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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Suppose that Cadogan West wished to make his way into thebuilding after hours; he would need three keys, would he not, beforehe could reach the papers?"
2.  "No, no; he found it. Its owner is unknown. I beg that youwill look upon it not as a battered billycock but as anintellectual problem. And, first, as to how it came here. Itarrived upon Christmas morning, in company with a good fat goose,which is, I have no doubt, roasting at this moment in front ofPeterson's fire. The facts are these: about four o'clock onChristmas morning, Peterson, who, as you know, is a very honestfellow, was returning from some small jollification and was makinghis way homeward down Tottenham Court Road. In front of him hesaw, in the gaslight, a tallish man, walking with a slightstagger, and carrying a white goose slung over his shoulder. Ashe reached the corner of Goodge Street, a row broke out betweenthis stranger and a little knot of roughs. One of the latterknocked off the man's hat, on which he raised his stick to defendhimself and, swinging it over his head, smashed the shop windowbehind him. Peterson had rushed forward to protect the strangerfrom his assailants; but the man, shocked at having broken thewindow, and seeing an official-looking person in uniform rushingtowards him, dropped his goose, took to his heels, and vanishedamid the labyrinth of small sheets which lie at the back ofTottenham Court Road. The roughs had also fled at the appearanceof Peterson, so that he was left in possession of the field ofbattle, and also of the spoils of victory in the shape of thisbattered hat and a most unimpeachable Christmas goose.""Which surely he restored to their owner?"
3.  "There was no servant, then, in the detached house?"
4.  "It's been out three hours," said Holmes; "started at half-past six,and here it is back again. That gives a radius of ten or twelve miles,and he does it once, or sometimes twice, a day."
5.  I thought of Holmes tossing upon his bed of sickness and countingthe minutes, perhaps, until I could bring help to him. It was not atime to stand upon ceremony. His life depended upon my promptness.Before the apologetic butler had delivered his message I had pushedpast him and was in the room.
6.  "Well, how do you explain it?"


1.  "Well, as you seem to have made the discovery, whatever it may be,and the vicar to have had it second-hand, perhaps you had better dothe speaking," said Holmes.
2.  But I was still far from satisfied. "In the example which you readto me," said I, "the reasoner drew his conclusions from the actions ofthe man whom he observed. If I remember right, he stumbled over a heapof stones, looked up at the stars, and so on. But I have been seatedquietly in my chair, and what clues can I have given you?""You do yourself an injustice. The features are given to man asthe means by which he shall express his emotions, and yours arefaithful servants."
3.  "It all seems very unchanged, Billy. You don't change, either. Ihope the same can be said of him?"
4.  "That bandage tells of adventures," said I. "Won't you tell uswhat has happened?"
5.  "Joseph!" ejaculated Phelps.
6.  "What did you do?" he asked.


1.  "I should say it was. That was the real Shoscombe breed. There ain'ta better in England."
2.  "Done about the same time as the bell-rope?" remarked Holmes."Yes, there were several little changes carried out about thattime."
3.  "Indeed You are alone?"
4.  "Precisely so, on December 22d, just five days ago. JohnHorner, a plumber, was accused of having abstracted it from thelady's jewel-case. The evidence against him was so strong thatthe case has been referred to the Assizes. I have some account ofthe matter here, I believe." He rummaged amid his newspapers,glancing over the dates, until at last he smoothed one out,doubled it over, and read the following paragraph:
5.   "I was too startled and horrified for the moment. Then I pursuedhim, as I have told you, but without result."
6.  "It was empty yesterday."


1.  The Count's bewilderment overmastered his rage and fear."But how the deuce-?" he gasped.
2.  "Yes, and the bottle stands as they left it."
3.  "We are hunting together, Mr. Holmes, and our trail lay in thisdirection." He turned his bulldog eyes upon our visitor. "Are YouMr. John Scott Eccles, of Popham House, Lee?"
4、  "We ascended to his study, and he laid the debris before me. I couldunderstand his regarding it as of small importance when I looked atit, for the metal was almost black and the stones lustreless and dull.I rubbed one of them on my sleeve, however, and it glowed afterwardslike a spark in the dark hollow of my hand. The metal work was inthe form of a double ring, but it had been bent and twisted out of itsoriginal shape.
5、  "Quite so. But, in the second place, why did you not come at once?""What do you mean?"




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      "Shall I leave, Percy?" she asked.

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      "From the first, two facts were very obvious to me, the one that thelady had been quite willing to undergo the wedding ceremony, the otherthat she had repented of it within a few minutes of returning home.Obviously something had occurred during the morning, then, to causeher to change her mind. What could that something be? She could nothave spoken to anyone when she was out, for she had been in thecompany of the bridegroom. Had she seen someone, then? If she had,it must be someone from America because she had spent so short atime in this country that she could hardly have allowed anyone toacquire so deep an influence over her that the mere sight of him wouldinduce her to change her plans so completely. You see we havealready arrived, by a process of exclusion, at the idea that she mighthave seen an American. Then who could this American be, and why shouldhe possess so much influence over her? It might be a lover; it mightbe a husband. Her young womanhood had, I knew, been spent in roughscenes and under strange conditions. So far I had got before I everheard Lord St. Simon's narrative. When he told us of a man in a pew,of the change in the bride's manner, of so transparent a device forobtaining a note as the dropping of a bouquet, of her resort to herconfidential maid, and of her very significant allusion toclaim-jumping-which in miners' parlance means taking possession ofthat which another person has a prior claim to-the whole situationbecame absolutely clear. She had gone off with a man, and the manwas either a lover or was a previous husband-the chances being infavour of the latter."

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       "The case is but half finished; the details can wait. No doubt, LordCantlemere, your pleasure in telling of this successful result inthe exalted role to which you return will be some small atonementfor my practical joke. Billy, you will show his Lordship out, and tellMrs. Hudson that I should be glad if she would send up dinner fortwo as soon as possible."

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      He ran distractedly, his pistol in his hand, towards a gap in thehedge. Holmes followed him, and I, leaving the horse grazing besidethe road, followed Holmes.

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    {  "Mr. Holmes, I must beg you not to press that question. It isimportant that I should be able to assure him that his honoured namehas been in no way dragged into the matter. His motives are, to thelast degree, honourable and chivalrous, but he prefers to remainunknown. I need not say that your fees will be assured and that youwill be given a perfectly free hand. Surely the actual name of yourclient is immaterial?"

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      "The case is but half finished; the details can wait. No doubt, LordCantlemere, your pleasure in telling of this successful result inthe exalted role to which you return will be some small atonementfor my practical joke. Billy, you will show his Lordship out, and tellMrs. Hudson that I should be glad if she would send up dinner fortwo as soon as possible."}

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      "Why, then- alas!- it must be you and not the stone."

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      "'Where was the sun?'

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       "Yes, he came straight back to me. He had been very angry.""Why should he be angry?"

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    {  Yet we added one more sheaf to our harvest before we left WoolwichStation. The clerk in the ticket office was able to say withconfidence that he saw Cadogan West- whom he knew well by sight-upon the Monday night, and that he went to London by the 8:15 toLondon Bridge. He was alone and took a single third-class ticket.The clerk was struck at the time by his excited and nervous manner. Soshaky was he that he could hardly pick up his change, and the clerkhad helped him with it. A reference to the timetable showed that the8:15 was the first train which it was possible for West to takeafter he had left the lady about 7:30.

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      "In that case, you can give us no further information. Would youplease remain in the room? Stand over there near the bedroom door.Now, Soames, I am going to ask you to have the great kindness to go upto the room of young Gilchrist, and to ask him to step down intoyours."