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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What do you find so astonishing in that language?" said Milady,smiling.
2.  "My God, yes, GAVE, that is the word," said Porthos; "for theanimal was worth at least a hundred and fifty louis, and thestingy fellow would only give me eighty."
3.  "People, in general," he said, "only ask advice not tofollow it; or if they do follow it, it is for the sake ofhaving someone to blame for having given it."
4.  "I respected your father very much," said he. "What can I do forthe son? Tell me quickly; my time is not my own.""Monsieur," said D'Artagnan, "on quitting Tarbes and cominghither, it was my intention to request of you, in remembrance ofthe friendship which you have not forgotten, the uniform of aMusketeer; but after all that I have seen during the last twohours, I comprehend that such a favor is enormous, and tremblelest I should not merit it."
5.  Planchet was sent for, and instructions were given him. Thematter had been named to him by D'Artagnan, who in the firstplace pointed out the money to him, then the glory, and thenthe danger.
6.  "You have promised to be secret, my good monsieur?" said the oldman.


1.  She slept as a prisoner sleeps, rocked by his first hope.In the morning, when they entered her chamber she was still inbed. Felton remained in the corridor. He brought with him thewoman of whom he had spoken the evening before, and who had justarrived; this woman entered, and approaching Milady's bed,offered her services.
2.  "I have paid you five hundred of them."
3.  "For life," replied Porthos, in the same manner.
4.  "Fifty pistoles at most."
5.  "What, without chastising this insolent boy?" asked the lady.The stranger was about to reply; but at the moment he opened hismouth, D'Artagnan, who had heard all, precipitated himself overthe threshold of the door.
6.  D'Artagnan then remembered the injunction: "If you valueyour own life or that of those who love you, remainmotionless, and as if you had seen nothing."


1.  "You will return alone, then?"
2.  There was a silence of several seconds.
3.  At this Athos would smile, with his charming, melancholy smile,which so became his noble countenance, and Porthos would drink,swearing that Aramis would never be anything but a village CURE.Planchet, D'Artagnan's valet, supported his good fortune nobly.He received thirty sous per day, and for a month he returned tohis lodgings gay as a chaffinch, and affable toward his master.When the wind of adversity began to blow upon the housekeeping ofthe Rue des Fossoyeurs--that is to say, when the forty pistolesof King Louis XIII were consumed or nearly so--he commencedcomplaints which Athos thought nauseous, Porthos indecent, andAramis ridiculous. Athos counseled D'Artagnan to dismiss thefellow; Porthos was of opinion that he should give him a goodthrashing first; and Aramis contended that a master should neverattend to anything but the civilities paid to him."This is all very easy for you to say," replied D'Artagnan, "foryou, Athos, who live like a dumb man with Grimaud, who forbid himto speak, and consequently never exchange ill words with him; foryou, Porthos, who carry matters in such a magnificent style, andare a god to your valet, Mousqueton; and for you, Aramis, who,always abstracted by your theological studies, inspire yourservant, Bazin, a mild, religious man, with a profound respect;but for me, who am without any settled means and withoutresources--for me, who am neither a Musketeer nor even aGuardsman, what I am to do to inspire either the affection, theterror, or the respect in Planchet?"
4.  "Nothing," replied Milady.
5.   Then those who dwelt in Bonacieux's unfortunate house, togetherwith the nearest neighbors, heard loud cries, stamping of feet,clashing of swords, and breaking of furniture. A moment after,those who, surprised by this tumult, had gone to their windows tolearn the cause of it, saw the door open, and four men, clothedin black, not COME out of it, but FLY, like so many frightenedcrows, leaving on the ground and on the corners of the furniture,feathers from their wings; that is to say, patches of theirclothes and fragments of their cloaks.
6.  establishment, and to give himself up to those littleattentions which "the harder one is, the more they please,"as old soldiers say.


1.  "Did he tell you so?"
2.  "Why, here is the simple fact. This morning I awoke at sixo'clock. You were still fast asleep, and I did not know what todo with myself; I was still stupid from our yesterday's debauch.As I came into the public room, I saw one of our Englishmanbargaining with a dealer for a horse, his own having diedyesterday from bleeding. I drew near, and found he was bidding ahundred pistoles for a chestnut nag. 'PARDIEU,' said I, 'my goodgentleman, I have a horse to sell, too.' 'Ay, and a very fineone! I saw him yesterday; your friend's lackey was leading him.''Do you think he is worth a hundred pistoles?' 'Yes! Will yousell him to me for that sum?' 'No; but I will play for him.''What?' 'At dice.' No sooner said than done, and I lost thehorse. Ah, ah! But please to observe I won back the equipage,'cried Athos.
3.  "Willingly," said Aramis.
4、  But when the time came to pay for his rosemary, this oil, and thewine, the only expense the master had incurred, as he hadpreserved a strict abstinence--while on the contrary, the yellowhorse, by the account of the hostler at least, had eaten threetimes as much as a horse of his size could reasonably supposed tohave done--D'Artagnan found nothing in his pocket but his littleold velvet purse with the eleven crowns it contained; for as tothe letter addressed to M. de Treville, it had disappeared.The young man commenced his search for the letter with thegreatest patience, turning out his pockets of all kinds over andover again, rummaging and rerummaging in his valise, and openingand reopening his purse; but when he found that he had come tothe conviction that the letter was not to be found, he flew, forthe third time, into such a rage as was near costing him a freshconsumption of wine, oil, and rosemary--for upon seeing this hot-headed youth become exasperated and threaten to destroyeverything in the establishment if his letter were not found, thehost seized a spit, his wife a broom handle, and the servants thesame sticks they had used the day before.
5、  "well?"




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      "But the dead cannot return their fire."

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      "Zounds! I think it does indeed!" cried the Gascon, who reckonedupon this letter for making his way at court. "It contained myfortune!"

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       There were two means of gaining his object--to search him onthe spot, or to carry him away, making a buckler of hisbody, and search him in the trench.

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      "I?" cried Athos, with an accent like that of a man whoperceives he is about to tread upon an adder.

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    {  These words were pronounced with that imperturbable phlegm whichdistinguished Athos in the hour of danger, and with thatexcessive politeness which made of him at certain moments a kingmore majestic than kings by birth.

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      He guessed, likewise, by induction, that Porthos was taking hisrevenge for the defeat of Chantilly, when the procurator's wifehad proved so refractory with respect to her purse.Amid all this, D'Artagnan remarked also that not one countenanceresponded to the gallantries of Porthos. There were onlychimeras and illusions; but for real love, for true jealousy, isthere any reality except illusions and chimeras?}

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      "Now," hastily interrupted the Jesuit, on seeing that his acolytewas going astray, "now your thesis would please the ladies; itwould have the success of one of Monsieur Patru's pleadings.""Please God!" cried Aramis, transported.

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      Immediately the alderman, clothed in their cloth robes andpreceded by six sergeants, each holding a FLAMBEAU in his hand,went to attend upon the king, whom they met on the steps, wherethe provost of the merchants made him the speech of welcome--acompliment to which his Majesty replied with an apology forcoming so late, laying the blame upon the cardinal, who haddetained him till eleven o'clock, talking of affairs of state.His Majesty, in full dress, was accompanied by his royalHighness, M. le Comte de Soissons, by the Grand Prior, by the Ducde Longueville, by the Duc d'Euboeuf, by the Comte d'Harcourt, bythe Comte de la Roche-Guyon, by M. de Liancourt, by M. deBaradas, by the Comte de Cramail, and by the Chevalier deSouveray. Everybody noticed that the king looked dull andpreoccupied.

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       The Englishman, quite triumphant, did not even give himself thetrouble to shake the dice. He threw them on the table withoutlooking at them, so sure was he of victory; D'Artagnan turnedaside to conceal his ill humor.

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    {  Nevertheless, whether the passengers were really touched by theurbanity of Planchet or whether this time nobody was posted onthe young man's road, our two travelers arrived at Chantillywithout any accident, and alighted at the tavern of Great St.Martin, the same at which they had stopped on their firstjourney.

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      "I must go thither tonight?"