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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, what is the matter?" cried Dantes.
2.  "It is time now to proceed to the last part of thespeculation. The pope heaped attentions upon Rospigliosi andSpada, conferred upon them the insignia of the cardinalate,and induced them to arrange their affairs and take up theirresidence at Rome. Then the pope and Caesar Borgia invitedthe two cardinals to dinner. This was a matter of disputebetween the holy father and his son. Caesar thought theycould make use of one of the means which he always had readyfor his friends, that is to say, in the first place, thefamous key which was given to certain persons with therequest that they go and open a designated cupboard. Thiskey was furnished with a small iron point, -- a negligenceon the part of the locksmith. When this was pressed toeffect the opening of the cupboard, of which the lock wasdifficult, the person was pricked by this small point, anddied next day. Then there was the ring with the lion's head,which Caesar wore when he wanted to greet his friends with aclasp of the hand. The lion bit the hand thus favored, andat the end of twenty-four hours, the bite was mortal. Caesarproposed to his father, that they should either ask thecardinals to open the cupboard, or shake hands with them;but Alexander VI., replied: `Now as to the worthy cardinals,Spada and Rospigliosi, let us ask both of them to dinner,something tells me that we shall get that money back.Besides, you forget, Caesar, an indigestion declares itselfimmediately, while a prick or a bite occasions a delay of aday or two.' Caesar gave way before such cogent reasoning,and the cardinals were consequently invited to dinner.
3.  "No." replied the captain, "but we must warn your excellencythat the island is an infected port."
4.  "It is Ali!" cried Albert, in the midst of the generalsurprise.
5.  "At what o'clock, sir, do you breakfast?"
6.  "But, grandmamma" --


1.  "Good-evening, Valentine," said a well-known voice.
2.  "Indeed, sir," said Andrea, "I assure you I have never giventhe subject a thought, but I suppose it must have been atleast two millions." Danglars felt as much overcome with joyas the miser who finds a lost treasure, or as theshipwrecked mariner who feels himself on solid groundinstead of in the abyss which he expected would swallow himup.
3.  "Well, well," returned M. Morrel, "we shall see. But nowhasten on board, I will join you there ere long." So saying,the worthy shipowner quitted the two allies, and proceededin the direction of the Palais de Justice.
4.  "Do you give it to me?"
5.  "My resolution, sir, is unchangeable, but you have only tosearch for yourself and you will find, alas, but too manyobjects upon whom to exercise your benevolence." The abbeonce more bowed as he opened the door, the stranger bowedand took his leave, and the carriage conveyed him straightto the house of M. de Villefort. An hour afterwards thecarriage was again ordered, and this time it went to the RueFontaine-Saint-George, and stopped at No. 5, where LordWilmore lived. The stranger had written to Lord Wilmore,requesting an interview, which the latter had fixed for teno'clock. As the envoy of the prefect of police arrived tenminutes before ten, he was told that Lord Wilmore, who wasprecision and punctuality personified, was not yet come in,but that he would be sure to return as the clock struck.
6.  "Well, take another glass of sherry and another biscuit."


1.  "Which means, I suppose, that you refuse the service which Iasked of you?"
2.  As for Monte Cristo, after this ebullition he closed hiseyes as if dazzled by internal light. In a moment herestrained himself so powerfully that the tempestuousheaving of his breast subsided, as turbulent and foamingwaves yield to the sun's genial influence when the cloud haspassed. This silence, self-control, and struggle lastedabout twenty seconds, then the count raised his pallid face."See," said he, "my dear friend, how God punishes the mostthoughtless and unfeeling men for their indifference, bypresenting dreadful scenes to their view. I, who was lookingon, an eager and curious spectator, -- I, who was watchingthe working of this mournful tragedy, -- I, who like awicked angel was laughing at the evil men committedprotected by secrecy (a secret is easily kept by the richand powerful), I am in my turn bitten by the serpent whosetortuous course I was watching, and bitten to the heart!"
3.  "There now, again you degrade me."
4.  Chapter 11The Corsican Ogre.
5.   "Oh, dear, no, your excellency! I have not time foranybody's affairs but my own and those of my honorableguests; but I make an agreement with the man who pastes upthe papers, and he brings them to me as he would theplaybills, that in case any person staying at my hotelshould like to witness an execution, he may obtain everyrequisite information concerning the time and place etc."
6.  "My dear father," said Villefort, "I am, on the contrary,delighted; but I so little expected your visit, that it hassomewhat overcome me."


1.  "You heard -- Cavalcanti."
2.  "Ah, I see the eye of a father is no more to be deceivedthan his heart."
3.  "My dear vicomte," returned Monte Cristo, "I do not see, inall I have done, anything that merits, either from you orthese gentlemen, the pretended eulogies I have received. Youwere no stranger to me, for I knew you from the time I gaveup two rooms to you, invited you to breakfast with me, lentyou one of my carriages, witnessed the Carnival in yourcompany, and saw with you from a window in the Piazza delPopolo the execution that affected you so much that younearly fainted. I will appeal to any of these gentlemen,could I leave my guest in the hands of a hideous bandit, asyou term him? Besides, you know, I had the idea that youcould introduce me into some of the Paris salons when I cameto France. You might some time ago have looked upon thisresolution as a vague project, but to-day you see it was areality, and you must submit to it under penalty of breakingyour word."
4、  Dantes concealed two or three of the sharpest fragments inhis bed, leaving the rest on the floor. The breaking of hisjug was too natural an accident to excite suspicion. Edmondhad all the night to work in, but in the darkness he couldnot do much, and he soon felt that he was working againstsomething very hard; he pushed back his bed, and waited forday.
5、  "Sir, let me see my right-hand correspondent."




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      "Scarcely so much."

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      "But, monsieur," said the Count of Morcerf, "for a man ofyour merit, Italy is not a country, and France opens herarms to receive you; respond to her call. France will not,perhaps, be always ungrateful. She treats her children ill,but she always welcomes strangers."

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       "Then you never believed in the principality?"

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    {  "Have pity on Valentine! Listen -- it is impossible! I wouldas willingly accuse myself! Valentine, whose heart is pureas a diamond or a lily."

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      "Ah, you are there," said she, at length, turning towardsFernand.}

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      As a result of the sympathetic devotion which Jacopo hadfrom the first bestowed on Edmond, the latter was moved to acertain degree of affection. But this sufficed for Jacopo,who instinctively felt that Edmond had a right tosuperiority of position -- a superiority which Edmond hadconcealed from all others. And from this time the kindnesswhich Edmond showed him was enough for the brave seaman.

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      When the young man on board saw this person approach, heleft his station by the pilot, and, hat in hand, leaned overthe ship's bulwarks.

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       "That two executions of considerable interest will takeplace the day after to-morrow at two o'clock, as iscustomary at Rome at the commencement of all greatfestivals. One of the culprits will be mazzolato;* he is anatrocious villain, who murdered the priest who brought himup, and deserves not the smallest pity. The other suffereris sentenced to be decapitato;** and he, your excellency, ispoor Peppino."

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    {  "He is."

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      Debray was petrified, not only to hear Danglars speak socalmly and politely, but because it was apparent thatbeneath outward politeness there really lurked a determinedspirit of opposition to anything his wife might wish to do.The baroness was also surprised, and showed her astonishmentby a look which would doubtless have had some effect uponher husband if he had not been intently occupied with thepaper, where he was looking to see the closing stockquotations. The result was, that the proud look entirelyfailed of its purpose.