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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It is most essential"
2.  "Was he in the master's class?"
3.  Referring to your letter of the 19th, I beg to state that I havelooked into the inquiry of your client, Mr. Robert Ferguson, ofFerguson and Muirhead, tea brokers, of Mincing Lane, and that thematter has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion. With thanksfor your recommendation, I am, sir,
4.  "Ah, thereby hangs a rather painful tale. This fellow is madly,insanely, in love with her, but some two years ago, when he was only alad, and before he really knew her, for she had been away five yearsat a boarding-school, what does the idiot do but get into the clutchesof a barmaid in Bristol and marry her at a registry office? No oneknows a word of the matter, but you can imagine how maddening itmust be to him to be upbraided for not doing what he would give hisvery eyes to do, but what he knows to be absolutely impossible. It wassheer frenzy of this sort which made him throw his hands up into theair when his father, at their last interview, was goading him on topropose to Miss Turner. On the other hand, he had no means ofsupporting himself, and his father, who was by all accounts a veryhard man, would have thrown him over utterly had he known the truth.It was with his barmaid wife that he had spent the last three daysin Bristol, and his father did not know where he was. Mark that point.It is of importance. Good has come out of evil, however, for thebarmaid, finding from the papers that he is in serious trouble andlikely to be hanged, has thrown him over utterly and has written tohim to say that she has a husband already in the Bermuda Dockyard,so that there is really no tie between them. I think that of newshas consoled young McCarthy for all that he has suffered.""But if he is innocent, who has done it?"
5.  "Yes. He waved his hands."
6.  "Remarkable, but by no means impossible," said Holmes, smiling."You have a clue?" asked Gregson.


1.  "Frankly, then, madam, I do not."
2.  "This instant."
4.  "No, no, I call him a gentleman by courtesy, but he was quite acommon looking person. I hardly noticed his appearance. But really Ithink that we are wandering rather far from the point.""Lady St. Simon, then, returned from the wedding in a lesscheerful frame of mind than she had gone to it. What did she do onreentering her father's house?"
5.  "Your ladyship places me in a very delicate position. I beg that youwill sit down and tell me what you desire, but I fear that I cannotmake any unconditional promise."
6.  "All right, Mr. Hayes, no harm meant," said Holmes. "We have beenhaving a look at your horses, but I think I'll walk, after all. It'snot far, I believe."


1.  Holmes was down on his knees, examining with great attention theknots upon the red cord with which the lady had been secured. Thenhe carefully scrutinized the broken and frayed end where it hadsnapped off when the burglar had dragged it down.
2.  "I think we can dispense with Dolores," said Holmes. "Oh, very well,madame, if you would rather she stayed I can see no objection. Now,Mr. Ferguson, I am a busy man with many calls, and my methods haveto be short and direct. The swiftest surgery is the least painful. Letme first say what will ease your mind. Your wife is a very good, avery loving, and a very ill-used woman."
3.  "Different threads, but leading up to the same tangle. I've beentaking the signals."
4.  "Was Sir James a man who was orderly in his habits?"
5.   With a confused brain, but with a heart into which some warmth ofhope was returning, I accompanied my friend in a walk round thegarden. Holmes took each face of the house in turn, and examined itwith great interest. He then led the way inside, and went over thewhole building from basement to attic. Most of the rooms wereunfurnished, but none the less Holmes inspected them all minutely.Finally, on the top corridor, which ran outside three untenantedbedrooms, he again was seized with a spasm of merriment."There are really some very unique features about this case,Watson," said he. "I think it is time now that we took our friendLestrade into our confidence. He has had his little smile at ourexpense, and perhaps we may do as much by him, if my reading of thisproblem proves to be correct. Yes, yes, I think I see how we shouldapproach it."
6.  "This is, indeed, a most serious matter. Even more culpable in myopinion, your Grace, is your attitude towards your younger son. Youleave him in this den for three days."


1.  I stepped to my bureau and brought out an enlarged photograph. "Thisis my method in such cases," I explained.
3.  "Then do so."
4、  "It was Adams, of course."
5、  "Well, we just left it there."




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      "It will be verified or disproved at the trial. Meanwhile, come whatmay, Colonel Moran will trouble us no more. The famous air-gun ofVon Herder will embellish the Scotland Yard Museum, and once again Mr.Sherlock Holmes is free to devote his life to examining thoseinteresting little problems which the complex life of London soplentifully presents."

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      Sir James carried away both it and the precious saucer. As I wasmyself overdue, I went down with him into the street. A brougham waswaiting for him. He sprang in, gave a hurried order to the cockadedcoachman, then drove swiftly away. He flung his overcoat half out ofthe window to cover the armorial bearings upon the panel, but I hadseen them in the glare of our fanlight none the less. I gasped withsurprise. Then I turned back and ascended the stair to Holmes's room."I have found out who our client is," I cried, bursting with mygreat news. "Why, Holmes, it is-"

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       "Well, I never thought to see her again, but last voyage I waspromoted, and the new boat was not yet launched, so I had to waitfor a couple of months with my people at Sydenham. One day out in acountry lane I met Theresa Wright, her old maid. She told me all abouther, about him, about everything. I tell you, gentlemen, it nearlydrove me mad. This drunken hound, that he should dare to raise hishand to her, whose boots he was not worthy to lick! I met Theresaagain. Then I met Mary herself- and met her again. Then she would meetme no more. But the other day I had a notice that I was to start on myvoyage within a week, and I determined that I would see her oncebefore I left. Theresa was always my friend, for she loved Mary andhated this villain almost as much as I did. From her I learned theways of the house. Mary used to sit up reading in her own littleroom downstairs. I crept round there last night and scratched at thewindow. At first she would not open to me, but in her heart I knowthat now she loves me, and she could not leave me in the frosty night.She whispered to me to come round to the big front window, and I foundit open before me, so as to let me into the dining-room. Again I heardfrom her own lips things that made my blood boil, and again I cursedthis brute who mishandled the woman I loved. Well, gentlemen, I wasstanding with her just inside the window, in all innocence, as Godis my judge, when he rushed like a madman into the room, called herthe vilest name that a man could use to a woman, and welted her acrossthe face with the stick he had in his hand. I had sprung for thepoker, and it was a fair fight between us. See here, on my arm,where his first blow fell. Then it was my turn, and I went through himas if he had been a rotten pumpkin. Do you think I was sorry? Not IfIt was his life or mine, but far more than that, it was his life orhers, for how could I leave her in the power of this madman? Thatwas how I killed him. Was I wrong? Well, then, what would either ofyou gentlemen have done, if you had been in my position?""She had screamed when he struck her, and that brought old Theresadown from the room above. There was a bottle of wine on the sideboard,and I opened it and poured a little between Mary's lips, for she washalf dead with shock. Then I took a drop myself. Theresa was as coolas ice, and it was her plot as much as mine. We must make it appearthat burglars had done the thing. Theresa kept on repeating ourstory to her mistress, while I swarmed up and cut the rope of thebell. Then I lashed her in her chair, and frayed out the end of therope to make it look natural, else they would wonder how in theworld a burglar could have got up there to cut it. Then I gatheredup a few plates and pots of silver, to carry out the idea of therobbery, and there I left them, with orders to give the alarm when Ihad a quarter of an hour's start. I dropped the silver into thepond, and made off for Sydenham, feeling that for once in my life Ihad done a real good night's work. And that's the truth and thewhole truth, Mr. Holmes, if it costs me my neck."

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      "What reparation can I make?"

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    {  "Oh, it is childish. She dropped her bouquet as we went towardsthe vestry. She was passing the front pew at the time, and it fellover into the pew. There was a moment's delay, but the gentleman inthe pew handed it up to her again, and it did not appear to be theworse for the fall. Yet when I spoke to her of the matter, sheanswered me abruptly, and in the carriage, on our way home, she seemedabsurdly agitated over this trifling cause."

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      "That's the hand I play from," said Holmes. "I put it all on thetable. But one card is missing. It's the king of diamonds. I don'tknow where the stone is."}

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      "'If then your eye goes on to read this line, I know that I shallalready have been exposed and dragged from my home, or, as is morelikely, for you know that my heart is weak, be lying with my tonguesealed forever in death. In either case the time for suppression ispast, and every word which I tell you is the naked truth, and this Iswear as I hope for mercy.

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      "Get down, Watson!" cried Holmes, with a heavy hand upon myshoulder. We had hardly sunk from view when the man flew past us onthe road. Amid a rolling cloud of dust, I caught a glimpse of apale, agitated face- a face with horror in every lineament, themouth open, the eyes staring wildly in front. It was like some strangecaricature of the dapper James Wilder whom we had seen the nightbefore.

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       The beautiful Italian looked with awe at my companion.

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    {  These were the two men who entered abruptly into our littlesitting-room on Tuesday, March the 16th, shortly after our breakfasthour, as we were smoking together, preparatory to our dailyexcursion upon the moors.

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      "There was a little passage in front of me, unpapered anduncarpeted, which turned at a right angle at the farther end. Roundthis corner were three doors in a line, the first and third of whichwere open. They each led into an empty room, dusty and cheerless, withtwo windows in the one and one in the other, so thick with dirt thatthe evening light glimmered dimly through them. The centre door wasclosed, and across the outside of it had been fastened one of thebroad bars of an iron bed, padlocked at one end to a ring in the wall,and fastened at the other with stout cord. The door itself waslocked as well, and the key was not there. This barricaded doorcorresponded clearly with the shuttered window outside, and yet Icould see by the glimmer from beneath it that the room was not indarkness. Evidently there was a skylight which let in light fromabove. As I stood in the passage gazing at the sinister door andwondering what secret it might veil, I suddenly heard the sound ofsteps within the room and saw a shadow pass backward and forwardagainst the little slit of dim light which shone out from under thedoor. A mad, unreasoning terror rose up in me at the sight, Mr.Holmes. My overstrung nerves failed me suddenly, and I turned andran-ran as though some dreadful hand were behind me clutching at theskirt of my dress. I rushed down the passage, through the door, andstraight into the arms of Mr. Rucastle, who was waiting outside."'So,' said he, smiling, 'it was you, then. I thought that it mustbe when I saw the door open.'