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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "To yours, my gentlemen! What is your name, in your turn, if youplease?"
2.  "My brother," continued she, "was not that my Lord Buckinghamwhom I saw on the jetty this evening as we arrived?""Himself. Ah, I can understand how the sight of him struck you,"replied Lord de Winter. "You came from a country where he mustbe very much talked of, and I know that his armaments againstFrance greatly engage the attention of your friend the cardinal.""My friend the cardinal!" cried Milady, seeing that on this pointas on the other Lord de Winter seemed well instructed."Is he not your friend?" replied the baron, negligently. "Ah,pardon! I thought so; but we will return to my Lord Dukepresently. Let us not depart from the sentimental turn ourconversation had taken. You came, you say, to see me?""Yes."
3.  "That gentleman, I say, what has become of him?"
4.  'Has he anything remarkable about him by which one may recognizehim?"
5.  He, however, arrived without accident in the campestablished before La Rochelle, of the tenth of the month ofSeptember of the year 1627.
6.  Grimaud shook his head negatively.


1.  "But in order to go to London," added Porthos, "money is needed,and I have none."
3.  Sometimes when the cardinal, always on horseback, like the lowestGENDARME of the army, cast a pensive glance over those works, soslowly keeping pace with his wishes, which the engineers, broughtfrom all the corners of France, were executing under his orders,if he met a Musketeer of the company of Treville, he drew nearand looked at him in a peculiar manner, and not recognizing inhim one of our four companions, he turned his penetrating lookand profound thoughts in another direction.
4.  "Then," said the abbess, looking at Milady with increasing interest, "Ibehold another poor victim?"
5.  "Arrest the Duke! Arrest the prime minister of King Charles I!Think of it, sire! What a scandal! And if the suspicions ofyour Majesty, which I still continue to doubt, should prove tohave any foundation, what a terrible disclosure, what a fearfulscandal!"
6.  "And whose room is this, my dear child?"


1.  The worthy mercer had, immediately upon re-entering his house,informed his wife of his happy return, and his wife had repliedby congratulating him, and telling him that the first moment shecould steal from her duties should be devoted to paying him avisit.
2.  "Oh, of many things!" said Porthos. "The Musketeers are, asyou know, picked soldiers, and they require many thingsuseless to the Guardsmen or the Swiss."
3.  "The cardinal pursues not only crimes," said she: "there are certainvirtues which he pursues more severely than certain offenses.""Permit me, madame, to express my surprise," said the abbess."At what?" said Milady, with the utmost ingenuousness."At the language you use."
4.  "My faith! I am admiring three magnificent horses which thestable boys are leading about. It would be a pleasure worthy ofa prince to travel upon such horses."
5.   "Here it is, my Lord."
6.  Milady made no reply, but turning her beautiful head round uponher pillow, she burst into tears, and uttered heartbreaking sobs.Felton surveyed her for an instant with his usual impassiveness;then, seeing that the crisis threatened to be prolonged, he wentout. The woman followed him, and Lord de Winter did not appear."I fancy I begin to see my way," murmured Milady, with a savagejoy, burying herself under the clothes to conceal from anybodywho might be watching her this burst of inward satisfaction.Two hours passed away.


1.  "Good!" said D'Artagnan to himself. "It appears that the methodI have adopted with this boy is decidedly the best. I shall useit again upon occasion."
2.  "While his Eminence was seeking for me in Paris, I would take,without sound of drum or trumpet, the road to Picardy, and wouldgo and make some inquiries concerning my three companions. Whatthe devil! They merit richly that piece of attention on yourpart."
3.  "It is my duty to watch over your life, madame, and I willwatch."
4、  "Your Milady," said he, "appears to be an infamous creature,but not the less you have done wrong to deceive her. In onefashion or another you have a terrible enemy on your hands."While thus speaking Athos regarded with attention thesapphire set with diamonds which had taken, on D'Artagnan'sfinger, the place of the queen's ring, carefully kept in acasket.
5、  "My faith, it was time that idea came into Porthos's head.Here we are at the camp; therefore, gentlemen, not a wordmore of this affair. We are observed; they are coming tomeet us. We shall be carried in triumph."




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      "What for?" demanded Porthos.

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      "Oh, grace, grace, pardon!" cried the wretch, falling on her knees.The unknown waited for silence, and then resumed, "I told you well thatshe would know me. Yes, I am the executioner of Lille, and this is myhistory."

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       He left the box and dice where they fell, threw the purse tothe wounded man, and eagerly opened the pocketbook.Among some unimportant papers he found the following letter,that which he had sought at the risk of his life:

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      But she was greatly embarrassed. She did not know whether the abbesswas a royalist or a cardinalist; she therefore confined herself to aprudent middle course. But the abbess, on her part, maintained areserve still more prudent, contenting herself with making a profoundinclination of the head every time the fair traveler pronounced the nameof his Eminence.

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    {  "Very well; but it is already five o'clock, so make haste."A quarter of an hour afterward Porthos appeared at the endof the Rue Ferou on a very handsome genet. Mousquetonfollowed him upon an Auvergne horse, small but veryhandsome. Porthos was resplendent with joy and pride.At the same time, Aramis made his appearance at the otherend of the street upon a superb English charger. Bazinfollowed him upon a roan, holding by the halter a vigorousMecklenburg horse; this was D'Artagnan mount.

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      "Monsieur and dear friend--"}

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      "If you have merited this shame, madame, if you have incurredthis ignominy, you must submit to it as an offering to God.""What do you say? Oh, you do not understand me! When I speak ofignominy, you think I speak of some chastisement, of imprisonmentor death. Would to heaven! Of what consequence to me isimprisonment or death?"

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      "It is probable you are ignorant of this little fact," saidAthos.

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       The abbess looked at her for an instant with uneasiness, as if a freshthought suggested itself to her mind.

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    {  This smile appeared to D'Artagnan to be of bad augury.Only, as our Gascon was not easily intimidated--or rather,thanks to a great pride natural to the men of his country,he did not allow one easily to see what was passing in hismind when that which was passing at all resembled fear--heplaced himself haughtily in front of Messieurs the Guards,and waited with his hand on his hip, in an attitude by nomeans deficient in majesty.

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      "Take away the prisoner," said the commissary to the two guards."Where must we place him?" demanded the chief.