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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, this leave of absence and that letter mean that you mustfollow me, Athos."
2.  M. de la Tremouille reflected for an instant; then as it wasdifficult to suggest a more reasonable proposal, he agreed to it.Both descended to the chamber in which the wounded man lay. Thelatter, on seeing these two noble lords who came to visit him,endeavored to raise himself up in his bed; but he was too weak,and exhausted by the effort, he fell back again almost senseless.M. de la Tremouille approached him, and made him inhale somesalts, which recalled him to life. Then M. de Treville,unwilling that it should be thought that he had influenced thewounded man, requested M. de la Tremouille to interrogate himhimself.
3.  "To be sure they may; and this very day we will write theletters," said Aramis. "Give the lackeys money, and theywill start."
4.  "How many did we crush under the wall?"
5.  "Nearly ten minutes passed; I heard no other noise but thebeating of my own heart. I implored heaven that he might come."At length I heard the well-known noise of the door, which openedand shut; I heard, notwithstanding the thickness of the carpet, astep which made the floor creak; I saw, notwithstanding thedarkness, a shadow which approached my bed."
6.  And while the three Musketeers entered the ground floorroom, the cardinal, without asking further information,ascended the staircase like a man who has no need of havinghis road pointed out to him.


1.  "Ah, my poor friends!" murmured D'Artagnan; "where are you?And that you should fail me!"
2.  "Yes, you must; see what confidence I have in you!""You overwhelm me with joy. What is his name?"
3.  "Brave Athos!" murmured D'Artagnan, "and to think that we arecompelled to leave him; maybe the same fate awaits us two paceshence. Forward, Planchet, forward! You are a brave fellow.""As I told you, monsieur," replied Planchet, "Picards are foundout by being used. Besides, I am here in my own country, andthat excites me."
4.  Then he let his head sink upon his two hands, while D'Artagnanstood before him, stupefied.
5.  "On our arrival in Paris, we shall still have four hundred,besides the harnesses," said Porthos.
6.  "Beware of what you do!" cried the young woman, in a manner soserious as to make D'Artagnan start in spite of himself. "Oh,meddle in nothing which concerns me. Do not seek to assist me inthat which I am accomplishing. This I ask of you in the name ofthe interest with which I inspire you, in the name of the serviceyou have rendered me and which I never shall forget while I havelife. Rather, place faith in what I tell you. Have no moreconcern about me; I exist no longer for you, any more than if youhad never seen me."


1.  Louis XIV absorbed all the smaller stars of his court in his ownvast radiance; but his father, a sun PLURIBUS IMPAR, left hispersonal splendor to each of his favorites, his individual valueto each of his courtiers. In addition to the leeves of the kingand the cardinal, there might be reckoned in Paris at that timemore than two hundred smaller but still noteworthy leeves. Amongthese two hundred leeves, that of Treville was one of the mostsought.
2.  The pretty SOUBRETTE cast an anxious glance at D'Artagnan,whose good looks seemed to have made an impression on her.The carriage went on, and left the two men facing eachother; no material obstacle separated them.
3.  "How far distant?"
4.  Milady during this time continued to strike at him withhorrible fury, screaming in a formidable way.
5.   Milady uttered a stifled groan. In the first horseman she recognizedD'Artagnan.
6.  "How! You don't know him?"


1.  "But if they come?"
2.  "Be satisfied," replied Bonacieux; "my wife adores me, and thereis yet time."
3.  "Let me reflect a little! Ay, that will do--at Armentieres.""Where is that Armentieres?"
4、  "Indeed!" said Milady, in an anxious tone; "explainyourself, for I really cannot tell what you mean."And she looked at D'Artagnan, who embraced her tenderly,with eyes which seemed to burn themselves away.
5、  "But it seems you had not much reason to complain of yourfortune in your contest with him."




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      "You particularly wish it?" asked he.

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      "I have performed that same distance in forty hours, and by teno'clock in the morning I must be in London."

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       "And the two women parted, exchanging charming smiles.Milady had told the truth--her head was confused, for her ill-arrangedplans clashed one another like chaos. She required to be alone thatshe might put her thoughts a little into order. She saw vaguely thefuture; but she stood in need of a little silence and quiet to give allher ideas, as yet confused, a distinct form and a regular plan.What was most pressing was to get Mme. Bonacieux away, and convey her toa place of safety, and there, if matters required, make her a hostage.Milady began to have doubts of the issue of this terrible duel, in whichher enemies showed as much perseverance as she did animosity.Besides, she felt as we feel when a storm is coming on--that this issuewas near, and could not fail to be terrible.

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      "Yes," said Athos, "that's Grimaud's business."

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    {  "There is no harm in trying to buy things cheap, MonsieurPorthos," said the procurator's wife, seeking to excuseherself.

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      "My Lord, yes; it is possible that the influence of the place,the charm of the beautiful evening, the fascination of yourlook--the thousand circumstances, in short, which sometimes uniteto destroy a woman--were grouped around me on that fatal evening;but, my Lord, you saw the queen come to the aid of the woman whofaltered. At the first word you dared to utter, at the firstfreedom to which I had to reply, I called for help.""Yes, yes, that is true. And any other love but mine would havesunk beneath this ordeal; but my love came out from it moreardent and more eternal. You believed that you would fly from meby returning to Paris; you believed that I would not dare to quitthe treasure over which my master had charged me to watch. Whatto me were all the treasures in the world, or all the kings ofthe earth! Eight days after, I was back again, madame. Thattime you had nothing to say to me; I had risked my life and favorto see you but for a second. I did not even touch your hand, andyou pardoned me on seeing me so submissive and so repentant.""Yes, but calumny seized upon all those follies in which I tookno part, as you well know, my Lord. The king, excited by thecardinal, made a terrible clamor. Madame de Vernet was drivenfrom me, Putange was exiled, Madame de Chevreuse fell intodisgrace, and when you wished to come back as ambassador toFrance, the king himself--remember, my lord--the king himselfopposed to it."}

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      But now I am forced to believe in the excess of yourkindness, since not only your letter but your servantassures me that I have the good fortune to be beloved byyou.

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      "Bravo!" cried Porthos. "Decidedly, Athos, you were born tobe a general, and the cardinal, who fancies himself a greatsoldier, is nothing beside you."

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       "The devil! You have been to London! Was it from London youbrought that beautiful diamond that glitters on your finger?Beware, my dear D'Artagnan! A present from an enemy is not agood thing. Are there not some Latin verses upon that subject?Stop!"

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    {  "To your health!" repeated Porthos and Aramis.

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      "Pardon, my dear Aramis, but I thought you carried your eyeshigher."