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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1"Well, I don't remember ALL of it," admitted Ermengarde.
2."I want to go there," she cried. "I--haven't any mamma in this school."
3.At first she did not open her eyes. She felt too sleepy and-- curiously enough--too warm and comfortable. She was so warm and comfortable, indeed, that she did not believe she was really awake. She never was as warm and cozy as this except in some lovely vision.
4."Don't cry and make a noise," she implored. "I shall be scolded if you do, and I have been scolded all day. It's--it's not such a bad room, Lottie."
5.Her strongest weapon was that in some mysterious way she had found out that a very small girl who had lost her mother was a person who ought to be pitied and made much of. She had probably heard some grown-up people talking her over in the early days, after her mother's death. So it became her habit to make great use of this knowledge.
6.She paused a moment, and then added with a touch of awe in her voice, "You are CLEVER> aren't you?"


1."Oh, little Sara," he said. "What shall I do when I have no one to say solemn things to me? No one else is as solemn as you are."
2."You impudent creature!" she said. "You leave the house in the morning!"
3.Sara looked at her in simple surprise.
4.But before daybreak she used to slip into Sara's attic and button her dress and give her such help as she required before she went downstairs to light the kitchen fire. And when night came Sara always heard the humble knock at her door which meant that her handmaid was ready to help her again if she was needed. During the first weeks of her grief Sara felt as if she were too stupefied to talk, so it happened that some time passed before they saw each other much or exchanged visits. Becky's heart told her that it was best that people in trouble should be left alone.
5.Sara knitted her brows a moment.
6."I know that," said Sara, "but I thought I would ask you."


1.She began to sweep them off the table into the hamper herself, and caught sight of Ermengarde's new books.
2.Jessie was not as ill-natured as she was silly. She picked up her book with a little jerk.
3."Well, if you want me to," said Sara.
4.So her heart was more drawn to him than before. When she was sent out at night she used sometimes to feel quite glad, because there was always a chance that the curtains of the house next door might not yet be closed and she could look into the warm room and see her adopted friend. When no one was about she used sometimes to stop, and, holding to the iron railings, wish him good night as if he could hear her.
5. "Oh, laws! Oh, laws!" Becky uttered the exclamation in a sort of rapturous groan, and ducked her head over her kettle just in time, as the cook came in from the kitchen.
6.He had made wonderful preparations for her birthday. Among other things, a new doll had been ordered in Paris, and her wardrobe was to be, indeed, a marvel of splendid perfection. When she had replied to the letter asking her if the doll would be an acceptable present, Sara had been very quaint.


1.Ermengarde looked from her to the doll and back again.
2."Can she--walk?" she asked breathlessly.
3."Oh, oh!" she cried woefully. "And I never knew!"
4、"Oh," she gasped, "it is true! It is true!"
5、"Well, it is. One of her `pretends' is that she is a princess. She plays it all the time--even in school. She says it makes her learn her lessons better. She wants Ermengarde to be one, too, but Ermengarde says she is too fat."




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    "There isn't any banquet left, Emily," she said. "And there isn't any princess. There is nothing left but the prisoners in the Bastille." And she sat down and hid her face.

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    "You are nicer than I am," said Sara. "I was too proud to try and make friends. You see, now that trials have come, they have shown that I am NOT a nice child. I was afraid they would. Perhaps"--wrinkling her forehead wisely--"that is what they were sent for."

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     "Now he KNOWS>, said Sara. "And he will come back for the others."

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    {Becky gave a hysteric but joyful sniff, and her eyes looked quite moist with delight.

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    Becky curtsied again, the tears openly streaming down her cheeks.}

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    But Guy Clarence was not to be thwarted in his benevolence. He thrust the sixpence into her hand.

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    "If you will steal out of the room," said Sara, "I will stay with her."

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     The truth was that Ermengarde did not know anything of the sometimes almost unbearable side of life in the attic and she had not a sufficiently vivid imagination to depict it for herself. On the rare occasions that she could reach Sara's room she only saw the side of it which was made exciting by things which were "pretended" and stories which were told. Her visits partook of the character of adventures; and though sometimes Sara looked rather pale, and it was not to be denied that she had grown very thin, her proud little spirit would not admit of complaints. She had never confessed that at times she was almost ravenous with hunger, as she was tonight. She was growing rapidly, and her constant walking and running about would have given her a keen appetite even if she had had abundant and regular meals of a much more nourishing nature than the unappetizing, inferior food snatched at such odd times as suited the kitchen convenience. She was growing used to a certain gnawing feeling in her young stomach.

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    {"Perhaps I didn't," said Sara; "but I thought I did. It sounded as if something was on the slates--something that dragged softly."

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    Sara stopped turning over the leaves and looked at her with an excited flush on her cheeks.