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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'You have called me names enough,' said he; 'I will not stand itany longer. I shall not say another word about this business, sinceyou have chosen to insult me. I will leave your house in the morningand make my own way in the world.'
2.  "That is enough," said Hopkins, sternly. "Whatever else you haveto say, you must say in court. You will walk down with me now to thepolice-station. Well, Mr. Holmes, I am very much obliged to you and toyour friend for coming down to help me. As it turns out yourpresence was unnecessary, and I would have brought the case to thissuccessful issue without you, but, none the less, I am grateful. Roomshave been reserved for you at the Brambletye Hotel, so we can all walkdown to the village together."
3.  "'That was his style of talk, and at first I thought it meantnothing, but after a while, when he had tested me and sworn me in withall possible solemnity, he let me understand that there really was aplot to gain command of the vessel. A dozen of the prisoners hadhatched it before they came aboard, Prendergast was the leader, andhis money was the motive power.
4.  I assented.
5.  "Painful, is it? Yes, the coolies used to do some squealingtowards the end. Takes you as cramp, I fancy."
6.  "It's as well," said the old man; "it's a question whether I shalllive to the Assizes, so it matters little to me, but I should wishto spare Alice the shock. And now I will make the thing clear toyou; it has been a long time in the acting, but will not take melong to tell."


1.  Carruthers took a telegram from his pocket "That's it," said he.It was short and concise:
2.  "Smart fellow, that," observed Holmes as we walked away. "Heis, in my judgment, the fourth smartest man in London, and fordaring I am not sure that he has not a claim to be third. I haveknown something of him before."
3.  "Gentlemen," he cried, "let me introduce you to the famous blackpearl of the Borgias."
4.  "Yes."
5.  "Now, if I could have done this without the knowledge of ProfessorMoriarty, all would have been well. But he was too wily for that. Hesaw every step which I took to draw my toils round him. Again andagain he strove to break away, but I as often headed him off. I tellyou, my friend, that if a detailed account of that silent contestcould be written, it would take its place as the most brilliant bit ofthrust-and-parry work in the history of detection. Never have Irisen to such a height, and never have I been so hard pressed by anopponent. He cut deep, and yet I just undercut him. This morning thelast steps were taken, and three days only were wanted to complete thebusiness. I was sitting in my room thinking the matter over when thedoor opened and Professor Moriarty stood before me.
6.  "Had he ever one from France?"


1.  "What do you make of them?"
2.  "But we can't all be."
3.  "We must be circumspect for we are dealing with a very cunningman. We can do nothing until seven o'clock. At that hour we shall bewith you, and it will not be long before we solve the mystery."We were as good as our word, for it was just seven when we reachedthe Copper Beeches, having put up our trap at a waysidepublic-house. The group of trees, with their dark leaves shininglike burnished metal in the light of the setting sun, weresufficient to mark the house even had Miss Hunter not been standingsmiling on the door-step.
4.  "Hum!" said Holmes. "I think I see how things worked, and I canunderstand how this message would, as you say, bring them to a head.But while you wait, you might tell me what you can.
5.   "Did he not advertise?"
6.  "The house was so large and so rambling that a regiment might be hidaway in it and no one the wiser. If the secret lay there it wasdifficult for me to penetrate it. But the door which I had heard closewas certainly not in the house. I must explore the garden and see whatI could find. There was no difficulty in the way, for the old peoplewere busy in their own fashion and left me to my own devices."There were several small outhouses, but at the end of the gardenthere was a detached building of some size- large enough for agardener's or a gamekeeper's residence. Could this be the place whencethe sound of that shutting door had come? I approached it in acareless fashion as though I were strolling aimlessly round thegrounds. As I did so, a small, brisk, bearded man in a black coatand bowler hat- not at all the gardener type- came out of the door. Tomy surprise, he locked it after him and put the key in his pocket.Then he looked at me with some surprise on his face.


1.  "You would arrest him upon that?"
2.  "We were to go to the theatre. The fog was so thick that a cab wasuseless. We walked, and our way took us close to the office.Suddenly he darted away into the fog."
3.  "Entirely."
4、  "What then?"
5、  "Ah, yes, I remember. My life depends upon it. Plead with him,Watson. There is no good feeling between us. His nephew, Watson- I hadsuspicions of foul play and I allowed him to see it. The boy diedhorribly. He has a grudge against me. You will soften him, Watson. Beghim, pray him, get him here by any means. He can save me- only he!""I will bring him in a cab, if I have to carry him down to it.""You will do nothing of the sort. You will persuade him to come. Andthen you will return in front of him. Make any excuse so as not tocome with him. Don't forget, Watson. You won't fail me. You neverdid fail me. No doubt there are natural enemies which limit theincrease of the creatures. You and I, Watson, we have done our part.Shall the world, then, be overrun by oysters? No, no; horrible! You'llconvey all that is in your mind."




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      "This is insanity, Holmes."

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      "'North by ten and by ten, east by five and by five, south by twoand by two, west by one and by one, and so under.'

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    {  The Duke's beard had turned more aggressively red than everagainst his ghastly white face.

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      "Nor have I any desire to do you an injury Dr. Sterndale. Surely theclearest proof of it is that, knowing what I know, I have sent for youand not for the police."}

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      "I think there will be no difficulty in clearing it up," saidLestrade, grimly.

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      "'It was the year '55, when the Crimean War was at its height, andthe old convict ships had been largely used as transports in the BlackSea. The government was compelled, therefore, to use smaller andless suitable vessels for sending out their prisoners. The GloriaScott had been in the Chinese tea-trade, but she was an old-fashioned,heavy-bowed, broad-beamed craft, and the new clippers had cut her out.She was a five-hundred-ton boat; and besides her thirty-eightjail-birds, she carried twenty-six of a crew, eighteen soldiers, acaptain, three mates, a doctor, a chaplain, and four warders. Nearly ahundred souls were in her, all told, when we set sail from Falmouth."'The partitions between the cells of the convicts instead ofbeing of thick oak, as is usual in convict-ships, were quite thinand frail. The man next to me, upon the aft side, was one whom I hadparticularly noticed when we were led down the quay. He was a youngman with a clear, hairless face, a long, thin nose, and rathernut-cracker jaws. He carried his head very jauntily in the air, hada swaggering style of walking, and was, above all else, remarkable forhis extraordinary height. I don't think any of our heads would havecome up to his shoulder, and I am sure that he could not have measuredless than six and a half feet. It was strange among so many sad andweary faces to see one which was full of energy and resolution. Thesight of it was to me like a fire in a snowstorm. I was glad, then, tofind that he was my neighbour, and gladder still when, in the deadof the night, I heard a whisper close to my ear and found that hehad managed to cut an opening in the board which separated us."'"Hullo, chummy!" said he, "what's your name, and what are youhere for?"

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       "Oh, easily enough," said Hall Pycroft cheerily. "You are twofriends of mine who are in want of a billet, and what could be morenatural than that I should bring you both round to the managingdirector?"

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    {  "Neither, sir. It was William the coachman. Shot through theheart, sir, and never spoke again."

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      "No one could hear it. The kitchen stands right at the back of thehouse."