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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Treville had grasped the weak side of his master; and it was tothis address that he owed the long and constant favor of a kingwho has not left the reputation behind him of being very faithfulin his friendships. He paraded his Musketeers before theCardinal Armand Duplessis with an insolent air which made thegray moustache of his Eminence curl with ire. Trevilleunderstood admirably the war method of that period, in which hewho could not live at the expense of the enemy must live at theexpense of his compatriots. His soldiers formed a legion ofdevil-may-care fellows, perfectly undisciplined toward all buthimself.
2.  "The Marechale d'Ancre was no more than the Marechale d'Ancre. AFlorentine adventurer, sire, and that was all; while the augustspouse of your Majesty is Anne of Austria, Queen of France--thatis to say, one of the greatest princesses in the world.""She is not the less guilty, Monsieur Duke! The more she hasforgotten the high position in which she was placed, the moredegrading is her fall. Besides, I long ago determined to put anend to all these petty intrigues of policy and love. She hasnear her a certain Laporte."
3.  "But as you spoke to him you must have seen him.""Oh, it's a description you want?"
4.  "You know the only reply that I desire," said D'Artagnan,"the only one worthy of you and of me!"
5.  Then only D'Artagnan remembered the languishing glances ofKitty, her constantly meeting him in the antechamber, thecorridor, or on the stairs, those touches of the hand everytime she met him, and her deep sighs; but absorbed by hisdesire to please the great lady, he had disdained thesoubrette. He whose game is the eagle takes no heed of thesparrow.
6.  "You are welcome, monsieur," said Milady, in a voice whosesingular sweetness contrasted with the symptoms of ill-humorwhich D'Artagnan had just remarked; "you have today acquiredeternal rights to my gratitude."


1.  "Monsieur shall see that upon occasion I have some left; only Ibeg Monsieur not to be too prodigal of it if he wishes it to lastlong."
2.  The favorite of two kings, immensely rich, all-powerful in akingdom which he disordered at his fancy and calmed again at hiscaprice, George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, had lived one ofthose fabulous existences which survive, in the course ofcenturies, to astonish posterity.
3.  "My dear Athos," said Aramis, "you speak like Nestor, whowas, as everyone knows, the wisest among the Greeks.""Well, then," said Athos, "it is agreed. Planchet and Bazinshall go. Everything considered, I am not sorry to retainGrimaud; he is accustomed to my ways, and I am particular.Yesterday's affair must have shaken him a little; his voyagewould upset him quite."
4.  All eyes were fixed upon this man, whose words were listened to withanxious attention.
5.  "But I," said D'Artagnan, "can go and inform Monsieur Laporte.""No doubt you could, only there is one misfortune, and that isthat Monsieur Bonacieux is known at the Louvre, and would beallowed to pass; whereas you are not known there, and the gatewould be closed against you."
6.  "And who?" asked M. de Treville.


1.  "I have not that honor, monseigneur," replied the latter, hiseyes dazzled by the brilliant style in which D'Artagnan traveled."What, you don't know me?"
2.  Grimaud had a stout, short Picard cob, which cost threehundred livres.
3.  "Well, read, then!" said the unhappy young woman, in the excess of herpride and joy, presenting a letter to Milady.
4.  "Ay, but you are mistaken. My brother is only your secondhusband; and your first is still living. Tell me his name, and Iwill put it in the place of the name of Charlotte Backson. No?You will not? You are silent? Well, then you must be registeredas Charlotte Backson."
5.   "Courage, courage! remember that in a quarter of an hour you will besafe; and think that what you are about to do is for HIS sake.""Yes, yes, everything for him. You have restored my courage by a singleword; go, I will rejoin you."
6.  D'Artagnan was not so dull as not to perceive that he was one toomany; but he was not sufficiently broken into the fashions of thegay world to know how to extricate himself gallantly from a falseposition, like that of a man who begins to mingle with people heis scarcely acquainted with and in a conversation that does notconcern him. He was seeking in his mind, then, for the leastawkward means of retreat, when he remarked that Aramis had lethis handkerchief fall, and by mistake, no doubt, had placed hisfoot upon it. This appeared to be a favorable opportunity torepair his intrusion. He stooped, and with the most gracious airhe could assume, drew the handkerchief from under the foot of theMusketeer in spite of the efforts the latter made to detain it,and holding it out to him, said, "I believe, monsieur, that thisis a handkerchief you would be sorry to lose?"


1.  "You have committed a piece of folly," said Athos, "but it can'tbe helped; there is no drawing back. Kill the fellow, and rejoinus as soon as you can."
2.  At eleven o'clock came in his turn Duhallier, captain of theGuards, bringing with him fifty archers, who were distributedimmediately through the Hotel de Ville, at the doors assignedthem.
3.  "Have you no friends in Paris, then, Monsieur Porthos?" said theprocurator's wife.
4、  "Make haste, dear lodger," said he; "there is a very prettygirl waiting for you upstairs; and you know women don't liketo be kept waiting."
5、  "How much in that little bag?"




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      "The Guards of the cardinal! And why so?" asked Porthos, warmly."Because he plainly perceives that his piquette* stands in needof being enlivened by a mixture of good wine."

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      "The devil!" said Athos. "I would propose to you to stakePlanchet, but as that has already been done, the Englishman wouldnot, perhaps, be willing."

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       "How, in the wrong?" said Athos. "Whose, then, is the air webreathe? Whose is the ocean upon which we look? Whose is thesand upon which we were reclining? Whose is that letter of yourmistress? Do these belong to the cardinal? Upon my honor, thisman fancies the world belongs to him. There you stood,stammering, stupefied, annihilated. One might have supposed theBastille appeared before you, and that the gigantic Medusa hadconverted you into stone. Is being in love conspiring? You arein love with a woman whom the cardinal has caused to be shut up,and you wish to get her out of the hands of the cardinal. That'sa match you are playing with his Eminence; this letter is yourgame. Why should you expose your game to your adversary? Thatis never done. Let him find it out if he can! We can find outhis!"

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      "And I," said Porthos, "do you think my strain cost me nothing?--without reckoning Mousqueton's wound, for which I had to have thesurgeon twice a day, and who charged me double on account of thatfoolish Mousqueton having allowed himself a ball in a part whichpeople generally only show to an apothecary; so I advised him totry never to get wounded there any more."

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    {  "Oh!" said D'Artagnan, "this is rather warm; it appears thatMilady and I are anxious about the health of the sameperson. Well, Planchet, how is the good Monsieur de Wardes?He is not dead, then?"

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      "I had a large hat," said Aramis.}

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      "That was my intention; but, my dear friend, I have one thing toconfess to you."

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      "Speak! By the word of a gentleman, you shall have no cause torepent of your confidence."

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       Athos then plunged into the street the man had indicated with hisfinger; but arriving at four crossroads, he stopped again, visiblyembarrassed. Nevertheless, as the crossroads offered him a betterchance than any other place of meeting somebody, he stood still. In afew minutes a night watch passed. Athos repeated to him the samequestion he had asked the first person he met. The night watch evincedthe same terror, refused, in his turn, to accompany Athos, and onlypointed with his hand to the road he was to take.Athos walked in the direction indicated, and reached the suburb situatedat the opposite extremity of the city from that by which he and hisfriends had entered it. There he again appeared uneasy and embarrassed,and stopped for the third time.

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    {  At the expiration of an hour, Felton tapped again.Milady sprang out of bed and opened the window. Two bars removedformed an opening for a man to pass through.

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      "Three hundred livres? Then put down three hundred livres,"said the procurator's wife, with a sigh.