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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Into the blue drawing-room, according to your excellency'sorders."
2.  "I know what happiness and what despair are, and I nevermake a jest of such feelings. Take it, then, but in exchange-- "
3.  "But what has the French Academy to do with all this?"
4.  "But I hope you will not carry your antipathy so far as todeprive me of the pleasure of your company, sir," said MonteCristo.
5.  "What fine words he uses!"
6.  "And do you know this gentleman, monsieur?" inquiredEmmanuel.


1.  "I do not think that such is his intention," said Morrel.
2.  "Confiteor," said Caderousse, putting the diamond on hislittle finger; "I was mistaken; but those thieves ofjewellers imitate so well that it is no longer worth whileto rob a jeweller's shop -- it is another branch of industryparalyzed."
3.  "You have hurt yourself, perhaps," said Morrel. "What can Ido for you, Valentine?" Valentine looked around her; she sawthe deepest terror depicted in Noirtier's eyes. "Don'tworry, dear grandpapa," said she, endeavoring to smile; "itis nothing -- it is nothing; I was giddy, that is all."
4.  "Because, my lord." said Haidee eagerly, "my miseries recallto me the remembrance of your goodness."
5.  "No, no," said Noirtier's look.
6.  "Oh, make yourself easy! -- I am not speaking riddles, andyou will soon know what I mean. The people who exhaust myfortune are those who draw out 700,000 francs in the courseof an hour."


1.  Meanwhile, Villefort and d'Avrigny had made all possiblehaste, Valentine had not revived from her fainting fit ontheir arrival, and the doctor examined the invalid with allthe care the circumstances demanded, and with an interestwhich the knowledge of the secret intensified twofold.Villefort, closely watching his countenance and his lips,awaited the result of the examination. Noirtier, paler thaneven the young girl, more eager than Villefort for thedecision, was watching also intently and affectionately. Atlast d'Avrigny slowly uttered these words: -- "she is stillalive!"
2.  "No, no, I will be on the ground at the proper time; but inmy opinion (and I have a right to dictate the preliminaries,as it is I who have received the provocation) -- in myopinion the time ought not to be yet. I know you to be wellskilled in the management of the sword, while I am onlymoderately so; I know, too, that you are a good marksman --there we are about equal. I know that a duel between us twowould be a serious affair, because you are brave, and I ambrave also. I do not therefore wish either to kill you, orto be killed myself without a cause. Now, I am going to puta question to you, and one very much to the purpose too. Doyou insist on this retractation so far as to kill me if I donot make it, although I have repeated more than once, andaffirmed on my honor, that I was ignorant of the thing withwhich you charge me, and although I still declare that it isimpossible for any one but you to recognize the Count ofMorcerf under the name of Fernand?"
3.  "Well, monsieur," said Bertuccio, "this man with thisspotless reputation" --
4.  "You are poor; a miserable old age awaits you. Would youlike to become rich, or at least independent? Set outimmediately for Paris, and demand of the Count of MonteCristo, Avenue des Champs Elysees, No. 30, the son whom youhad by the Marchesa Corsinari, and who was taken from you atfive years of age. This son is named Andrea Cavalcanti. Inorder that you may not doubt the kind intention of thewriter of this letter, you will find enclosed an order for2,400 francs, payable in Florence, at Signor Gozzi's; also aletter of introduction to the Count of Monte Cristo, on whomI give you a draft of 48,000 francs. Remember to go to thecount on the 26th May at seven o'clock in the evening.
5.   "Yes," said Monte Cristo; "for that reason I wished to keepyou near me."
6.  "Be satisfied; I will deny it."


1.  "Oh, I shall not," cried Franz.
2.  "And see, here it is," said the count. At the moment whenPeppino reached the foot of the mandaia, a priest arrived insome haste, forced his way through the soldiers, and,advancing to the chief of the brotherhood, gave him a foldedpaper. The piercing eye of Peppino had noticed all. Thechief took the paper, unfolded it, and, raising his hand,"Heaven be praised, and his holiness also," said he in aloud voice; "here is a pardon for one of the prisoners!"
3.  Chapter 25The Unknown.
4、  "It is not that which deterred me," replied Monte Cristo;"but as I determined to have a house to myself, I sent on myvalet de chambre, and he ought by this time to have boughtthe house and furnished it."
5、  "No, my child, no," said Madame de Saint-Meran; "but I wasimpatiently waiting for your arrival, that I might send foryour father."




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      The young man remarked the greedy glance which shone in thedark eyes of his neighbor. "Eh," he said, negligently. "thismoney is not mine. I was expressing to my father my fearsthat he had wanted many things in my absence, and toconvince me he emptied his purse on the table. Come, father"added Dantes, "put this money back in your box -- unlessneighbor Caderousse wants anything, and in that case it isat his service."

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      "What I mean to say is, that my mother is not quick to giveher confidence, but when she does she never changes."

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       "Bah," said Beauchamp, "he played the prince very well."

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      "No, sir; I sold them to visitors, who considered them greatcuriosities; but I have still something left."

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    {  "What is the meaning of all this?" inquired Caderousse,frowningly, of Danglars, who had assumed an air of uttersurprise.

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      "Pen, ink, and paper, then," called Fernand loudly.}

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      "Yes; but so little, it can hardly be called eating."

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      "Where will he receive me?"

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       "And when shall we know?" inquired Franz.

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    {  Then the landing began. Dantes reflected, as he worked, onthe shout of joy which, with a single word, he could evokefrom all these men, if he gave utterance to the oneunchanging thought that pervaded his heart; but, far fromdisclosing this precious secret, he almost feared that hehad already said too much, and by his restlessness andcontinual questions, his minute observations and evidentpre-occupation, aroused suspicions. Fortunately, as regardedthis circumstance at least, his painful past gave to hiscountenance an indelible sadness, and the glimmerings ofgayety seen beneath this cloud were indeed but transitory.

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      "Yes, yes," said Monte Cristo. His visitor appeared slightlyuneasy. "Let me see," said the count; "are you not theMarquis Bartolomeo Cavalcanti?"