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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It is the way of weakened minds to see everything through ablack cloud. The soul forms its own horizons; your soul isdarkened, and consequently the sky of the future appearsstormy and unpromising."
2.  "Now, madame," continued Debray, first opening the closet,then the chest; -- "now, madame, here are 800 notes of 1,000francs each, resembling, as you see, a large book bound iniron; to this I add a certificate in the funds of 25,000francs; then, for the odd cash, making I think about 110,000francs, here is a check upon my banker, who, not being M.Danglars, will pay you the amount, you may rest assured."Madame Danglars mechanically took the check, the bond, andthe heap of bank-notes. This enormous fortune made no greatappearance on the table. Madame Danglars, with tearlesseyes, but with her breast heaving with concealed emotion,placed the bank-notes in her bag, put the certificate andcheck into her pocket-book, and then, standing pale andmute, awaited one kind word of consolation. But she waitedin vain.
3.  The sick man was not yet able to speak, but he pointed withevident anxiety towards the door. Dantes listened, andplainly distinguished the approaching steps of the jailer.It was therefore near seven o'clock; but Edmond's anxietyhad put all thoughts of time out of his head. The young mansprang to the entrance, darted through it, carefully drawingthe stone over the opening, and hurried to his cell. He hadscarcely done so before the door opened, and the jailer sawthe prisoner seated as usual on the side of his bed. Almostbefore the key had turned in the lock, and before thedeparting steps of the jailer had died away in the longcorridor he had to traverse, Dantes, whose restless anxietyconcerning his friend left him no desire to touch the foodbrought him, hurried back to the abbe's chamber, and raisingthe stone by pressing his head against it, was soon besidethe sick man's couch. Faria had now fully regained hisconsciousness, but he still lay helpless and exhausted.
4.  "What fine words he uses!"
5.  "Yes."
6.  "Good again! Now then, tell me, was any person presentduring your last conversation with Captain Leclere?"


1.  Chapter 51Pyramus and Thisbe.
2.  "If you reach your home safely, leave Paris, leave France,and wherever you may be, so long as you conduct yourselfwell, I will send you a small annuity; for, if you returnhome safely, then" --
3.  "My dear Count," said Albert, "I will endeavor to returnyour politeness at Rome, and place my coupe at your disposaluntil your own be ready."
4.  "We have reached it!" repeated the traveller in an accent ofindescribable sadness. Then he added, in a low tone, "Yes;that is the haven." And then he again plunged into a trainof thought, the character of which was better revealed by asad smile, than it would have been by tears. A few minutesafterwards a flash of light, which was extinguishedinstantly, was seen on the land, and the sound of firearmsreached the yacht.
5.  "Oh," said Dantes timidly, "what is the matter?" Villefortmade no answer, but raised his head at the expiration of afew seconds, and again perused the letter.
6.  "In the name of heaven," said Maximilian, "if you knowanything of him, tell us what it is."


1.  "You see," said Danglars, addressing Caderousse, "the turnthings have taken. Do you still feel any desire to stand upin his defence?"
2.  "That is well." And Bertuccio, feeling in his pocket, signedto a keeper whom he saw through the window of the wicket.
3.  We remember that the Abbe Busoni remained alone withNoirtier in the chamber of death, and that the old man andthe priest were the sole guardians of the young girl's body.Perhaps it was the Christian exhortations of the abbe,perhaps his kind charity, perhaps his persuasive words,which had restored the courage of Noirtier, for ever sincehe had conversed with the priest his violent despair hadyielded to a calm resignation which surprised all who knewhis excessive affection for Valentine. M. de Villefort hadnot seen his father since the morning of the death. Thewhole establishment had been changed; another valet wasengaged for himself, a new servant for Noirtier, two womenhad entered Madame de Villefort's service, -- in fact,everywhere, to the concierge and coachmen, new faces werepresented to the different masters of the house, thuswidening the division which had always existed between themembers of the same family.
4.  "Oh, had he been my own son," replied Bertuccio, "or even mynephew, I would have brought him back to the right road, forthe knowledge that you are doing your duty gives youstrength, but the idea that I was striking a child whosefather I had killed, made it impossible for me to punishhim. I gave my sister, who constantly defended theunfortunate boy, good advice, and as she confessed that shehad several times missed money to a considerable amount, Ishowed her a safe place in which to conceal our littletreasure for the future. My mind was already made up.Benedetto could read, write, and cipher perfectly, for whenthe fit seized him, he learned more in a day than others ina week. My intention was to enter him as a clerk in someship, and without letting him know anything of my plan, toconvey him some morning on board; by this means his futuretreatment would depend upon his own conduct. I set off forFrance, after having fixed upon the plan. Our cargo was tobe landed in the Gulf of Lyons, and this was a difficultthing to do because it was then the year 1829. The mostperfect tranquillity was restored, and the vigilance of thecustom-house officers was redoubled, and their strictnesswas increased at this time, in consequence of the fair atBeaucaire.
5.   "Well, baron," said he, "here I am at last; some time haselapsed since our plans were formed, and they are not yetexecuted." Morcerf paused at these words, quietly waitingtill the cloud should have dispersed which had gathered onthe brow of Danglars, and which he attributed to hissilence; but, on the contrary, to his great surprise, itgrew darker and darker. "To what do you allude, monsieur?"said Danglars; as if he were trying in vain to guess at thepossible meaning of the general's words.
6.  "But," remarked Madame de Villefort, "all thesecircumstances which you link thus to one another may bebroken by the least accident; the vulture may not see thefowl, or may fall a hundred yards from the fish-pond."


1.  "Leave me to pray." The count withdrew without opposition,but it was only to place himself in a situation where hecould watch every movement of Morrel, who at length arose,brushed the dust from his knees, and turned towards Paris,without once looking back. He walked slowly down the Rue dela Roquette. The count, dismissing his carriage, followedhim about a hundred paces behind. Maximilian crossed thecanal and entered the Rue Meslay by the boulevards. Fiveminutes after the door had been closed on Morrel's entrance,it was again opened for the count. Julie was at the entranceof the garden, where she was attentively watching Penelon,who, entering with zeal into his profession of gardener, wasvery busy grafting some Bengal roses. "Ah, count," sheexclaimed, with the delight manifested by every member ofthe family whenever he visited the Rue Meslay.
2.  "Well, well," returned M. Morrel, "we shall see. But nowhasten on board, I will join you there ere long." So saying,the worthy shipowner quitted the two allies, and proceededin the direction of the Palais de Justice.
3.  "There is something in what you have just said," saidBeauchamp, laughing.
4、  "You do not reply to my question," replied the inspectorimpatiently.
5、  Luigi Vampa.




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      "Abbe Busoni."

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      Caderousse was thoughtful for a moment. It was easy toperceive he was revolving some unfortunate idea in his mind.Then suddenly, -- "How I should like to see all that," criedhe; "how beautiful it must be!"

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       "Oh," cried the inspector, "who can live here?"

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      "Impostor," repeated Villefort; "certainly, madame, youappear to extenuate some cases, and exaggerate others.Impostor, indeed! -- M. Andrea Cavalcanti, or rather M.Benedetto, is nothing more nor less than an assassin!"

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    {  "Oh, M. Beauchamp, if you assure me that M. de Morcerf doesnot know these pistols, you may readily believe that yourword will be quite sufficient."

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      "To Malta?"}

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      "Well," said Beauchamp, "what still oppresses you, myfriend?"

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      "Why," replied Dantes, "I see nothing but broken lines andunconnected words, which are rendered illegible by fire."

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       "That would be invaluable to us in Africa, who have notalways any food to eat, and rarely anything to drink."

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    {  "Which means, I suppose, that you refuse the service which Iasked of you?"

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      "None whatever. Take what precautions you please, if it isany satisfaction to you to do so; but rely upon my obtainingthe reprieve I seek."