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cova时时彩【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "But what is the good of all these vague theories," cried the bankerimpatiently, "When I have told you that I saw Arthur with thecoronet in his hands?"   Holmes sat for some little time in silence.

    "I would rather not answer that question. It has really nothing todo with the matter which you are investigating. But anything whichbears upon that I will most freely answer."

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   I was aware that by anything of interest, Holmes meant anything ofcriminal interest. There was the news of a revolution, of a possiblewar, and of an impending change of government; but these did notcome within the horizon of my companion. I could see nothingrecorded in the shape of crime which was not commonplace and futile.Holmes groaned and resumed his restless meanderings.

   It was a nice equipment for a respectable citizen to carry throughthe dim, fog-draped streets. I stowed them all discreetly away in myovercoat and drove straight to the address given. There sat myfriend at a little round table near the door of the garish Italianrestaurant.


    "Then we returned to the office and searched the stairs and thepassage without result. The corridor which led to the room was laiddown with a kind of creamy linoleum which shows an impression veryeasily. We examined it very carefully, but found no outline of anyfootmark."

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   "It was usual for either Ronder or his wife to feed the lion atnight. Sometimes one went, sometimes both, but they never allowedanyone else to do it, for they believed that so long as they werethe food-carriers he would regard them as benefactors and wouldnever molest them. On this particular night, seven years ago, theyboth went, and a very terrible happening followed, the details ofwhich have never been made clear.

    "Different threads, but leading up to the same tangle. I've beentaking the signals."

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   "Our own colours, green and white. Green open, white shut. Mainstair, first corridor, seventh right, green baize. Godspeed. D.It is a woman's writing, done with a sharp-pointed pen, but theaddress is either done with another pen or by someone else. It isthicker and bolder, as you see."

    "'It was a long hour before we reached it, and at first we fearedthat we had come too late to save anyone. A splintered boat and anumber of crates and fragments of spars rising and falling on thewaves showed us where the vessel had foundered; but there was nosign of life, and we had turned away in despair, when we heard a cryfor help and saw at some distance a piece of wreckage with a man lyingstretched across it. When we pulled him aboard the boat he proved tobe a young seaman of the name of Hudson, who was so burned andexhausted that he could give us no account of what had happeneduntil the following morning.

<  "Yes, sir. He told me that a gypsy had done it for him whenhe was a lad."   "I was already firmly convinced, Watson, that there were not threeseparate mysteries here, but one only, and that if I could read theMusgrave Ritual aright I should hold in my hand the clue which wouldlead me to the truth concerning both the butler Brunton and the maidHowells. To that then I turned all my energies. Why should thisservant be so anxious to master this old formula? Evidently because hesaw something in it which had escaped all those generations of countrysquires, and from which he expected some personal advantage. Whatwas it then, and how had it affected his fate?

    "There is but one thing to do. It must be done at once. Youmust put this piece of paper which you have shown us into thebrass box which you have described. You must also put in a noteto say that all the other papers were burned by your uncle, andthat this is the only one which remains. You must assert that insuch words as will carry conviction with them. Having done this,you must at once put the box out upon the sundial, as directed.Do you understand?"


<  "On entering the house, however, I examined, as you remember, thesill and framework of the hall window with my lens, and I could atonce see that someone had passed out. I could distinguish theoutline of an instep where the wet foot had been placed in comingin. I was then beginning to be able to form an opinion as to whathad occurred. A man had waited outside the window; someone had broughtthe gems; the deed had been overseen by your son; he had pursued thethief, had struggled with him; they had each tugged at the coronet,their united strength causing injuries which neither alone couldhave effected. He had returned with the prize, but had left a fragmentin the grasp of his opponent. So far I was clear. The question nowwas, who was the man and who was it brought him the coronet?"It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded theimpossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.Now, I knew that it was not you who had brought it down, so there onlyremained your niece and the maids. But if it were the maids, whyshould your son allow himself to be accused in their place? Therecould be no possible reason. As he loved his cousin, however, therewas an excellent explanation why he should retain her secret-themore so as the secret was a disgraceful one. When I remembered thatyou had seen her at that window, and how she had fainted on seeing thecoronet again, my conjecture became a certainty.   "You would arrest him upon that?"

    "When you combine the ideas of whistles at night, the presence ofa band of gypsies who are on intimate terms with this old doctor,the fact that we have every reason to believe that the doctor has aninterest in preventing his stepdaughter's marriage, the dying allusionto a band, and, finally, the fact that Miss Helen Stoner heard ametallic clang, which might have been caused by one of those metalbars that secured the shutters falling back into its place, I thinkthat there is good ground to think that the mystery may be clearedalong those lines."





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