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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But if any one should come here" --
2.  "Well, what should I say to the king?"
3.  "Oh, monsieur, this is cruel of you," said Julie, muchaffected; and the young lady's eyes swam with tears.
4.  "It is absurd," said Debray.
5.  "A stranger who will not send in his name."
6.  "I? oh, I would advance six millions on his signature. I wasonly speaking in reference to the second-rate fortunes wewere mentioning just now."


1.  "Whence then will come the help we need -- from chance?"resumed Morrel.
2.  * Savate: an old shoe.
3.  "Shall I assist you in repairing your negligence?" askedFranz.
4.  "I will not refuse; I intend going there soon, and since youallow me, I will pay you a visit. Come, we have not any timeto lose, it is half-past twelve -- let us set off." Allthree descended; the coachman received his master's orders,and drove down the Via del Babuino. While the threegentlemen walked along the Piazza de Spagni and the ViaFrattina, which led directly between the Fiano and Rospolipalaces, Franz's attention was directed towards the windowsof that last palace, for he had not forgotten the signalagreed upon between the man in the mantle and theTranstevere peasant. "Which are your windows?" asked he ofthe count, with as much indifference as he could assume."The three last," returned he, with a negligence evidentlyunaffected, for he could not imagine with what intention thequestion was put. Franz glanced rapidly towards the threewindows. The side windows were hung with yellow damask, andthe centre one with white damask and a red cross. The man inthe mantle had kept his promise to the Transteverin, andthere could now be no doubt that he was the count. The threewindows were still untenanted. Preparations were making onevery side; chairs were placed, scaffolds were raised, andwindows were hung with flags. The masks could not appear;the carriages could not move about; but the masks werevisible behind the windows, the carriages, and the doors.
5.  The young man stopped suddenly, looked around him, andperceived Caderousse sitting at table with Danglars, underan arbor.
6.  "Farther still, perhaps."


1.  "See, they are here." And at the same minute a carriage withsmoking horses, accompanied by two mounted gentlemen,arrived at the gate, which opened before them. The carriagedrove round, and stopped at the steps, followed by thehorsemen. The instant Debray had touched the ground, he wasat the carriage-door. He offered his hand to the baroness,who, descending, took it with a peculiarity of mannerimperceptible to every one but Monte Cristo. But nothingescaped the count's notice, and he observed a little note,passed with the facility that indicates frequent practice,from the hand of Madame Danglars to that of the minister'ssecretary. After his wife the banker descended, as pale asthough he had issued from his tomb instead of his carriage.Madame Danglars threw a rapid and inquiring glance whichcould only be interpreted by Monte Cristo, around thecourt-yard, over the peristyle, and across the front of thehouse, then, repressing a slight emotion, which must havebeen seen on her countenance if she had not kept her color,she ascended the steps, saying to Morrel, "Sir, if you werea friend of mine, I should ask you if you would sell yourhorse."
2.  The day after Monte Cristo had called upon Danglars, themysterious lodger entered at ten o'clock in the morninginstead of four in the afternoon. Almost directlyafterwards, without the usual interval of time, a cabarrived, and the veiled lady ran hastily up-stairs. The dooropened, but before it could be closed, the lady exclaimed:"Oh, Lucien -- oh, my friend!" The concierge therefore heardfor the first time that the lodger's name was Lucien; still,as he was the very perfection of a door-keeper, he made uphis mind not to tell his wife. "Well, what is the matter, mydear?" asked the gentleman whose name the lady's agitationrevealed; "tell me what is the matter."
3.  "You have exhausted every resource?"
4.  "You could do no such thing, Fernand; you are a soldier, andif you remain at the Catalans it is because there is no war;so remain a fisherman, and contented with my friendship, asI cannot give you more."
5.   "My father?" inquired Valentine, uneasily.
6.  "You are not thinking of Mademoiselle Danglars, I hope; youwould not like poor Andrea to have his throat cut byAlbert?"


1.  "`Thank you,' said Luigi, drawing back his hand; `I render aservice, I do not sell it.' -- `Well,' replied thetraveller, who seemed used to this difference between theservility of a man of the cities and the pride of themountaineer, `if you refuse wages, you will, perhaps, accepta gift.' -- `Ah, yes, that is another thing.' -- `Then,'said the traveller, `take these two Venetian sequins andgive them to your bride, to make herself a pair ofearrings.'
2.  Chapter 43The House at Auteuil.
3.  "Yes; I know that there is a secret of luxury and pain indeath, as well as in life; the only thing is to understandit."
4、  "And you visit him? -- meet him at your own house andelsewhere?"
5、  "Yes, indeed, my dear duke. Did you forget that this greatman, this hero, this demigod, is attacked with a malady ofthe skin which worries him to death, prurigo?"




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      "How have I deceived you?"

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      "There has been a misunderstanding."

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       "At least that of the minister."

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      Monte Cristo looked upon Morrel with indescribabletenderness. "Yes," he said, "yes, doubtless it is painful,if you violently break the outer covering which obstinatelybegs for life. If you plunge a dagger into your flesh, ifyou insinuate a bullet into your brain, which the leastshock disorders, -- then certainly, you will suffer pain,and you will repent quitting a life for a repose you havebought at so dear a price."

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    {  "Ah, duelling," cried the count; "a pleasant manner, upon mysoul, of arriving at your end when that end is vengeance! Aman has carried off your mistress, a man has seduced yourwife, a man has dishonored your daughter; he has renderedthe whole life of one who had the right to expect fromheaven that portion of happiness God his promised to everyone of his creatures, an existence of misery and infamy; andyou think you are avenged because you send a ball throughthe head, or pass a sword through the breast, of that manwho has planted madness in your brain, and despair in yourheart. And remember, moreover, that it is often he who comesoff victorious from the strife, absolved of all crime in theeyes of the world. No, no," continued the count, "had I toavenge myself, it is not thus I would take revenge."

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      "Then, Emmanuel?" said the young girl with hesitation, "itis your opinion that I should obey this invitation?"}

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      "But you who are a reasonable being, Lucien, and who knowhow little dependence is to be placed on the news, since youare at the fountain-head, surely you ought to prevent it,"said Morcerf, with a smile.

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       Chapter 83The Hand of God.

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    {  "Why do you ask me now?"

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      "What, with the baroness?"