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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Pale and trembling, Milady repulsed D'Artagnan's attemptedembrace by a violent blow on the chest, as she sprang out ofbed.
2.  "Fall from heaven, my friend, fall from heaven."
3.  "Felton, I bring misfortune to all who surround me! Felton,abandon me! Felton, let me die!"
4.  The interrogatories, preceded by a minute search operated uponthe persons arrested, were almost always framed thus: "Has MadameBonacieux sent anything to you for her husband, or any otherperson? Has Monsieur Bonacieux sent anything to you for hiswife, or for any other person? Has either of them confidedanything to you by word of mouth?"
5.  "But why have you not fled?"
6.  "It is done, gentlemen," said Athos.


1.  "And that running footman who waited at the door, and thatcarriage with a coachman in grand livery who sat waiting on hisseat?"
2.  "But I am not a foreigner, sir," said she, with an accent as pureas ever was heard between Portsmouth and Manchester; "my name isLady Clarik, and this measure--"
3.  "Very well. As soon as the siege is over, we'll carry heroff from that convent."
4.  The young man fled while she was still threatening him withan impotent gesture. The moment she lost sight of him,Milady tumbled fainting into her chamber.
5.  "That makes in all?" said Athos.
6.  Milady saw the trouble. She felt by intuition the flame of theopposing passions which burned with the blood in the veins of theyoung fanatic. As a skillful general, seeing the enemy ready tosurrender, marches toward him with a cry of victory, she rose,beautiful as an antique priestess, inspired like a Christianvirgin, her arms extended, her throat uncovered, her hairdisheveled, holding with one hand her robe modestly drawn overher breast, her look illumined by that fire which had alreadycreated such disorder in the veins of the young Puritan, and wenttoward him, crying out with a vehement air, and in her melodiousvoice, to which on this occasion she communicated a terribleenergy:


1.  It is true that the enemies of the cardinal said that it washe himself who set these bungling assassins to work, inorder to have, if wanted, the right of using reprisals; butwe must not believe everything ministers say, nor everythingtheir enemies say.
2.  "No, if it does not lighten."
3.  As long as they were within the circle of the camp, the fourfriends did not exchange one word; besides, they werefollowed by the curious, who, hearing of the wager, wereanxious to know how they would come out of it. But whenonce they passed the line of circumvallation and foundthemselves in the open plain, D'Artagnan, who was completelyignorant of what was going forward, thought it was time todemand an explanation.
4.  But scarcely were they out of the room before they were madeaware of the cause of this noise. Cries of "Live the king!Live the cardinal!" resounded on every side, and the drumswere beaten in all directions.
5.   "Monsieur de Cavois?"
6.  The political plans of the cardinal when he undertook thissiege were extensive. Let us unfold them first, and thenpass on to the private plans which perhaps had not lessinfluence upon his Eminence than the others.


1.  "You have my word, monsieur, and here is my sword.""This suits me the better," said Rochefort, "as I wish to continue myjourney."
2.  "You will not sign that order, my Lord!" said Felton, making a steptoward the duke.
3.  On the sixth of the following month the king, in compliance with thepromise he had made the cardinal to return to La Rochelle, left hiscapital still in amazement at the news which began to spread itself ofBuckingham's assassination.
4、  D'Artagnan threw himself on his neck and embraced him tenderly.He then tried to draw him from his moist abode, but to hissurprise he perceived that Athos staggered.
5、  "Where shall I find the governor?"




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      As captain of the Musketeers, M. de Treville had the right ofentry at all times.

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      "What do you say, monsieur?" cried the cardinal, astonished; "and ofwhat woman are you speaking thus?"

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       D'Artagnan donned the robe as quickly as he could, mistakingone sleeve for the other, so greatly was he still agitated."Well?" said Athos.

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      "Monsieur and dear friend--"

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    {  D'Artagnan thought this was the moment to interfere. Heapproached the other door, and taking off his hatrespectfully, said, "Madame, will you permit me to offer youmy services? It appears to me that this cavalier has madeyou very angry. Speak one word, madame, and I take uponmyself to punish him for his want of courtesy."

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      "Let us see," said Athos, assuming in advance a criticallook.

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       "That I can have nothing to say to a man who does not keep hisword."

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    {  "You will accept his judgment?"

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      "Nothing would be more easy," said the captain of a vessel readyto set sail, "but this morning came an order to let no one leavewithout express permission from the cardinal."