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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "They have abducted her," added the commissary; "and do you knowthe man who has committed this deed?"
2.  "'Listen!' said he. 'I give you the rest of tonight and all daytomorrow. Reflect: promise to be silent, and riches,consideration, even honor, shall surround you; threaten to speak,and I will condemn you to infamy.'
3.  This is the third time I have written to you to tell youthat I love you. Beware that I do not write to you a fourthtime to tell you that I detest you.
4.  D'Artagnan followed Milady without being perceived by her.He saw her get into her carriage, and heard her order thecoachman to drive to St. Germain.
5.  "Ah, bah!" said D'Artagnan; "you have at some wicket of theLouvre a CONCIERGE who is devoted to you, and who, thanks to apassword, would--"
6.  As for D'Artagnan, he immediately repaired to the cabaret of thePomme-de-Pin, where he found Porthos and Aramis awaiting him.Without giving them any explanation of the alarm andinconvenience he had caused them, he told them that he hadterminated the affair alone in which he had for a moment believedhe should need their assistance.


1.  On the morning of the eighth day, Bazin, fresh as ever, andsmiling, according to custom, entered the cabaret of theParpaillot as the four friends were sitting down tobreakfast, saying, as had been agreed upon: "MonsieurAramis, the answer from your cousin."
2.  "You must, nevertheless, have committed a crime, since you arehere and are accused of high treason."
3.  "Which?"
4.  "De Wardes cannot boast of anything."
5.  Felton, in his rapid walk, reviewed in his mind all the accusationsagainst the favorite of James I and Charles I, furnished by two years ofpremature meditation and a long sojourn among the Puritans.When he compared the public crimes of this minister--startling crimes,European crimes, if so we may say--with the private and unknown crimeswith which Milady had charged him, Felton found that the more culpableof the two men which formed the character of Buckingham was the one ofwhom the public knew not the life. This was because his love, sostrange, so new, and so ardent, made him view the infamous and imaginaryaccusations of Milady de Winter as, through a magnifying glass, oneviews as frightful monsters atoms in reality imperceptible by the sideof an ant.
6.  The Three Musketeers


1.  "What?"
2.  "That is true, Monsieur Cardinal," said the king, "and you wereright, as you always are; but the queen, not the less, deservesall my anger."
3.  "Buckingham in Paris!" cried he, "and why does he come?""To conspire, no doubt, with your enemies, the Huguenots and theSpaniards."
4.  "Silence, Porthos!" said Aramis.
5.   A sigh escaped from the mouth of Mme. Bonacieux, and dwelt for aninstant on the lips of D'Artagnan. That sigh was the soul, so chasteand so loving, which reascended to heaven.
6.  "Yes, without the saddle."


1.  Planchet mounted by the window and installed himself across thedoorway, while Grimaud went and shut himself up in the stable,undertaking that by five o'clock in the morning he and the fourhorses should be ready.
2.  "They are below, sire, and with your permission La Chesnaye willbid them come up."
3.  The cardinal rang a second time. The officer reappeared."Place this man in the care of his guards again, and let him waittill I send for him."
4、  "Listen; I am already upon the scent," resumed D'Artagnan."About three months ago I was near having a duel with Aramisconcerning a handkerchief resembling the one you showed to thewoman in his house--for a handkerchief marked in the same manner,I am sure."
5、  "But the wine," said D'Artagnan, "who furnishes the wine? Yourhost?"




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      "Very well, at one o'clock, then," replied D'Artagnan, turningthe angle of the street.

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      Athos, perceiving that she knew him, pushed the window with his knee andhand. The window yielded. The squares were broken to shivers; andAthos, like the spectre of vengeance, leaped into the room.Milady rushed to the door and opened it. More pale and menacing thanAthos, D'Artagnan stood on the threshold.

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       Mme. Bonacieux followed him with her eyes, with that long, fondlook with which he had turned the angle of the street, she fellon her knees, and clasping her hands, "Oh, my God," cried she,"protect the queen, protect me!"

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      "What are you going to do?" cried Mme. Bonacieux; "you will ruinus all!"

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    {  "Why so, Planchet?" asked the young man.

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      "And if it were an interrogatory!" replied the cardinal. "Othersbesides you have undergone such, Monsieur Athos, and have repliedthereto."}

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      "Well, merit this pretended happiness, then!"

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      "From Tours!" cried Aramis. "A thousand pardons, gentlemen;but no doubt this man brings me the news I expected." Andrising also, he went off at a quick pace. There remainedAthos and D'Artagnan.

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       "I am a gentleman born, and my blood is warm, as you may haveremarked, my dear D'Artagnan. The insult was terrible, andalthough unknown to the rest of the world, I felt it live andfester at the bottom of my heart. I informed my superiors that Idid not feel myself sufficiently prepared for ordination, and atmy request the ceremony was postponed for a year. I sought outthe best fencing master in Paris, I made an agreement with him totake a lesson every day, and every day for a year I took thatlesson. Then, on the anniversary of the day on which I had beeninsulted, I hung my cassock on a peg, assumed the costume of acavalier, and went to a ball given by a lady friend of mine andto which I knew my man was invited. It was in the Rue desFrance-Bourgeois, close to La Force. As I expected, my officerwas there. I went up to him as he was singing a love ditty andlooking tenderly at a lady, and interrupted him exactly in themiddle of the second couplet. 'Monsieur,' said I, 'does it stilldisplease you that I should frequent a certain house of La RuePayenne? And would you still cane me if I took it into my headto disobey you? The officer looked at me with astonishment, andthen said, 'What is your business with me, monsieur? I do notknow you.' 'I am,' said I, 'the little abbe who reads LIVES OFTHE SAINTS, and translates Judith into verse.' 'Ah, ah! Irecollect now,' said the officer, in a jeering tone; 'well, whatdo you want with me?' 'I want you to spare time to take a walkwith me.' 'Tomorrow morning, if you like, with the greatestpleasure.' 'No, not tomorrow morning, if you please, butimmediately.' 'If you absolutely insist.' 'I do insist uponit.' 'Come, then. Ladies,' said the officer, 'do not disturbyourselves; allow me time just to kill this gentleman, and I willreturn and finish the last couplet.'

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    {  "That is easily done," said Aramis.

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      Aramis reflected for a minute, and then said, coloring,"Will it be really rendering you a service, D'Artagnan?""I shall be grateful to you all my life."