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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Of the `Arabian Nights'?"
2.  "No, not precisely; however, I think it was something verylike a rendezvous."
3.  "Well, never mind how it is," answered Albert, "it comes tothe same thing in the end. Perhaps by the time you return toParis, I shall be quite a sober, staid father of a family! Amost edifying representative I shall make of all thedomestic virtues -- don't you think so? But as regards yourwish to visit our fine city, my dear count, I can only saythat you may command me and mine to any extent you please."
4.  "Be prudent, in any event," said the countess.
5.  Chapter 18The Treasure.
6.  "You can imagine so, since I have not even brought mycarriage out yet. But enough of this -- here is my card,take it to your master."


1.  "M. and Madame de Villefort," cried Baptistin. They entered.M. de Villefort, notwithstanding his self-control, wasvisibly affected, and when Monte Cristo touched his hand, hefelt it tremble. "Certainly, women alone know how todissimulate," said Monte Cristo to himself, glancing atMadame Danglars, who was smiling on the procureur, andembracing his wife. After a short time, the count sawBertuccio, who, until then, had been occupied on the otherside of the house, glide into an adjoining room. He went tohim. "What do you want, M. Bertuccio?" said he.
2.  "My reason?" replied the young girl. "Well, it is not thatthe man is more ugly, more foolish, or more disagreeablethan any other; no, M. Andrea Cavalcanti may appear to thosewho look at men's faces and figures as a very good specimenof his kind. It is not, either, that my heart is lesstouched by him than any other; that would be a schoolgirl'sreason, which I consider quite beneath me. I actually loveno one, sir; you know it, do you not? I do not then see why,without real necessity, I should encumber my life with aperpetual companion. Has not some sage said, `Nothing toomuch'? and another, `I carry all my effects with me'? I havebeen taught these two aphorisms in Latin and in Greek; oneis, I believe, from Phaedrus, and the other from Bias. Well,my dear father, in the shipwreck of life -- for life is aneternal shipwreck of our hopes -- I cast into the sea myuseless encumbrance, that is all, and I remain with my ownwill, disposed to live perfectly alone, and consequentlyperfectly free."
3.  "Oh," cried Julie, "I have not lost all hope of some daykissing that hand, as I now kiss the purse which he hastouched. Four years ago, Penelon was at Trieste -- Penelon,count, is the old sailor you saw in the garden, and who,from quartermaster, has become gardener -- Penelon, when hewas at Trieste, saw on the quay an Englishman, who was onthe point of embarking on board a yacht, and he recognizedhim as the person who called on my father the fifth of June,1829, and who wrote me this letter on the fifth ofSeptember. He felt convinced of his identity, but he did notventure to address him."
4.  "Leave us, Germain," said Villefort. The servant quitted theapartment with evident signs of astonishment.
5.  "Are you going to marry Mademoiselle Danglars?"
6.  "Andrea, Andrea," repeated several young people, who werealready on sufficiently intimate terms with him to call himby his Christian name.


1.  "Poor fellow!" remarked Danglars, affecting to pity theyoung man from the bottom of his heart. "Why, you see, hedid not expect to see Dantes return so suddenly -- hethought he was dead, perhaps; or perchance faithless! Thesethings always come on us more severely when they comesuddenly."
2.  "What think you, Danglars," said one of the party, turningtowards him, "of this event?"
3.  "`In order to save Major Cavalcanti the trouble of drawingon his banker, I send him a draft for 2,000 francs to defrayhis travelling expenses, and credit on you for the furthersum of 48,000 francs, which you still owe me.'" The majorawaited the conclusion of the postscript, apparently withgreat anxiety. "Very good," said the count.
4.  "Yes."
5.   "Yes."
6.  "No," replied he; "I will not be caught like a fool at afirst disclosure by a rendezvous under the clock, as theysay at the opera-balls. If the fair peasant wishes to carrymatters any further, we shall find her, or rather, she willfind us to-morrow; then she will give me some sign or other,and I shall know what I have to do."


1.  "I do not like Auteuil, sir," said the procureur, making anevident effort to appear calm.
2.  "Without her captain!" cried Dantes, his eyes sparkling withanimation; "pray mind what you say, for you are touching onthe most secret wishes of my heart. Is it really yourintention to make me captain of the Pharaon?"
3.  Albert left the cab in which he had come at the count'sdoor, intending to take a turn on foot. As he was passingthe Allee des Veuves, he thought he saw the count's horsesstanding at Gosset's shooting-gallery; he approached, andsoon recognized the coachman. "Is the count shooting in thegallery?" said Morcerf.
4、  "Well, be it so. But these 200 francs?"
5、  "Ah," murmured Caderousse, "what a strange priest you are;you drive the dying to despair, instead of consoling them."




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      "But you'll die of hunger," said the patron.

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      "It is not for herself that she is so, but for her son, andwhat you regard as a vice becomes almost a virtue whenlooked at in the light of maternal love."

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       "And what did you do when you arrived at this conclusion?"

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      "`Danaro e santita,Meta della meta.'*

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    {  "Well, sir," said Danglars, "in case your proposals, whichdo me honor, are accepted by my wife and daughter, by whomshall the preliminary arrangements be settled? So importanta negotiation should, I think, be conducted by therespective fathers of the young people."

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      He remained silent, his eyes fixed upon the light; the boatwent on, but the prisoner thought only of Mercedes. Anintervening elevation of land hid the light. Dantes turnedand perceived that they had got out to sea. While he hadbeen absorbed in thought, they had shipped their oars andhoisted sail; the boat was now moving with the wind.}

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      "No, no," cried the countess; "you must not leave me. Idepend upon you to escort me home. Oh, indeed, I cannotpermit you to go."

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      "Delighted with you, was he not? Well, he is a man of badtaste, and is still more enchanted with another. I know notwhom; look and judge for yourself."

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       "True," replied Franz.

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    {  "I beg your pardon, madame, but you were about to relatesome story, were you not? You said, `only imagine,' -- andthen paused. Pray continue."

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      "Yes, yes," repeated the major, "yes -- there -- is -- a --postscript."