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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, I don't think Sven would want to go to-night," returnedMinnie. "He has to get up so early."
2.  She took the letter the next morning, and at the corner droppedit reluctantly into the letter-box, still uncertain as to whethershe should do so or not. Then she took the car and went downtown.
3.  She stood up from her stool and worked that way for a while, butit was a more difficult position. Her neck and shoulders achedin bending over.
4.  "Yes," he returned; "but you can't go by what the papers say.They'll run the cars all right."
5.  Chapter XI
6.  Carrie was delighted. She began to feel that she had a place inthe world. People recognised ability.


1.  That night he felt a cold coming on and took quinine. He wasfeverish until morning, and sat about the next day while Carriewaited on him. He was a helpless creature in sickness, not veryhandsome in a dull-coloured bath gown and his hair uncombed. Helooked haggard about the eyes and quite old. Carrie noticedthis, and it did not appeal to her. She wanted to be good-natured and sympathetic, but something about the man held heraloof.
2.  "Stand up, why don't you?" said the girl at her right, withoutany form of introduction. "They won't care."
3.  Besides, he had the disagreeable fear of meeting old-timefriends, ever since one such encounter which he made shortlyafter his arrival in the city. It was in Broadway that he saw aman approaching him whom he knew. There was no time forsimulating non-recognition. The exchange of glances had been toosharp, the knowledge of each other too apparent. So the friend,a buyer for one of the Chicago wholesale houses, felt, perforce,the necessity of stopping.
4.  Poor fortune was with him at first. He received a mixedcollection without progression or pairs. The pot was opened.
5.  "Well, I do," he answered. "If I were you I wouldn't think ofit. It's not much of a profession for a woman."
6.  "Here," she said. "It's all I have with me."


1.  He was dwelling on her attractiveness as he had felt it theevening before, and mingling it with the feeling her presenceinspired now.
2.  He tried to speak steadily, but his voice trembled a little.
3.  "He never asked for my number," thought Hurstwood; "he wouldn'tthink of coming." He wiped his forehead, which had grown damp,and hoped sincerely he would meet no one else.
4.  "I don't know, sir," said Olsen. "We have about all the help weneed. I think I could find something, sir, though, if you like."
5.   "I am not very bad," he said, apologetically, as if he owed it toher to explain on this score. "You think, probably, that I roamaround, and get into all sorts of evil? I have been ratherreckless, but I could easily come out of that. I need you todraw me back, if my life ever amounts to anything."
6.  "Yes," she answered.


1.  He entered, and then began a scene which had as much to do withthe creation of the tragedy of affection in Hurstwood as anythingin his peculiar and involved career. For Carrie had resolved tomake something of this scene, and, now that the cue had come, itbegan to take a feeling hold upon her. Both Hurstwood and Drouetnoted the rising sentiment as she proceeded.
2.  "I think I'll sleep alone to-night. I have a headache."
3.  Carrie had thought to lead up to her decision in some intelligentway, but this swept the whole fore-schemed situation by theboard.
4、  This was new reasoning for Hurstwood. In the old days the worldhad seemed to be getting along well enough. He had been wont tosee similar things in the "Daily News," in Chicago, but they didnot hold his attention. Now, these things were like grey cloudshovering along the horizon of a clear day. They threatened tocover and obscure his life with chilly greyness. He tried toshake them off, to forget and brace up. Sometimes he said tohimself, mentally:
5、  There had been appearing in the papers about this time rumoursand notices of an approaching strike on the trolley lines inBrooklyn. There was general dissatisfaction as to the hours oflabour required and the wages paid. As usual--and for someinexplicable reason--the men chose the winter for the forcing ofthe hand of their employers and the settlement of theirdifficulties.




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      At the theatre things passed as they had in Hurstwood's favour.If he had been pleasing to Carrie before, how much more so was henow. His grace was more permeating because it found a readiermedium. Carrie watched his every movement with pleasure. Shealmost forgot poor Drouet, who babbled on as if he were the host.

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      "Yes; but I can't get along with my people. They always want meto do what they want. Do you live here?"

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       "Yes, sir"

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      And it was distressing. He soon found that freedom from fear ofarrest was not the sine qua non of his existence. That dangerdissolved, the next necessity became the grievous thing. Thepaltry sum of thirteen hundred and some odd dollars set againstthe need of rent, clothing, food, and pleasure for years to comewas a spectacle little calculated to induce peace of mind in onewho had been accustomed to spend five times that sum in thecourse of a year. He thought upon the subject rather activelythe first few days he was in New York, and decided that he mustact quickly. As a consequence, he consulted the businessopportunities advertised in the morning papers and beganinvestigations on his own account.

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    {  Carrie listened at her window view, more astonished than anythingelse at this sudden rise of passion in the drummer. She couldhardly believe her senses--so good-natured and tractable had heinvariably been. It was not for her to see the wellspring ofhuman passion. A real flame of love is a subtle thing. It burnsas a will-o'-the-wisp, dancing onward to fairylands of delight.It roars as a furnace. Too often jealousy is the quality uponwhich it feeds.

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      Hurstwood resolved a thousands things, Drouet as well. Theyjoined equally in the burst of applause which called Carrie out.Drouet pounded his hands until they ached. Then he jumped upagain and started out. As he went, Carrie came out, and, seeingan immense basket of flowers being hurried down the aisle towardher she waited. They were Hurstwood's. She looked toward themanager's box for a moment, caught his eye, and smiled. He couldhave leaped out of the box to enfold her. He forgot the need ofcircumspectness which his married state enforced. He almostforgot that he had with him in the box those who knew him. Bythe Lord, he would have that lovely girl if it took his all. Hewould act at once. This should be the end of Drouet, and don'tyou forget it. He would not wait another day. The drummershould not have her.}

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      Summoning all his courage, he crossed to Broadway and up to theBroadway Central hotel. Within a block he halted, undecided. Abig, heavy-faced porter was standing at one of the sideentrances, looking out. Hurstwood purposed to appeal to him.Walking straight up, he was upon him before he could turn away.

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      "I'll get something!" he said, assuming determination.

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       "Of course. Every hotel depends upon the repute of its patrons.A well-known actress like yourself," and he bowed politely, whileCarrie flushed, "draws attention to the hotel, and--although youmay not believe it--patrons."

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    {  He looked at her pretty face and it vivified his mentalresources. She was a sweet little mortal to him--there was nodoubt of that. She seemed to have some power back of heractions. She was not like the common run of store-girls. Shewasn't silly.

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      "I would have to give up my position," he said.