master left?"
5.  "Well, though I had her heart, her father was set upon hermarrying Barclay. I was a harum-scarum, reckless lad, and he had hadan education and was already marked for the sword-belt. But the girlheld true to me, and it seemed that I would have had her when theMutiny broke out, and all hell was loose in the country."We were shut up in Bhurtee, the regiment of us with half abattery of artillery, a company of Sikhs, and a lot of civilians andwomen-folk. There were ten thousand rebels round us, and they wereas keen as a set of terriers round a rat-cage. About the second weekof it our water gave out, and it was a question whether we couldcommunicate with General Neill's column, which was movingup-country. It was our only chance, for we could not hope to fight ourway out with all the women and children, so I volunteered to go outand to warn General Neill of our danger. My offer was accepted, andI talked it over with Sergeant Barclay, who was supposed to know theground better than any other man, and who drew up a route by which Imight get through the rebel lines. At ten o'clock the same night Istarted off upon my journey. There were a thousand lives to save,but it was of only one that I was thinking when I dropped over thewall that night.
6.  "I have never seen him in a more dangerous mood. But he grows moresinister. You can understand now why his daughter and I are alarmed.And yet his mind is perfectly clear."


1.  "There will soon be a call for protection in the marriage market,for the present free-trade principle appears to tell heavily againstour home product. One by one the management of the noble houses ofGreat Britain is passing into the hands of our fair cousins fromacross the Atlantic. An important addition has been made during thelast week to the list of the prizes which have been home away by thesecharming invaders. Lord St. Simon, who has shown himself for overtwenty years proof against the little god's arrows, has now definitelyannounced his approaching marriage with Miss Hatty Doran, thefascinating daughter of a California millionaire. Miss Doran, whosegraceful figure and striking face attracted much attention at theWestbury House festivities, is an only child, and it is currentlyreported that her dowry will run to considerably over the six figures,with expectancies for the future. As it is an open secret that theDuke of Balmoral has been compelled to sell his pictures within thelast few years, and as Lord St. Simon has no property of his ownsave the small estate of Birchmoor, it is obvious that the Californianheiress is not the only gainer by an alliance which will enable her tomake the easy and common transition from a Republican lady to aBritish peeress."
2.  "There remained the third possibility, into which, rare and unlikelyas it was, everything seemed to fit. Leprosy is not uncommon inSouth Africa. By some extraordinary chance this youth might havecontracted it. His people would be placed in a very dreadful position,since they would desire to save him from segregation. Great secrecywould be needed to prevent rumours from getting about and subsequentinterference by the authorities. A devoted medical man, ifsufficiently paid, would easily be found to take chance of thesufferer. There would be no reason why the latter should not heallowed freedom after dark. Bleaching of the skin is a common resultof the disease. The case was a strong one- so strong that I determinedto act as if it were actually proved. When on arriving here Inoticed that Ralph, who carries out the meals, had gloves which areimpregnated with disinfectants, my last doubts were removed. Asingle word showed you, sir, that your secret was discovered, and if Iwrote rather than said it, it was to prove to you that my discretionwas to be trusted."
3.  "What could I do? Absolute ruin faced me. If I could stave thingsoff for three weeks all would be well. Her maid's husband- this manhere- is an actor. It came into our heads- it came into my head-that he could for that short period personate my sister. It was buta case of appearing daily in the carriage, for no one need enter herroom save the maid. It was not difficult to arrange. My sister died ofthe dropsy which had long afflicted her."
4.  "'One of the most precious public possessions of the empire,' saidI.
5.   "Or get letters from it?"
6.  "I should be immensely obliged to you."


1.  He took a paper from his pocket, and, unwrapping it carefully, heexposed a charred fragment of bone.
2.  "Is it a lonely farm?"
3.  "Godfrey is an orphan, and Lord Mount-James is his nearest relative-his uncle, I believe."
4、  In the morning I was up betimes, but some toast crumbs and two emptyeggshells told me that my companion was earlier still. I found ascribbled note upon the table.
5、  "When I arrived at the house," continued Holmes, "I at once wentvery carefully round it to observe if there were any traces in thesnow which might help me. I knew that none had fallen since theevening before, and also that there had been a strong frost topreserve impressions. I passed along the tradesmen's path, but foundit all trampled down and indistinguishable. just beyond it, however,at the far side of the kitchen door, a woman had stood and talked witha man, whose round impressions on one side showed that he had a woodenleg. I could even tell that they had been disturbed, for the woman hadrun back swiftly to the door, as was shown by the deep toe and lightheel marks, while Wooden-leg had waited a little, and then had goneaway. I thought at the time that this might be the maid and hersweetheart, of whom you had already spoken to me, and inquiry showedit was so. I passed round the garden without seeing anything more thanrandom tracks, which I took to be the police; but when I got intothe stable lane a very long and complex story was written in thesnow in front of me.




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      "The first three sensible words that you have uttered since youentered this room, Watson. You will find some books over there. I amsomewhat exhausted; I wonder how a battery feels when it pourselectricity into a non-conductor? At six, Watson, we resume ourconversation."

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      "Do you know anything of the commissionaire?"

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       "Have they thought of looking outside the house?"

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      "Still a quarter of an hour," said he. "Very good, I shall wait."The butler had hardly closed the door behind him when Lady Hilda wasdown on her knees at Holmes's feet, her hands outstretched, herbeautiful face upturned and wet with her tears.

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    {  "Get behind him, Watson! Don't let him out! Now, sir, let us see thecontents of that notebook."

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      "Is my husband's political career likely to suffer through thisincident?"}

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      "I was shaken but not hurt by the fall; so I picked myself up andrushed off among the bushes as hard as I could run, for I understoodthat I was far from being out of danger yet. Suddenly, however, as Iran, a deadly dizziness and sickness came over me. I glanced down atmy hand, which was throbbing painfully, and then, for the firsttime, saw that my thumb had been cut off and that the blood waspouring from my wound. I endeavoured to tie my handkerchief roundit, but there came a sudden buzzing in my ears, and next moment I fellin a dead faint among the rose-bushes.

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      The Stock-Broker's Clerk

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       "The goose, Mr. Holmes! The goose, sir!" he gasped.

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    {  I was horrified for I had heard nothing of his illness. I need notsay that I rushed for my coat and my hat. As we drove back I asked forthe details.

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      "I a wondering, Watson- just wondering!"