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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Exactly. And it looks out on an angle of the courtyard so as tobe partly invisible. The man might have effected his entrance there,left traces as he passed through the bedroom, and finally, finding thedoor open, have escaped that way."
2.  He took out the two ears as he spoke, and laying a board acrosshis knee he examined them minutely, while Lestrade and I, bendingforward on each side of him, glanced alternately at these dreadfulrelics and at the thoughtful, eager face of our companion. Finallyhe returned them to the box once more and sat for a while in deepmeditation.
3.  "Yes, and I have no doubt that is her ring."
4.  "Indeed, I have nothing more to tell. Once or twice it seemed tome that he was on the point of telling me something. He spoke oneevening of the importance of the secret, and I have somerecollection that he said that no doubt foreign spies would pay agreat deal to have it."
5.  "You need not concern yourself about that," said Holmes. "Thereare two very good reasons why she should, under no circumstances, behis wife. In the first place, we are very safe in questioning Mr.Williamson's right to solemnize a marriage."
6.  "Suppose I tell you that it was Barney Stockdale to whom you spoke?"said Holmes.


1.  It is, indeed, a fearful place. The torrent, swollen the meltingsnow, plunges into a tremendous abyss, from which the spray rolls uplike the smoke from a burning house. The shaft into which the riverhurls itself is an immense chasm, lined by glistening coal-black rock,and narrowing into a creaming, boiling pit of incalculable depth,which brims over and shoots the stream onward over its jagged lip. Thelong sweep of green water roaring forever down, and the thickflickering curtain of spray hissing forever upward, turn a man giddywith their constant whirl and clamour. We stood near the edgepeering down at the gleam of the breaking water far below us againstthe black rocks, and listening to the half-human shout which camebooming up with the spray out of the abyss.
2.  "But the money, Mr. Holmes, the money!"
3.  Lord St. Simon shook his head. "I am afraid that it will takewiser heads than yours or mine," he remarked, and bowing in a stately,old-fashioned manner he departed.
5.  "'Such, in a few words, my dear boy, is the history of this terriblebusiness in which I was involved. Next day we were picked up by thebrig Hotspur, bound for Australia, whose captain found no difficultyin believing that we were the survivors of a passenger ship whichhad foundered. The transport ship Gloria Scott was set down by theAdmiralty as being lost at sea, and no word has ever leaked out asto her true fate. After an excellent voyage the Hotspur landed us atSydney, where Evans and I changed our names and made our way to thediggings, where, among the crowds who were gathered from allnations, we had no difficulty in losing our former identities. Therest I need not relate. We prospered, we travelled, we came back asrich colonials to England, and we bought country estates. For morethan twenty years we have led peaceful and useful lives, and wehoped that our past was forever buried. Imagine, then, my feelingswhen in the seaman who came to us I recognized instantly the man whohad been picked off the wreck. He had tracked us down somehow andhad set himself to live upon our fears. You will understand now how itwas that I strove to keep the peace with him, and you will in somemeasure sympathize with me in the fears which fill me, now that he hasgone from me to his other victim with threats upon his tongue.'"Underneath is written in a hand so shaky as to be hardly legible,'Beddoes writes in cipher to say H. has told all. Sweet Lord, havemercy on our souls!'
6.  "Now, Watson, make an effort, throw your mind back. Can you seethose tracks upon the path?"


1.  "I really took no notice."
2.  "At least we may accept it as a working hypothesis. We will suppose,then, that something was burned in each case which produced anatmosphere causing strange toxic effects. Very good. In the firstinstance- that of the Tregennis family- this substance was placed inthe fire. Now the window was shut, but the fire would naturallycarry fumes to some extent up the chimney. Hence one would expectthe effects of the poison to be less than in the second case, wherethere was less escape for the vapour. The result seems to indicatethat it was so, since in the first case only the woman, who hadpresumably the more sensitive organism, was killed, the othersexhibiting that temporary or permanent lunacy which is evidently thefirst effect of the drug. In the second case the result wascomplete. The facts, therefore, seem to bear out the theory of apoison which worked by combustion.
3.  "Yes, it was twisted."
4.  "Lady Frances," he continued, "is the sole survivor of the directfamily of the late Earl of Rufton. The estates went, as you mayremember, in the male line. She was left with limited means, butwith some very remarkable old Spanish jewellery of silver andcuriously cut diamonds to which she was fondly attached- too attached,for she refused to leave them with her banker and always carriedthem about with her. A rather pathetic figure, the Lady Frances, abeautiful woman, still in fresh middle age, and yet, by a strangechance, the last derelict of what only twenty years ago was a goodlyfleet."
5.   The study proved to be a small chamber, lined on three sides withbooks, and with a writing-table facing an ordinary window, whichlooked out upon the garden. Our first attention was given to thebody of the unfortunate squire, whose huge frame lay stretchedacross the room. His disordered dress showed that he had beenhastily aroused from sleep. The bullet had been fired at him fromthe front, and had remained in his body, after penetrating theheart. His death had certainly been instantaneous and painless.There was no powder-marking either upon his dressing-gown or on hishands. According to the country surgeon, the lady had stains uponher face, but none upon her hand.
6.  "What paper?" I asked.


1.  "'Or to sit here, or sit there, that would not be offensive to you?'"'Oh, no.'
2.  "`Well,' said he, showing me the advertisement, `you can seefor yourself that the League has a vacancy, and there is theaddress where you should apply for particulars. As far as I canmake out, the League was founded by an American millionaire,Ezekiah Hopkins, who was very peculiar in his ways. He washimself red-headed, and he had a great sympathy for all red-headedmen; so when he died it was found that he had left his enormousfortune in the hands of trustees, with instructions to apply theinterest to the providing of easy berths to men whose hair is ofthat colour. From all I hear it is splendid pay and very littleto do.'
3.  "You must try round and get on a fresh scent, I fancy," said the sonwith a rather malicious smile.
4、  A quarter of an hour later the table had been cleared and we wereface to face. He had drawn a letter from his pocket.
5、  "I was going to say that my practice could get along very well for aday or two, since it is the slackest time in the year.""Excellent," said he, recovering his good-humour. "Then we'll lookinto this matter together. I think that we should begin by seeingForbes. He can probably tell us all the details we want until weknow from what side the case is to be approached."




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      "They use none. There is a stove. The bell-rope hangs from thewire just to the right of my desk. Whoever rang it must have comeright up to the desk to do it. But why should any criminal wish toring the bell? It is a most insoluble mystery."

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      "'Oh, I am so frightened!' I panted.

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       "Did you see anyone?"

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      "Man, Watson, man. Only one, but a very formidable person. Strong asa lion- witness the blow that bent that poker! Six foot three inheight, active as a squirrel, dexterous with his fingers, finally,remarkably quick-witted, for this whole ingenious story is of hisconcoction. Yes, Watson, we have come upon the handiwork of a veryremarkable individual. And yet, in that bell-rope, he has given us aclue which should not have left us a doubt."

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    {  "Indeed That is very interesting. And on the morning of thewedding?"

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      "Why did he ever drag you into it at all?" asked our visitor witha sudden outflame of anger. "What in thunder had you to do with it?Here was a bit of professional business between two gentlemen, and oneof them must needs call in a detective! I saw him this morning, and hetold me this fool-trick he had played me, and that's why I am here.But I feel bad about it, all the same."}

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      "It has always been my dream, Mr. Holmes."

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      "Our birds are flown and the nest empty," said Holmes.

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       "When you are quite restored-"

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    {  "Because you have gone out of your way to annoy me. Because you haveput your creatures upon my track."

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      "The next I heard of Frank was that he was in Montana, and then hewent prospecting in Arizona, and then I heard of him from NewMexico. After that came a long newspaper story about how a miners'camp had been attacked by Apache Indians, and there was my Frank'sname among the killed. I fainted dead away, and I was very sick formonths after. Pa thought I had a decline and took me to half thedoctors in 'Frisco. Not a word of news came for a year and more, sothat I never doubted that Frank was really dead. Then Lord St. Simoncame to 'Frisco, and we came to London, and a marriage was arranged,and pa was very pleased, but I felt all the time that no man on thisearth would ever take the place in my heart that had been given tomy poor Frank.