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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  If rage or sorrow ever torture the heart, it is when a loverreceives under a name which is not his own protestations oflove addressed to his happy rival. D'Artagnan was in adolorous situation which he had not foreseen. Jealousygnawed his heart; and he suffered almost as much as poorKitty, who at that very moment was crying in the nextchamber.
2.  An expression of unspeakable joy lightened the countenance ofMilady; but this expression was fleeting as the reflection oflightning. Without appearing to have heard the dialogue, ofwhich she had not lost a word, she began again, giving to hervoice all the charm, all the power, all the seduction the demonhad bestowed upon it:
3.  "But you promised me--" whispered the poor mercer."We can only save you by being free ourselves," repliedD'Artagnan, in a rapid, low tone; "and if we appear inclined todefend you, they will arrest us with you."
4.  "Be satisfied, my Lord, I will tell all that I have seen. Butdoes your Grace mean to give me the studs without the casket?""The casket would encumber you. Besides, the casket is the moreprecious from being all that is left to me. You will say that Ikeep it."
5.  "I have given you the choice between America and Tyburn," repliedLord de Winter. "Choose Tyburn, madame. Believe me, the cord ismore certain than the knife."
6.  Athos took the letter from the hands of D'Artagnan,approached the lamp, set fire to the paper, and did not letgo till it was reduced to a cinder.


1.  "The captain of the king's Musketeers."
2.  "Traitorous, monsieur."
3.  At the moment a great jingling of spurs was heard on the stairs.Some voices passed and faded away, and the sound of a singlefootstep approached the door.
4.  "The queen charged me to tell you to watch over yourself, for she hadadvice that your assassination would be attempted.""And is that all--is that all?" replied Buckingham, impatiently."She likewise charged me to tell you that she still loved you.""Ah," said Buckingham, "God be praised! My death, then, will not be toher as the death of a stranger!"
5.  One of the two Guardsmen was engaged that evening, andanother the next, so the meeting was fixed for the day afterthat.
6.  "The devil!" murmured he, between his teeth. "Can Treville haveset this Gascon upon me? He is very young; but a sword thrust isa sword thrust, whatever be the age of him who gives it, and ayouth is less to be suspected than an older man," and thestranger fell into a reverie which lasted some minutes. "A weakobstacle is sometimes sufficient to overthrow a great design."Host," said he, "could you not contrive to get rid of thisfrantic boy for me? In conscience, I cannot kill him; and yet,"added he, with a coldly menacing expression, "he annoys me.Where is he?"


1.  "A thousand things. In the first place, that, unfortunately,your husband is a simpleton and a fool; in the next place, youare in trouble, of which I am very glad, as it gives me aopportunity of placing myself at your service, and God knows I amready to throw myself into the fire for you; finally, that thequeen wants a brave, intelligent, devoted man to make a journeyto London for her. I have at least two of the three qualitiesyou stand in need of, and here I am.
2.  "How is that?" cried Porthos and Aramis in a breath.As to Athos, faithful to his system of reticence, he contentedhimself with interrogating D'Artagnan by a look.
3.  "No one can reproach you for anything of the kind, MonsieurBonacieux," said the young man; "you are a model for regularpeople. It is true that when a man possesses a young and prettywife, he has no need to seek happiness elsewhere. Happinesscomes to meet him, does it not, Monsieur Bonacieux?"Bonacieux became as pale as death, and grinned a ghastly smile."Ah, ah!" said Bonacieux, "you are a jocular companion! Butwhere the devil were you gladding last night, my young master?It does not appear to be very clean in the crossroads."D'Artagnan glanced down at his boots, all covered with mud; butthat same glance fell upon the shoes and stockings of the mercer,and it might have been said they had been dipped in the same mudheap. Both were stained with splashes of mud of the sameappearance.
4.  "Who told you that I had been weeping?" said she."It appeared to me--"
5.   Left alone, she arose. The bed, which she had kept from prudenceand that they might believe her seriously wounded, burned herlike a bed of fire. She cast a glance at the door; the baron hadhad a plank nailed over the grating. He no doubt feared that bythis opening she might still by some diabolical means corrupt herguards.
6.  "I say I am entirely of Porthos's opinion," replied Aramis."And I, too," said D'Artagnan.


1.  At the cries of M. de Treville, the whole assemblage rushed intothe cabinet, he not thinking to shut the door against anyone, andall crowded round the wounded man. But all this eager attentionmight have been useless if the doctor was so loudly called forhad chanced to be in the hotel. He pushed through the crowd,approached Athos, still insensible, and as all this noise andcommotion inconvenienced him greatly, he required, as the firstand most urgent thing, that the Musketeer should be carried intoan adjoining chamber. Immediately M. de Treville opened andpointed the way to Porthos and Aramis, who bore their comrade intheir arms. Behind this group walked the surgeon; and behind thesurgeon the door closed.
2.  Lord de Winter and the three Musketeers looked at one anotherinquiringly. Neither could give the others any information, for allwere ignorant who this man could be; nevertheless, they felt convincedthat all was as it should be, as it was done by the order of Athos.At nine o'clock, guided by Planchet, the little cavalcade set out,taking the route the carriage had taken.
3.  "And does that hinder you from letting me know the secondreason?"
4、  "Is mine."
5、  "One of your boarders?" said Milady; "oh, my God! Poor woman! I pityher, then."




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      "Insolent!" cried Milady; and as if acted upon by a spring, shebounded toward the baron, who awaited her attack with his armscrossed, but nevertheless with one hand on the hilt of his sword."Come!" said he. "I know you are accustomed to assassinatepeople; but I warn you I shall defend myself, even against you.""You are right," said Milady. "You have all the appearance ofbeing cowardly enough to lift your hand against a woman.""Perhaps so; and I have an excuse, for mine would not be thefirst hand of a man that has been placed upon you, I imagine."And the baron pointed, with a slow and accusing gesture, to theleft shoulder of Milady, which he almost touched with his finger.Milady uttered a deep, inward shriek, and retreated to a cornerof the room like a panther which crouches for a spring."Oh, growl as much as you please," cried Lord de Winter, "butdon't try to bite, for I warn you that it would be to yourdisadvantage. There are here no procurators who regulatesuccessions beforehand. There is no knight-errant to come andseek a quarrel with me on account of the fair lady I detain aprisoner; but I have judges quite ready who will quickly disposeof a woman so shameless as to glide, a bigamist, into the bed ofLord de Winter, my brother. And these judges, I warn you, willsoon send you to an executioner who will make both your shouldersalike."

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      "Silence, monsieur! Once again, silence! Ah, since the dangersI incur on my own account cannot stop you, think of those you mayyourself run!"

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       "She loves him devilishly," he murmured. Then he went out.This time Kitty was nowhere waiting for him; neither in theantechamber, nor in the corridor, nor beneath the greatdoor. It was necessary that D'Artagnan should find alonethe staircase and the little chamber. She heard him enter,but she did not raise her head. The young man went to herand took her hands; then she sobbed aloud.

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      "Adieu, master!"

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    {  "Oh, my God!" said Kitty, "you know how to represent thingsin such a way that you are always in the right. You aregoing now to pay your court to her again, and if this timeyou succeed in pleasing her in your own name and with yourown face, it will be much worse than before."

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      D'Artagnan knew that, although a Gascon, M. de Treville was notin the habit of making promises, and that when by chance he didpromise, he more than kept his word. He bowed to him, then, fullof gratitude for the past and for the future; and the worthycaptain, who on his side felt a lively interest in this youngman, so brave and so resolute, pressed his hand kindly, wishinghim a pleasant journey.}

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      "No," said Athos.

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      At his announcement D'Artagnan felt himself tremble to the verymarrow of his bones. The coming instant would in all probabilitydecide the rest of his life. His eyes therefore were fixed in asort of agony upon the door through which the king must enter.Louis XIII appeared, walking fast. He was in hunting costumecovered with dust, wearing large boots, and holding a whip in hishand. At the first glance, D'Artagnan judged that the mind ofthe king was stormy.

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       Anne of Austria ran to her jewel case.

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    {  "Oh, I don't know; he had enough, and set off without waiting forthe rest. But you, my dear D'Artagnan, what has happened toyou?"

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      The citizen made a fresh pause and continued, "I have a wife whois seamstress to the queen, monsieur, and who is not deficient ineither virtue or beauty. I was induced to marry her about threeyears ago, although she had but very little dowry, becauseMonsieur Laporte, the queen's cloak bearer, is her godfather, andbefriends her."