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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1We explained as best we might. We talked of "social duties," disingenuously banking on their not interpreting the words as we did; we talked of hospitality, entertainment, and various "interests." All the time we knew that to these large-minded women whose whole mental outlook was so collective, the limitations of a wholly personal life were inconceivable.
2.They had the evenest tempers, the most perfect patience and good nature--one of the things most impressive about them all was the absence of irritability. So far we had only this group to study, but afterward I found it a common trait.
3.I lay perfectly still, quite happy, quite conscious, and yet not actively realizing what had happened till I heard Terry.
4.They were not audiences of girls, either. It was some time before we were allowed to meet the young women.
5.Jeff nodded rather sadly. "Very far--" he said.
6.There were a handful of the younger matrons who had escaped slaughter, and a few babies were born after the cataclysm --but only two boys, and they both died.


1.It was funny though, in the light of what we did find, those extremely clear ideas of ours as to what a country of women would be like. It was no use to tell ourselves and one another that all this was idle speculation. We were idle and we did speculate, on the ocean voyage and the river voyage, too.
2."But--but--I mean for cooking--for grown people," Terry blundered, while they looked amazed and a shade displeased.
3.But I felt, we all did, that we should have chosen them among millions, unerringly.
4.Again they motioned us to advance, standing so packed about the door that there remained but the one straight path open. All around us and behind they were massed solidly--there was simply nothing to do but go forward--or fight.
5.Now they began to explain, carefully using such words as we could understand. It appeared that we were considered as guests of the country--sort of public wards. Our first violence had made it necessary to keep us safeguarded for a while, but as soon as we learned the language--and would agree to do no harm--they would show us all about the land.
6.Sure enough--there was our motor, lying like a gray cocoon on the flat pale sheet of water.


2."But I thought motherhood was for each of you--"
3."But I thought motherhood was for each of you--"
4.I find I succeed very poorly in conveying the impression I would like to of these women. So far from being ignorant, they were deeply wise--that we realized more and more; and for clear reasoning, for real brain scope and power they were A No. 1, but there were a lot of things they did not know.
5. "Indeed I don't," snapped Terry. "What does a man care for motherhood--when he hasn't a ghost of a chance at fatherhood? And besides--what's the good of talking sentiment when we are just men together? What a man wants of women is a good deal more than all this `motherhood'!"
6.They had begun at a period when the drama, the dance, music, religion, and education were all very close together; and instead of developing them in detached lines, they had kept the connection. Let me try again to give, if I can, a faint sense of the difference in the life view--the background and basis on which their culture rested.


1."We have, of course, made it our first business to train out, to breed out, when possible, the lowest types."
2.Presently there lay before us at the foot of a long hill the town or village we were aiming for. We stopped and studied it.
3."Oh, cloth! Women have always been spinsters. But there they stop--you'll see."
4、That they understood. "We love our cats that way. They surely are our friends, and helpers, too. You can see how intelligent and affectionate they are."
5、And with all my airs of sociological superiority I was no nearer than any of them.




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    Physiology, hygiene, sanitation, physical culture--all that line of work had been perfected long since. Sickness was almost wholly unknown among them, so much so that a previously high development in what we call the "science of medicine" had become practically a lost art. They were a clean-bred, vigorous lot, having the best of care, the most perfect living conditions always.

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    "Look," he pursued. "There are short stumps of branches left to climb on. There's someone up that tree, I believe."

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     Ellador could not understand my astonishment. She explained things kindly and sweetly, but with some amazement that they needed explaining, and with sudden questions as to how we did it that left me meeker than ever.

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    "They might stay if we told them," I suggested.

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    {"If their hair was only long," Jeff would complain, "they would look so much more feminine."

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    I see I have said little about the economics of the place; it should have come before, but I'll go on about the drama now.}

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    A Peculiar Imprisonment

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    Terry watched them, we all did for that matter, till they disappeared among the houses. Then he put down his glass and turned to us, drawing a long breath. "Mother of Mike, boys--what Gorgeous Girls! To climb like that! to run like that! and afraid of nothing. This country suits me all right. Let's get ahead."

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     "Yes," we admitted, "in most civilized countries."

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    {Their religion, you see, was maternal; and their ethics, based on the full perception of evolution, showed the principle of growth and the beauty of wise culture. They had no theory of the essential opposition of good and evil; life to them was growth; their pleasure was in growing, and their duty also.

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    Terry dismissed the plan sharply.