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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I believe I'll turn in," said the man.
2.  She began to pull the basket over, and now, in spite of allprotest, she had swung over and was going down.
3.  The jackets were the greatest attraction. When she entered thestore, she already had her heart fixed upon the peculiar littletan jacket with large mother-of-pearl buttons which was all therage that fall. Still she delighted to convince herself thatthere was nothing she would like better. She went about amongthe glass cases and racks where these things were displayed, andsatisfied herself that the one she thought of was the proper one.All the time she wavered in mind, now persuading herself that shecould buy it right away if she chose, now recalling to herselfthe actual condition. At last the noon hour was dangerouslynear, and she had done nothing. She must go now and return themoney.
4.  "Carrie Madenda," said the drummer, firing at random. The lodgemembers knew him to be single.
5.  On Monday she arose early and prepared to go to work. She dressedherself in a worn shirt-waist of dotted blue percale, a skirt oflight-brown serge rather faded, and a small straw hat which shehad worn all summer at Columbia City. Her shoes were old, andher necktie was in that crumpled, flattened state which time andmuch wearing impart. She made a very average looking shop-girlwith the exception of her features. These were slightly more eventhan common, and gave her a sweet, reserved, and pleasingappearance.
6.  "No," she said.


1.  Carrie laughed ecstatically.
2.  "That Scotchman that went out on the last car," put in a voice,"told me that they hit him in the ear with a cinder."
3.  Both policemen ran out toward the crowd, but the latter repliedby running toward the car. A woman--a mere girl in appearance--was among these, bearing a rough stick. She was exceedinglywrathful and struck at Hurstwood, who dodged. Thereupon, hercompanions, duly encouraged, jumped on the car and pulledHurstwood over. He had hardly time to speak or shout before hefell.
4.  He had truly never seen so much spirit in the girl before. Hertendency to discover a touch of sadness had for the noncedisappeared. As she spoke her eyes were bright, her cheeks red.She radiated much of the pleasure which her undertakings gaveher. For all her misgivings--and they were as plentiful as themoments of the day--she was still happy. She could not repressher delight in doing this little thing which, to an ordinaryobserver, had no importance at all.
5.  "No," said Hurstwood, "just keeping an appointment.""I knew you had left Chicago. I was wondering what had become ofyou."
6.  "You can see for yourself if you're any judge of the liquortrade," said the owner. "This is only one of the two places Ihave. The other is down in Nassau Street. I can't tend to themboth alone. If I had some one who knew the business thoroughly Iwouldn't mind sharing with him in this one and letting him manageit."


1.  "I won't apply as a motorman," he answered. "I can ring up faresall right."
2.  At eleven o'clock of another evening, perhaps two weeks later, hewas at the midnight offering of a loaf--waiting patiently. Ithad been an unfortunate day with him, but now he took his fatewith a touch of philosophy. If he could secure no supper, or washungry late in the evening, here was a place he could come. Afew minutes before twelve, a great box of bread was pushed out,and exactly on the hour a portly, round-faced German tookposition by it, calling "Ready." The whole line at once movedforward each taking his loaf in turn and going his separate way.On this occasion, the ex-manager ate his as he went plodding thedark streets in silence to his bed.
3.  It so happened that on the night when Hurstwood, Carrie, andDrouet were in the box at McVickar's, George, Jr., was in thesixth row of the parquet with the daughter of H. B. Carmichael,the third partner of a wholesale dry-goods house of that city.Hurstwood did not see his son, for he sat, as was his wont, asfar back as possible, leaving himself just partially visible,when he bent forward, to those within the first six rows inquestion. It was his wont to sit this way in every theatre--tomake his personality as inconspicuous as possible where it wouldbe no advantage to him to have it otherwise.
4.  "Force!" he said, with curled lip. "A lot of forcing I did."
5.   He meant to ask for a meal ticket, but the seemingly propermoment never came, and he decided to pay himself that night.
6.  "Who's here?" said Hurstwood, passing into the theatre proper,where the lights were turned up and a company of gentlemen werelaughing and talking in the open space back of the seats.


1.  Monday Carrie went again to the Casino.
2.  "I couldn't," said Carrie, her colour rising. Then, seeing thathe looked as if he said "I know," she exclaimed: "Oh, all right.I don't care."
3.  "Say, that fits like a T, don't it?" he remarked, feeling the setof it at the waist and eyeing it from a few paces with realpleasure. "What you need now is a new skirt. Let's go tobreakfast."
4、  "I don't know," replied the drummer. "They've been trying to getme to get some woman to take a part."
5、  "I don't know until I look it over. You know I'm afraid, nowthat I've said I would."




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      When she entered the room, however, her appearance gave himcourage. She looked simple and charming enough to strengthen thedaring of any lover. Her apparent nervousness dispelled his own.

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      'What's next?" he said, looking at her part, which she had beenstudying.

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       "Glad of it," said Hurstwood, his black eyes lit with a warmthwhich half displaced the cold make-believe that usually dwelt inthem. "What are you going to take?" he added, as the barkeeper,in snowy jacket and tie, leaned toward them from behind the bar.

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      Chapter XXXVIII

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    {  "I've been talking with a wholesale liquor company," he said. "Imay go on the road."

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      "No," he said. "They don't want an inexperienced man."}

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      She put on her hat and fidgeted around the table in the littlebedroom, wondering where to slip the note. Finally she put itunder Minnie's hair-brush.

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      "You're so kind," observed Carrie.

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       Now, as on each preceding day, letters were handed her by thedoorman at the Casino. This was a feature which had rapidlydeveloped since Monday. What they contained she well knew. MASHNOTES were old affairs in their mildest form. She rememberedhaving received her first one far back in Columbia City. Sincethen, as a chorus girl, she had received others--gentlemen whoprayed for an engagement. They were common sport between her andLola, who received some also. They both frequently made light ofthem.

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    {  "She's been long getting round to it, hasn't she?" saidHurstwood, with a kind of sarcasm.

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      "What a life! What a life!" was her one thought.