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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Do you travel far?"
2.  She wondered what could induce him to go alone. There wassomething back of this. She rummaged her brain for a reason.
3.  "Just think of that!" said Jessica.
4.  He puzzled as he thought of these things, then pushed in thedrawers and closed the door, pausing with his hand upon the knob,which might so easily lock it all beyond temptation. Still hepaused. Finally he went to the windows and pulled down thecurtains. Then he tried the door, which he had previouslylocked. What was this thing, making him suspicious? Why did hewish to move about so quietly. He came back to the end of thecounter as if to rest his arm and think. Then he went andunlocked his little office door and turned on the light. He alsoopened his desk, sitting down before it, only to think strangethoughts.
5.  "Do you lose what you put in?"
6.  "Nothing with a sleeper. Yes, there is, too," he added. "Thereis a mail train out of here at three o'clock."


1.  "She's too gay," said Hurstwood, significantly. "No one can keepup with her pace unless they've got a lot of money."
2.  "About that, I guess," said Hurstwood.
3.  The truth is, that this goodly drummer carried the doom of allenduring relationships in his own lightsome manner and unstablefancy. He went merrily on, assured that he was alluring all,that affection followed tenderly in his wake, that things wouldendure unchangingly for his pleasure. When he missed some oldface, or found some door finally shut to him, it did not grievehim deeply. He was too young, too successful. He would remainthus young in spirit until he was dead.
4.  "Who is he?" asked Carrie.
5.  "Go on, Rubber," was her only comment.
6.  Installed in her comfortable room, Carrie wondered how Hurstwoodhad taken her departure. She arranged a few things hastily andthen left for the theatre, half expecting to encounter him at thedoor. Not finding him, her dread lifted, and she felt morekindly toward him. She quite forgot him until about to come out,after the show, when the chance of his being there frightenedher. As day after day passed and she heard nothing at all, thethought of being bothered by him passed. In a little while shewas, except for occasional thoughts, wholly free of the gloomwith which her life had been weighed in the flat.


1.  In a few more minutes it fell to her to read the letter sent inby the strange villain. The audience had been slightly divertedby a conversation between the professional actor and a charactercalled Snorky, impersonated by a short little American, whoreally developed some humour as a half-crazed, one-armed soldier,turned messenger for a living. He bawled his lines out with suchdefiance that, while they really did not partake of the humourintended, they were funny. Now he was off, however, and it wasback to pathos, with Carrie as the chief figure. She did notrecover. She wandered through the whole scene between herselfand the intruding villain, straining the patience of theaudience, and finally exiting, much to their relief.
2.  One of the watchers, this time a middle-aged man, handed him afive-cent piece.
3.  "If I see them, I do. Where was I?"
4.  "I gave it to her."
5.   He walked steadily down the street, greeting a night watchmanwhom he knew who was trying doors. He must get out of the city,and that quickly.
6.  It was thrown so straight in her direction that she knew who wasmeant, but never turned to look.


1.  "I saw a young girl up in that winder," returned the cabby.
2.  He looked so disconsolate that it scared her. She began to seethat she herself had been drifting. She had felt it all thetime.
3.  Carrie began to think it was a little bit curious--this going toa depot--but said nothing. The whole incident was so out of thenatural that she did not attach too much weight to anything sheimagined.
4、  Carrie saw the drift, but could not express her thoughts. Shefelt more than ever the helplessness of her case.
5、  "Monday, I think. They'll get a notice in the papers again--theyalways do."




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      "Oh, aren't you?" said Carrie, with an unwarrantable feeling.

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      Without being clear, there was something in the thought which heobjected to. He did not believe any more, after three years ofobservation, that Carrie would ever do anything great in thatline. She seemed too simple, too yielding. His idea of the artwas that it involved something more pompous. If she tried to geton the stage she would fall into the hands of some cheap managerand become like the rest of them. He had a good idea of what hemeant by THEM. Carrie was pretty. She would get along allright, but where would he be?

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       "You'd better see the manager of the company," he returned, "buthe isn't here now."

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      "Yes," said Hurstwood, "I have a place down in Warren Street."

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    {  "Been home yet?" finally asked Hurstwood.

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      When in the flush of such feelings he heard his wife's voice,when the insistent demands of matrimony recalled him from dreamsto a stale practice, how it grated. He then knew that this was achain which bound his feet.}

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      In the course of his present stay in Chicago, Drouet paid someslight attention to the secret order to which he belonged.During his last trip he had received a new light on itsimportance.

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      "Well, then you'll come, won't you--come to-night?"

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       "The little cur!" he muttered.

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    {  "They're going to give a performance in the Lyceum, upstairs,"she reported one day, "and I'm going to be in it."

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      "Will you do that?" he asked.