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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Are you quite impervious to good advice?"
2.  "`Now, then,' said Cucumetto, advancing towards the otherbandits, `are you coming?' -- `I follow you.'
3.  "The count has an unlimited credit upon me; a credit openedby Thomson & French, of Rome; he came to demand fivemillions at once, which I paid him with checks on the bank.My funds are deposited there, and you can understand that ifI draw out ten millions on the same day it will appearrather strange to the governor. Two days will be a differentthing," said Danglars, smiling.
4.  "What do they say?"
5.  "But what?"
6.  "I promise you. Au revoir, Albert. Gentlemen, good morning."


1.  "And how much did they possess?"
2.  "And you did not warn me!" cried Caderousse, raising himselfon his elbows. "You knew I should be killed on leaving thishouse, and did not warn me!"
3.  In a very few minutes the count reached No. 7 in the RueMeslay. The house was of white stone, and in a small courtbefore it were two small beds full of beautiful flowers. Inthe concierge that opened the gate the count recognizedCocles; but as he had but one eye, and that eye had becomesomewhat dim in the course of nine years, Cocles did notrecognize the count. The carriages that drove up to the doorwere compelled to turn, to avoid a fountain that played in abasin of rockwork, -- an ornament that had excited thejealousy of the whole quarter, and had gained for the placethe appellation of "The Little Versailles." It is needlessto add that there were gold and silver fish in the basin.The house, with kitchens and cellars below, had above theground-floor, two stories and attics. The whole of theproperty, consisting of an immense workshop, two pavilionsat the bottom of the garden, and the garden itself, had beenpurchased by Emmanuel, who had seen at a glance that hecould make of it a profitable speculation. He had reservedthe house and half the garden, and building a wall betweenthe garden and the workshops, had let them upon lease withthe pavilions at the bottom of the garden. So that for atrifling sum he was as well lodged, and as perfectly shutout from observation, as the inhabitants of the finestmansion in the Faubourg St. Germain. The breakfast-room wasfinished in oak; the salon in mahogany, and the furnishingswere of blue velvet; the bedroom was in citronwood and greendamask. There was a study for Emmanuel, who never studied,and a music-room for Julie, who never played. The whole ofthe second story was set apart for Maximilian; it wasprecisely similar to his sister's apartments, except thatfor the breakfast-parlor he had a billiard-room, where hereceived his friends. He was superintending the grooming ofhis horse, and smoking his cigar at the entrance of thegarden, when the count's carriage stopped at the gate.
4.  "But you are a man of foresight and prudence, therefore yousent your luggage on before you. It has arrived at the Hoteldes Princes, Rue de Richelieu. It is there you are to takeup your quarters."
5.  "At your ball."
6.  "Oh, it is impossible to doubt it," cried he, suddenly.


1.  "What is it?"
2.  "Your excellency may depend upon me." The Count made agesture of satisfaction, descended the terrace steps, andsprang into his carriage, which was whirled along swiftly tothe banker's house. Danglars was engaged at that moment,presiding over a railroad committee. But the meeting wasnearly concluded when the name of his visitor was announced.As the count's title sounded on his ear he rose, andaddressing his colleagues, who were members of one or theother Chamber, he said, -- "Gentlemen, pardon me for leavingyou so abruptly; but a most ridiculous circumstance hasoccurred, which is this, -- Thomson & French, the Romanbankers, have sent to me a certain person calling himselfthe Count of Monte Cristo, and have given him an unlimitedcredit with me. I confess this is the drollest thing I haveever met with in the course of my extensive foreigntransactions, and you may readily suppose it has greatlyroused my curiosity. I took the trouble this morning to callon the pretended count -- if he were a real count hewouldn't be so rich. But, would you believe it, `He was notreceiving.' So the master of Monte Cristo gives himself airsbefitting a great millionaire or a capricious beauty. I madeinquiries, and found that the house in the Champs Elysees ishis own property, and certainly it was very decently keptup. But," pursued Danglars with one of his sinister smiles,"an order for unlimited credit calls for something likecaution on the part of the banker to whom that order isgiven. I am very anxious to see this man. I suspect a hoaxis intended, but the instigators of it little knew whom theyhad to deal with. `They laugh best who laugh last!'"
3.  "No; I do not wish to come between a father and son. Yourinterview will be private. But do not be uneasy; even if thepowerful voice of nature should be silent, you cannot wellmistake him; he will enter by this door. He is a fine youngman, of fair complexion -- a little too fair, perhaps --pleasing in manners; but you will see and judge foryourself."
4.  "And what is it to me?" replied Monte Cristo, shrugging hisshoulders; "do I know those people? and must I lose the oneto save the other? Faith, no, for between the culprit andthe victim I have no choice."
5.   "Do you wish to see him?"
6.  "After all the disclosures which were made this morning, M.Noirtier de Villefort must see the utter impossibility ofany alliance being formed between his family and that of M.Franz d'Epinay. M. d'Epinay must say that he is shocked andastonished that M. de Villefort, who appeared to be aware ofall the circumstances detailed this morning, should not haveanticipated him in this announcement."


1.  "And it was they who told you something which made youangry? What was it then? May I go and ask them, that I mayhave the opportunity of making my peace with you?"
2.  "However it may be, Valentine, you must not be alarmed. Iassure you that, as long as I live, I shall never love anyone else!"
3.  "Monsieur," said the steward, "it is fatality, I am sure.First, you purchase a house at Auteuil -- this house is theone where I have committed an assassination; you descend tothe garden by the same staircase by which he descended; youstop at the spot where he received the blow; and two pacesfarther is the grave in which he had just buried his child.This is not chance, for chance, in this case, is too muchlike providence."
4、  "When I no longer require them, Bertuccio will sell them,and he expects to realize thirty or forty thousand francs bythe sale."
5、  "There is something true in what you say," said the count,with that smile which made him so handsome; "I havedescended from a planet called grief."




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      "Not so," murmured the journalist; "on the contrary" --

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      Chapter 21The Island of Tiboulen.

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       "She is quite well," replied Danglars quickly; "she is atthe piano with M. Cavalcanti." Albert retained his calm andindifferent manner; he might feel perhaps annoyed, but heknew Monte Cristo's eye was on him. "M. Cavalcanti has afine tenor voice," said he, "and Mademoiselle Eugenie asplendid soprano, and then she plays the piano likeThalberg. The concert must be a delightful one."

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      "Oh, merely a paltry fifty louis."

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    {  "Horrible!" ejaculated the priest.

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      Monte Cristo gave the pen to Caderousse, who collected allhis strength, signed it, and fell back on his bed, saying:"You will relate all the rest, reverend sir; you will say hecalls himself Andrea Cavalcanti. He lodges at the Hotel desPrinces. Oh, I am dying!" He again fainted. The abbe madehim smell the contents of the phial, and he again opened hiseyes. His desire for revenge had not forsaken him.}

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      "Ah," responded Sinbad, laughing with his singular laughwhich displayed his white and sharp teeth. "You have notguessed rightly. Such as you see me I am, a sort ofphilosopher, and one day perhaps I shall go to Paris torival Monsieur Appert, and the little man in the bluecloak."

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      "Yes; it will. I must seem to you by no means curious, but Iassure you that it is not my fault I have delayed it so long-- it will happen one day or the other."

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       "Well, well, my dear Edmond," continued the owner, "don'tlet me detain you. You have managed my affairs so well thatI ought to allow you all the time you require for your own.Do you want any money?"

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    {  "Maximilian," replied Morrel, looking fixedly at his son,"you are a man, and a man of honor. Come, and I will explainto you."

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