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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Sir," said the notary, whose interest had been greatlyexcited, and who had resolved on publishing far and wide theaccount of this extraordinary and picturesque scene, "whatappeared so impossible to me an hour ago, has now becomequite easy and practicable, and this may be a perfectlyvalid will, provided it be read in the presence of sevenwitnesses, approved by the testator, and sealed by thenotary in the presence of the witnesses. As to the time, itwill not require very much more than the generality ofwills. There are certain forms necessary to be gone through,and which are always the same. As to the details, thegreater part will be furnished afterwards by the state inwhich we find the affairs of the testator, and by yourself,who, having had the management of them, can doubtless givefull information on the subject. But besides all this, inorder that the instrument may not be contested, I am anxiousto give it the greatest possible authenticity, therefore,one of my colleagues will help me, and, contrary to custom,will assist in the dictation of the testament. Are yousatisfied, sir?" continued the notary, addressing the oldman.
2.  "But I do not think so."
3.  "Is he tall or short?"
4.  "But I," cried Morrel, groaning with sorrow, "I love her!"
5.  "Since you left Toulon what have you lived on? Answer me!"
6.  "Never? That is a long time; but it is something that youbelieve so. Rise and answer." Peppino glanced anxiously atFranz. "Oh, you may speak before his excellency," said he;"he is one of my friends. You allow me to give you thistitle?" continued the count in French, "it is necessary toexcite this man's confidence."


1.  In a quarter of an hour the porter returned with a post-boyand horses, which were harnessed, and put in the post-chaisein a minute, while the porter fastened the portmanteau onwith the assistance of a cord and strap. "Here is thepassport," said the postilion, "which way are we going,young gentleman?"
2.  "Well, did you notice two windows hung with yellow damask,and one with white damask with a red cross? Those were thecount's windows?"
3.  "Will you not see my sister once more?" asked Maximilian. Alast but final hope was concealed by the young man in theeffect of this interview, and therefore he had suggested it.Morrel shook his head. "I saw her this morning, and bade heradieu."
4.  "Yes, and to the point. Let us dispense with useless words.Who sends you?"
5.  "Sometimes."
6.  "That will do," said he; "leave the rest to me."


1.  "M. Leon d'Armilly, twenty years of age; profession, artist;hair black, eyes black; travelling with his sister."
2.  "Well," replied Mercedes, sighing, "go, Albert; I will notmake you a slave to your filial piety." Albert pretended hedid not hear, bowed to his mother, and quitted her. Scarcelyhad he shut her door, when Mercedes called a confidentialservant, and ordered him to follow Albert wherever he shouldgo that evening, and to come and tell her immediately whathe observed. Then she rang for her lady's maid, and, weak asshe was, she dressed, in order to be ready for whatevermight happen. The footman's mission was an easy one. Albertwent to his room, and dressed with unusual care. At tenminutes to eight Beauchamp arrived; he had seenChateau-Renaud, who had promised to be in the orchestrabefore the curtain was raised. Both got into Albert's coupe;and, as the young man had no reason to conceal where he wasgoing, he called aloud, "To the opera." In his impatience hearrived before the beginning of the performance.
3.  "May I venture to inquire the reason of this unexpectedvisit?" said M. Morrel, addressing the magistrate, whom heevidently knew; "there is doubtless some mistake easilyexplained."
4.  "It is for you," replied a gendarme.
5.   Chapter 23The Island of Monte Cristo.
6.  "And when is the wedding to be?" he asked.


1.  "You have there a most charming mistress, viscount," saidthe count in a perfectly calm tone; "and this costume -- aball costume, doubtless -- becomes her admirably."
2.  Chapter 55Major Cavalcanti.
3.  "Yes, my lord," answered the man.
4、  After their departure, Fernand, who had now again become thefriend and protector of Mercedes, led the girl to her home,while the friends of Dantes conducted the now half-faintingman back to his abode.
5、  "What have I done wrong, father," she said, "that you shouldtake this key from me?"




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      "Oh, as for parricides, and such dreadful people as that,"interposed Renee, "it matters very little what is done tothem; but as regards poor unfortunate creatures whose onlycrime consists in having mixed themselves up in politicalintrigues" --

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      "That this chief inhabits a cavern to which the Pitti Palaceis nothing."

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       "Let us imagine seven such months," continued Monte Cristo,in the same tone. "Tell me, have you ever thought that seventimes 1,700,000 francs make nearly twelve millions? No, youhave not; -- well, you are right, for if you indulged insuch reflections, you would never risk your principal, whichis to the speculator what the skin is to civilized man. Wehave our clothes, some more splendid than others, -- this isour credit; but when a man dies he has only his skin; in thesame way, on retiring from business, you have nothing butyour real principal of about five or six millions, at themost; for third-rate fortunes are never more than a fourthof what they appear to be, like the locomotive on a railway,the size of which is magnified by the smoke and steamsurrounding it. Well, out of the five or six millions whichform your real capital, you have just lost nearly twomillions, which must, of course, in the same degree diminishyour credit and fictitious fortune; to follow out my simile,your skin has been opened by bleeding, and this if repeatedthree or four times will cause death -- so pay attention toit, my dear Monsieur Danglars. Do you want money? Do youwish me to lend you some?"

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      "My dear friend," said Monte Cristo, "you appear to berelating an adventure which we all know by heart. I know thehouse where you heard it, or one very similar to it; a housewith a garden, a master, a physician, and where there havebeen three unexpected and sudden deaths. Well, I have notintercepted your confidence, and yet I know all that as wellas you, and I have no conscientious scruples. No, it doesnot concern me. You say an exterminating angel appears tohave devoted that house to God's anger -- well, who saysyour supposition is not reality? Do not notice things whichthose whose interest it is to see them pass over. If it isGod's justice, instead of his anger, which is walkingthrough that house, Maximilian, turn away your face and lethis justice accomplish its purpose." Morrel shuddered. Therewas something mournful, solemn, and terrible in the count'smanner. "Besides," continued he, in so changed a tone thatno one would have supposed it was the same person speaking-- "besides, who says that it will begin again?"

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    {  "Well, well," returned M. Morrel, "we shall see. But nowhasten on board, I will join you there ere long." So saying,the worthy shipowner quitted the two allies, and proceededin the direction of the Palais de Justice.

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      "That is just the case -- precisely so."}

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      "Seek him at once."

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      "You are right," said Monte Cristo; "and I have none." Thesewords were uttered in a tone which made Morrel shudder. "Youare the offended party, count."

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       "Was it Ali," asked the Count of Morcerf, "who rescued myson from the hands of bandits?"

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    {  "Was he young or old?"

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      "Yes, let us go to the library, please." The marquis tookhis arm, and they left the salon.