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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Buckingham had left England the day before, sent as ambassadorto Spain, to demand the hand of the Infanta for King Charles I,who was then only Prince of Wales. My affianced husbandreturned.
2.  "His majesty is certain that a letter has been written by youduring the day; he knows that it has not yet been sent to itsaddress. This letter is not in your table nor in your secretary;and yet this letter must be somewhere."
3.  "Give him to me. Nobody knows him. I will leave him at the place Iquit, and he will conduct you to me."
4.  There only his memory returned to him. He shook his head,perceived the cabaret at which he had left Aramis, and puttinghis horse to the trot, he shortly pulled up at the door.This time is was not a host but a hostess who received him.D'Artagnan was a physiognomist. His eye took in at a glance theplump, cheerful countenance of the mistress of the place, and heat once perceived there was no occasion for dissembling with her,or of fearing anything from one blessed with such a joyousphysiognomy.
5.  "That is to say," replied Milady, driven into her entrenchment, "that Ihave not the honor of knowing her personally; but I know a great numberof her most intimate friends. I am acquainted with Monsieur de Putange;I met Monsieur Dujart in England; I know Monsieur de Treville.""Monsieur de Treville!" exclaimed the novice, "do you know Monsieur deTreville?"
6.  "Have the goodness to send mine to Athos's residence. I shoulddread some disagreeable encounter if I were to go home.""Be easy. Adieu, and a prosperous voyage. A PROPOS," said M. deTreville, calling him back.


1.  Milady stopped, and a bitter smile passed over her lips."Finally," said Felton, "finally, what did they do?""At length, one evening my enemy resolved to paralyze theresistance he could not conquer. One evening he mixed a powerfulnarcotic with my water. Scarcely had I finished my repast, whenI felt myself sink by degrees into a strange torpor. Although Iwas without mistrust, a vague fear seized me, and I tried tostruggle against sleepiness. I arose. I wished to run to thewindow and call for help, but my legs refused their office. Itappeared as if the ceiling sank upon my head and crushed me withits weight. I stretched out my arms. I tried to speak. I couldonly utter inarticulate sounds, and irresistible faintness cameover me. I supported myself by a chair, feeling that I was aboutto fall, but this support was soon insufficient on account of myweak arms. I fell upon one knee, then upon both. I tried topray, but my tongue was frozen. God doubtless neither heard norsaw me, and I sank upon the floor a prey to a slumber whichresembled death.
2.  "I am much obliged to Monsieur for the crown he had given me, andI promise him to follow his instructions exactly; but it is notthe less true that letters which come in this way into shut-uphouses--"
3.  There were monks who wore the frock with such an ill gracethat it was easy to perceive they belonged to the churchmilitant; women a little inconvenienced by their costume aspages and whose large trousers could not entirely concealtheir rounded forms; and peasants with blackened hands butwith fine limbs, savoring of the man of quality a leagueoff.
4.  "Dec. 3, 1627
5.  "A thousand things. In the first place, that, unfortunately,your husband is a simpleton and a fool; in the next place, youare in trouble, of which I am very glad, as it gives me aopportunity of placing myself at your service, and God knows I amready to throw myself into the fire for you; finally, that thequeen wants a brave, intelligent, devoted man to make a journeyto London for her. I have at least two of the three qualitiesyou stand in need of, and here I am.
6.  Although he felt himself ably supported, the young man wasnot without a little uneasiness as he ascended the greatstaircase, step by step. His conduct toward Milady bore astrong resemblance to treachery, and he was very suspiciousof the political relations which existed between that womanand the cardinal. Still further, De Wardes, whom he hadtreated so ill, was one of the tools of his Eminence; andD'Artagnan knew that while his Eminence was terrible to hisenemies, he was strongly attached to his friends."If De Wardes has related all our affair to the cardinal,which is not to be doubted, and if he has recognized me, asis probable, I may consider myself almost as a condemnedman," said D'Artagnan, shaking his head. "But why has hewaited till now? That's all plain enough. Milady has laidher complaints against me with that hypocritical grief whichrenders her so interesting, and this last offense has madethe cup overflow."


2.  "Tender hearts! Pierced hearts!" said Athos.
3.  "Your Eminence means Monsieur d'Artagnan."
4.  "Pretty figures we shall cut on ponies while Aramis and Porthoscaracole on their steeds."
5.   Planchet and Grimaud appeared in their turn, leading theirmasters' steeds. D'Artagnan and Athos put themselves intosaddle with their companions, and all four set forward;Athos upon a horse he owed to a woman, Aramis on a horse heowed to his mistress, Porthos on a horse he owed to hisprocurator's wife, and D'Artagnan on a horse he owed to hisgood fortune--the best mistress possible.
6.  "Well, what is the matter?" asked the young lieutenant."You told me to open the door if I heard anyone cry out," saidthe soldier; "but you forgot to leave me the key. I heard youcry out, without understanding what you said. I tried to openthe door, but it was locked inside; then I called the sergeant.""And here I am," said the sergeant.


1.  "Ah! I wish I had never seen you!" cried D'Artagnan, with thatingenuous roughness which women often prefer to the affectationsof politeness, because it betrays the depths of the thought andproves that feeling prevails over reason.
2.  Both went into the bedroom, and as the door of communicationremained open, D'Artagnan could hear Milady for some timescolding her maid. She was at length appeased, and theconversation turned upon him while Kitty was assisting hermistress.
3.  "Except that which I ask of you, dear love."
4、  Grimaud had a stout, short Picard cob, which cost threehundred livres.
5、  While saying this he looked at his friend with an earnestnessthat embarrassed him.




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      "And what has became of him?"

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      At the sight of the little letter the heart of D'Artagnanbounded, for he believed he recognized the handwriting, andalthough he had seen that writing but once, the memory of itremained at the bottom of his heart.

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       He found Kitty at the gate, and, as on the precedingevening, went up to her chamber. Kitty had been accused ofnegligence and severely scolded. Milady could not at allcomprehend the silence of the Comte de Wardes, and sheordered Kitty to come at nine o'clock in the morning to takea third letter.

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      "It is, nevertheless, the only one we can give."

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    {  "Reflect, Athos!"

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      "Yes," replied Anne, "but you know why and how I see you;because, insensible to all my sufferings, you persist inremaining in a city where, by remaining, you run the risk of yourlife, and make me run the risk of my honor. I see you to tellyou that everything separates us--the depths of the sea, theenmity of kingdoms, the sanctity of vows. It is sacrilege tostruggle against so many things, my Lord. In short, I see you totell you that we must never see each other again.""Speak on, madame, speak on, Queen," said Buckingham; "thesweetness of your voice covers the harshness of your words. Youtalk of sacrilege! Why, the sacrilege is the separation of twohearts formed by God for each other."}

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      "Do you not perceive that I know all--your abduction from the littlehouse at St. Germain, his despair, that of his friends, and theiruseless inquiries up to this moment? How could I help being astonishedwhen, without having the least expectation of such a thing, I meet youface to face--you, of whom we have so often spoken together, you whom heloves with all his soul, you whom he had taught me to love before I hadseen you! Ah, dear Constance, I have found you, then; I see you atlast!"

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      "Yes, that you sent me."

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       D'Artagnan took off the ring, giving it again to Athos.Athos started. "Look," said he, "is it not strange?" and hepointed out to D'Artagnan the scratch he had remembered."But from whom did this ring come to you, Athos?""From my mother, who inherited it from her mother. As Itold you, it is an old family jewel."

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    {  "Ah! The king's Musketeers are arrested by the Guards of thecardinal, are they?" continued M. de Treville, as furious atheart as his soldiers, but emphasizing his words and plungingthem, one by one, so to say, like so many blows of a stiletto,into the bosoms of his auditors. "What! Six of his Eminence'sGuards arrest six of his Majesty's Musketeers! MORBLEU! My partis taken! I will go straight to the louvre; I will give in myresignation as captain of the king's Musketeers to take alieutenancy in the cardinal's Guards, and if he refuses me,MORBLEU! I will turn abbe."

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      "Your advice, then?"