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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You appear, however, to have been disagreeably impressed by it.""It seemed to be of an unusual colour and to have a strange rigidityabout the features. When I approached it vanished with a jerk.""How long is it since your wife asked you for a hundred pounds?""Nearly two months."
2.  "And your brother?"
3.  "Was there anything in your letter which might have unbalanced himor induced him to take such a step?"
4.  "I have never seen him in a more dangerous mood. But he grows moresinister. You can understand now why his daughter and I are alarmed.And yet his mind is perfectly clear."
5.  "I have no doubt, sir, that my friend Godfrey, when we find him,will be prepared to do that."
6.  clean-shaven, hatchet face, flushed up at the words of commendation."I am on the trail of my life now, Mr. Holmes," said he. "If I can getGorgiano-"


1.  "What can be the matter, then? Can you suggest no explanation?""I have devised seven separate explanations, each of which wouldcover the facts as far as we know them. But which of these iscorrect can only be determined by the fresh information which we shallno doubt find waiting for us. Well, there is the tower of thecathedral, and we shall soon learn all that Miss Hunter has to tell."The Black Swan is an inn of repute in the High Street, at nodistance from the station, and there we found the young lady waitingfor us. She had engaged a sitting-room, and our lunch awaited usupon the table.
2.  I took the tattered object in my hands and turned it overrather ruefully. It was a very ordinary black hat of the usualround shape, hard and much the worse for wear. The lining hadbeen of red silk, but was a good deal discoloured. There was nomaker's name; but, as Holmes had remarkcd, the initials "H. B."were scrawled upon one side. It was pierced in the brim for ahat-securer, but the elastic was missing. For the rest, it wascracked, exceedingly dusty, and spotted in several places,although there seemed to have been some attempt to hide thediscoloured patches by smearing them with ink.
3.  "...face bled considerably from the cuts and blows, But it wasnothing to the bleeding of his heart as he saw that lovely face, theface for which he had been prepared to sacrifice his very life,looking out at his agony and humiliation, She smiled- yes, byHeaven! she smiled, like the heartless fiend she was, as he lookedup at her. It was at that moment that love died and hate was born. Manmust live for something. If it is not for your embrace, my lady,then it shall surely be for your undoing and my complete revenge.""Queer grammar!" said Holmes with a smile as he handed the paperback to the inspector. "Did you notice how the 'he' suddenly changedto 'my'? The writer was so carried away by his own story that heimagined himself at the supreme moment to be the hero.
4.  "You are mad, Mr. Holmes- you are mad!" she cried, at last.He drew a small piece of cardboard from his pocket. It was theface of a woman cut out of a portrait.
5.  "'The governor is dying,' were the first words he said."'Impossible!' I cried. 'What is the matter?'
6.  "There's a constable in possession," said Baynes. "I'll knock at thewindow." He stepped across the grass plot and tapped with his handon the pane. Through the fogged glass I dimly saw a man spring up froma chair beside the fire, and heard a sharp cry from within the room.An instant later a white-faced, hard-breathing policeman had openedthe door, the candle wavering in his trembling hand.


1.  When we arrived at the residence of the European Secretary it wasfor Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope that Sherlock Holmes inquired. We wereshown into the morning-room.
2.  "That is a detail which I shall speedily supply."
3.  It was a small shed in the narrow garden which ran behind the house.Lestrade went in and brought out a yellow cardboard box, with apiece of brown paper and some string. There was a bench at the endof the path, and we all sat down while Holmes examined, one by one,the articles which Lestrade had handed to him.
4.  The Adventure of the Copper Beeches
5.   "What about Holmes? How is he?"
6.  By eleven o'clock the next day we were well upon our way to theold English capital. Holmes had been buried in the morning papersall the way down, but after we had passed the Hampshire border hethrew them down and began to admire the scenery. It was an idealspring day, a light blue sky, flecked with little fleecy whiteclouds drifting across from west to east. The sun was shining verybrightly, and yet there was an exhilarating nip in the air, whichset an edge to a man's energy. All over the countryside, away to therolling hills around Aldershot, the little red and gray roofs of thefarm-steadings peeped out from amid the light green of the newfoliage.


1.  "Stop her!" cried Holmes. He had bounded across the room and hadwrenched a small phial from her hand.
2.  "With me!"
3.  "Well" said the inspector with a grave and thoughtful face, "whoeverhe may have been, and whatever he may have wanted, he's gone for thepresent and we have more immediate things to attend to. Now, Mr.Holmes, with your permission, I will show you round the house."The various bedrooms and sitting-rooms had yielded nothing to acareful search. Apparently the tenants had brought little or nothingwith them, and all the furniture down to the smallest detail hadbeen taken over with the house. A good deal of clothing with the stampof Marx and Co., High Holborn, had been left behind. Telegraphicinquiries had been already made which showed that Marx knew nothing ofhis customer save that he was a good payer. Odds and ends, some pipes,a few novels, two of them in Spanish, an old-fashioned pinfirerevolver, and a guitar were among the personal property."Nothing in all this" said Baynes, stalking, candle in hand, fromroom to room. "But now, Mr. Holmes, I invite your attention to thekitchen."
4、  "My name, sir; but you have the advantage of me," said mycompanion quietly.
5、  "'Hudson it is, sir,' said the seaman. 'Why, it's thirty year andmore since I saw you last. Here you are in your house, and me stillpicking my salt meat out of the harness cask.'




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      "Fine birds they were, too. Now where did you get them from?"To my surprise the question provoked a burst of anger from thesalesman.

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      "Have you ever seen a photograph of her first husband?""No, there was a great fire at Atlanta very shortly after his death,and all her papers were destroyed."

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       "The facts of the case, as far as I have worked them out, are these:This Joseph Harrison entered the office through the Charles Streetdoor, and knowing his way he walked straight into your room theinstant after you left it. Finding no one there he promptly rang thebell, and at the instant that he did so his eyes caught the paper uponthe table. A glance showed him that chance had put in his way aState document of immense value, and in an instant he had thrust itinto his pocket and was gone. A few minutes elapsed, as youremember, before the sleepy commissionaire drew your attention tothe bell, and those were just enough to give the thief time to makehis escape.

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      "At what time?"

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    {  "What is the use of asking me questions when I tell you I knownothing whatever about it?"

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      "Did he give you no address?"}

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      "Strand postmark, and dispatched ten thirty-six," said Holmes,reading it over and over. "Mr. Overton was evidently considerablyexcited when he sent it, and somewhat incoherent in consequence. Well,well, he will be here, I daresay, by the time I have looked throughthe Times, and then we shall know all about it. Even the mostinsignificant problem would be welcome in these stagnant days."Things had indeed been very slow with us, and I had learned to dreadsuch periods of inaction, for I knew by experience that my companion'sbrain was so abnormally active that it was dangerous to leave itwithout material upon which to work. For years I had graduallyweaned him from that drug mania which had threatened once to check hisremarkable career. Now I knew that under ordinary conditions he nolonger craved for this artificial stimulus, but I was well awarethat the fiend was not dead but sleeping, and I have known that thesleep was a light one and the waking near when in periods ofidleness I have seen the drawn look upon Holmes's ascetic face, andthe brooding of his deep-set and inscrutable eyes. Therefore I blessedthis Mr. Overton whoever he might be, since he had come with hisenigmatic message to break that dangerous calm which brought moreperil to my friend than all the storms of his tempestuous life.As we had expected, the telegram was soon followed by its sender,and the card of Mr. Cyril Overton, Trinity College, Cambridge,announced the arrival of an enormous young man, sixteen stone of solidbone and muscle, who spanned the doorway with his broad shoulders, andlooked from one of us to the other with a comely face which washaggard with anxiety.

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      "No, a woman's, and a woman of rare character. You see, at thecommencement of an investigation it is something to know that yourclient is in close contact with someone who, for good or evil, hasan exceptional nature. My interest is already awakened in the case. Ifyou are ready we will start at once for Woking and see thisdiplomatist who is in such evil case and the lady to whom hedictates his letters."

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       "But the boy- he is fifteen, I understand, and probably verydeveloped in mind, since his body has been circumscribed in action.Did he give you no explanation of these assaults?"

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    {  "As soon as I get my kit."

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      "I have often had the same idea. Does it matter very much? Afterall, Count, your own exit is more likely to be perpendicular thanhorizontal. But these anticipations of the future are morbid. Whynot give ourselves up to the unrestrained enjoyment of the present?"A sudden wild-beast light sprang up in the dark, menacing eyes ofthe master criminal. Holmes's figure seemed to grow taller as hegrew tense and ready.