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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You have rightly guessed, madame," replied the count.
2.  "What you say is absurd, and I cannot see why M. Debray'sname is mixed up in this affair."
3.  "The one that is most in use just at this time."
4.  "Your servants," said he, "who were repeating the whole ofthe sorrowful story; from them I learned it all."
5.  "When you dine there, do you sleep there?"
6.  "As easily found as the cart."


1.  Monte Cristo took the gong and struck it once. In about thespace of a second a private door opened, and Ali appeared,bringing two chibouques filled with excellent latakia. "Itis quite wonderful," said Albert.
2.  "Near the merchant's signature there was, indeed, the sealof the sublime emperor. A dreadful silence followed thereading of this document; the count could only stare, andhis gaze, fixed as if unconsciously on Haidee, seemed one offire and blood. `Madame,' said the president, `may referencebe made to the Count of Monte Cristo, who is now, I believe,in Paris?' -- `Sir,' replied Haidee, `the Count of MonteCristo, my foster-father, has been in Normandy the lastthree days.'
3.  "You heard -- Cavalcanti."
4.  "A prisoner has escaped from the Chateau d'If, and they arefiring the alarm gun," replied Dantes. The captain glancedat him, but he had lifted the rum to his lips and wasdrinking it with so much composure, that suspicions, if thecaptain had any, died away.
5.  "So curious, that I think you are running a great risk of aprosecution for defamation of character."
6.  "Let us first see," said he, "whether it is possible toremove the traces of my entrance here -- our futuretranquillity depends upon our jailers being entirelyignorant of it." Advancing to the opening, he stooped andraised the stone easily in spite of its weight; then,fitting it into its place, he said, --


1.  "Who am I?" repeated Monte Cristo. "Listen; I am the onlyman in the world having the right to say to you, `Morrel,your father's son shall not die to-day;'" and Monte Cristo,with an expression of majesty and sublimity, advanced witharms folded toward the young man, who, involuntarilyovercome by the commanding manner of this man, recoiled astep.
2.  Dantes did not answer; he feared that the emotion of hisvoice would betray him. The jailer went away shaking hishead. Night came; Dantes hoped that his neighbor wouldprofit by the silence to address him, but he was mistaken.The next morning, however, just as he removed his bed fromthe wall, he heard three knocks; he threw himself on hisknees.
3.  "And," said Madame de Villefort, "I need not ask you if youshare that fancy."
4.  "I was forced to read the address to know to whom to giveit."
5.   "The certificate of your marriage with Oliva Corsinari, andthe register of your child's birth."
6.  "As I have already told you, sir, he was a very dangerousman; and, fortunately, by his own act disembarrassed thegovernment of the fears it had on his account."


1.  "Now," said the deputy, "answer me frankly, not as aprisoner to a judge, but as one man to another who takes aninterest in him, what truth is there in the accusationcontained in this anonymous letter?" And Villefort threwdisdainfully on his desk the letter Dantes had just givenback to him.
2.  "Is it possible that a man of your standing should beembarrassed anywhere?" said Monte Cristo.
3.  "I? -- How could I speculate when I already have so muchtrouble in regulating my income? I should be obliged,besides my steward, to keep a clerk and a boy. But touchingthese Spanish affairs, I think that the baroness did notdream the whole of the Don Carlos matter. The papers saidsomething about it, did they not?"
4、  "Of Ali Tepelini?* Oh, yes; it was in his service that myfather made his fortune."
5、  "The one between the pillars on the first tier -- it seemsto have been fitted up entirely afresh."




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      "Who was your liberator?"

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      "Upon my soul, these women would puzzle the very Devil toread them aright. Why, here -- they give you their hand --they press yours in return -- they keep up a whisperingconversation -- permit you to accompany them home. Why, if aParisian were to indulge in a quarter of these marks offlattering attention, her reputation would be gone forever."

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       "Yes, yes," said Danglars, laughing, "it would do her agreat deal of good."

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      "I think so, also," replied Albert; "and I very much fearyou will go alone to the Duke of Bracciano's ball." Franzand Albert had received that morning an invitation from thecelebrated Roman banker. "Take care, Albert," said Franz."All the nobility of Rome will be present, and if your fairincognita belong to the higher class of society, she must gothere."

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    {  "Well, then, if you did, depend upon it, Fernand picked itup, and either copied it or caused it to be copied; perhaps,even, he did not take the trouble of recopying it. And now Ithink of it, by Heavens, he may have sent the letter itself!Fortunately, for me, the handwriting was disguised."

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      "And what is your deduction from this compensation, sir?"inquired Monte Cristo.}

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      "Really?" said Danglars. "Well, this surprises me, for Ithought you took the liveliest interest in all my affairs!"

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      "It is very natural; this island is a mass of rocks, anddoes not contain an acre of land capable of cultivation."

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       "Ah, you know that already," said the private secretary,smiling and shaking hands with him.

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    {  "I was at the festival of my marriage, monsieur," said theyoung man, his voice slightly tremulous, so great was thecontrast between that happy moment and the painful ceremonyhe was now undergoing; so great was the contrast between thesombre aspect of M. de Villefort and the radiant face ofMercedes.

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      "Yes; but then he breakfasted with me -- indeed, he made hisfirst appearance in the world on that occasion."