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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes."
2.  "Ground arms," exclaimed the chief, with an imperative signof the hand, while with the other he took off his hatrespectfully; then, turning to the singular personage whohad caused this scene, he said, "Your pardon, yourexcellency, but I was so far from expecting the honor of avisit, that I did not really recognize you."
3.  "You insist?"
4.  "You do not sanction our project?"
5.  "`Mr. President, -- I can furnish the committee of inquiryinto the conduct of the Lieutenant-General the Count ofMorcerf in Epirus and in Macedonia with importantparticulars.'
6.  "Why so?"


1.  "Well," said Villefort, "what is it? -- Who rang? -- Whoasked for me?"
2.  "On his track?" said Villefort.
3.  "Come this way." Monte Cristo took Bertuccio into his study,wrote the letter we have seen, and gave it to the steward."Go," said he quickly. "But first, let Haidee be informedthat I have returned."
4.  "Thank you," said the young man.
5.  "Not for the countess, or for Albert," said Monte Cristo; "adead father or husband is better than a dishonored one, --blood washes out shame."
6.  The count looked attentively through every opening in thecrowd; he was evidently watching for some one, but hissearch ended in disappointment. "Where is Morrel?" he asked;"do either of these gentlemen know where he is?"


1.  "Never mind that," returned the sailor, "I know theirvessel."
2.  "It is for that reason you see me so early."
3.  'Tell it to me."
4.  "Privately?"
5.   "His father?"
6.  "At the end of the first attack I discovered symptoms oftetanus; you confirmed my opinion."


1.  "You fear to acknowledge that your correspondent hisdeceived you? Oh, no self-love, Beauchamp. Acknowledge it,Beauchamp; your courage cannot be doubted."
2.  Beauchamp understood that nothing remained but to submit,and left the office to despatch a courier to Morcerf. But hehad been unable to send to Albert the following particulars,as the events had transpired after the messenger'sdeparture; namely, that the same day a great agitation wasmanifest in the House of Peers among the usually calmmembers of that dignified assembly. Every one had arrivedalmost before the usual hour, and was conversing on themelancholy event which was to attract the attention of thepublic towards one of their most illustrious colleagues.Some were perusing the article, others making comments andrecalling circumstances which substantiated the chargesstill more. The Count of Morcerf was no favorite with hiscolleagues. Like all upstarts, he had had recourse to agreat deal of haughtiness to maintain his position. The truenobility laughed at him, the talented repelled him, and thehonorable instinctively despised him. He was, in fact, inthe unhappy position of the victim marked for sacrifice; thefinger of God once pointed at him, every one was prepared toraise the hue and cry.
3.  "I have often read, and read again, the history ofMithridates," said Madame de Villefort in a tone ofreflection, "and had always considered it a fable."
4、  The two men turned round, and saw Morrel standing at thedoor, pale and terror-stricken. This is what had happened.At the usual time, Morrel had presented himself at thelittle door leading to Noirtier's room. Contrary to custom,the door was open, and having no occasion to ring heentered. He waited for a moment in the hall and called for aservant to conduct him to M. Noirtier; but no one answered,the servants having, as we know, deserted the house. Morrelhad no particular reason for uneasiness; Monte Cristo hadpromised him that Valentine should live, and so far he hadalways fulfilled his word. Every night the count had givenhim news, which was the next morning confirmed by Noirtier.Still this extraordinary silence appeared strange to him,and he called a second and third time; still no answer. Thenhe determined to go up. Noirtier's room was opened, like allthe rest. The first thing he saw was the old man sitting inhis arm-chair in his usual place, but his eyes expressedalarm, which was confirmed by the pallor which overspreadhis features.
5、  "Very likely," said Albert.




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      "Yes," said Noirtier.

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      "I regard them as invaluable."

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       There was a moment's silence, during which one could havefancied the hall empty, so profound was the stillness."Proceed," said the president.

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      "And it is not yours?"

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    {  "You know him, then?"

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      "Exactly so; I merely wish to overtake one of my friends,with whom I am going to hunt to-morrow atChapelle-en-Serval. He should have waited for me here with acabriolet till half-past eleven; it is twelve, and, tired ofwaiting, he must have gone on."}

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      "Cucumetto was a cunning fiend, and had assumed the form ofa brigand instead of a serpent, and this look from Teresashowed to him that she was a worthy daughter of Eve, and hereturned to the forest, pausing several times on his way,under the pretext of saluting his protectors. Several dayselapsed, and they neither saw nor heard of Cucumetto. Thetime of the Carnival was at hand. The Count of San-Feliceannounced a grand masked ball, to which all that weredistinguished in Rome were invited. Teresa had a greatdesire to see this ball. Luigi asked permission of hisprotector, the steward, that she and he might be presentamongst the servants of the house. This was granted. Theball was given by the Count for the particular pleasure ofhis daughter Carmela, whom he adored. Carmela was preciselythe age and figure of Teresa, and Teresa was as handsome asCarmela. On the evening of the ball Teresa was attired inher best, her most brilliant ornaments in her hair, andgayest glass beads, -- she was in the costume of the womenof Frascati. Luigi wore the very picturesque garb of theRoman peasant at holiday time. They both mingled, as theyhad leave to do, with the servants and peasants.

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      "You see, sir, he is really dead," said the doctor; "thisburn in the heel is decisive. The poor fool is cured of hisfolly, and delivered from his captivity."

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       "You are angry with us all on account of this marriage, areyou not?"

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    {  "Come, come, cheer up, my dear father! 'Tis I -- really I!They say joy never hurts, and so I came to you without anywarning. Come now, do smile, instead of looking at me sosolemnly. Here I am back again, and we are going to behappy."

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      "I would rather die a hundred times -- oh, yes, die!"