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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I thought you might tell me."
2.  Carrie seemed not to listen. She only turned her head toward thewindow, where outside all was black. The train was speeding withsteady grace across the fields and through patches of wood. Thelong whistles came with sad, musical effect as the lonelywoodland crossings were approached.
3.  "There's no use explaining to you about this," he said at last."There's no use of your asking me. I'm no fool, you know. Iknow just what you can do and what you can't. You can create alot of trouble if you want to. I know that all right, but itwon't help you to get the money. Now, I've made up my mind whatto do. I've already written Fitzgerald and Moy, so there'snothing I can say. You wait until you hear more from them."
4.  Carrie disliked his appearance, but she was too much the actressnot to swallow his qualities with complaisance, seeing that shemust suffer his fictitious love for the evening.
5.  Accordingly, he was carted away.
6.  He himself realized that it was a wretched thing to have draggedin. He wanted to weigh the effects of it, and yet he could notsee. He went beating on, flushed by her presence, clearlyawakened, intensely enlisted in his plan.


1.  "Why, how do you do, Mr. Hurstwood?" came from the firstindividual recognised.
2.  That evening when she entered the theatre the manager had a mostpleasant greeting for her.
3.  "No," she answered, "I was not feeling very well."
4.  "Oh, you know," and Drouet waved her intelligence, as it were,with his hand.
5.  In the course of time it told upon his temper. His eye no longerpossessed that buoyant, searching shrewdness which hadcharacterised it in Adams Street. His step was not as sharp andfirm. He was given to thinking, thinking, thinking. The newfriends he made were not celebrities. They were of a cheaper, aslightly more sensual and cruder, grade. He could not possiblytake the pleasure in this company that he had in that of thosefine frequenters of the Chicago resort. He was left to brood.
6.  "All right," said Mrs. Morgan.


1.  He tried to show Carrie that there was no cause for financialalarm, but only congratulation over the chance he would have atthe end of the year by taking her rather more frequently to thetheatre and by providing a liberal table. This was for the timeonly. He was getting in the frame of mind where he wantedprincipally to be alone and to be allowed to think. The diseaseof brooding was beginning to claim him as a victim. Only thenewspapers and his own thoughts were worth while. The delight oflove had again slipped away. It was a case of live, now, makingthe best you can out of a very commonplace station in life.
2.  "Wednesday. We'll go, won't we?"
3.  "We'll go some other time," she said at last, finding no readymeans of escape.
4.  Her eyes were still wet with a few vague tears.
5.   "Oh, I guess we'll be able to whip them into shape," said thelatter, with an air of strength under difficulties.
6.  "Yes, I will," he exclaimed, more feelingly than usual, adding,with the tone of one who pleads, "Don't you believe what I'vetold you?"


1.  He only offered a third interest in the stock, fixtures, andgood-will, and this in return for a thousand dollars andmanagerial ability on the part of the one who should come in.There was no property involved, because the owner of the saloonmerely rented from an estate.
2.  "Not when you have a gentle horse," said Carrie.
3.  "That puts a burden of duty on you. It so happens that you havethis thing. It is no credit to you--that is, I mean, you mightnot have had it. You paid nothing to get it. But now that youhave it, you must do something with it."
4、  He pushed her before him at the gate, stood between her and theticket man while the latter punched their tickets, so that shecould not see, and then hurried after.
5、  "Do. Take him to the kitchen and tell Wilson to give himsomething to eat."




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      "You're a determined little miss, aren't you?" he said, after afew moments, looking up into her eyes.

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      "It isn't very difficult," returned Hurstwood. "You could dovery well in a few weeks."

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       "Were there many there?"

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      Carrie went straight forward until she crossed the river, andthen turned into Fifth Avenue. The thoroughfare, in this part,was like a walled canon of brown stone and dark red brick. Thebig windows looked shiny and clean. Trucks were rumbling inincreasing numbers; men and women, girls and boys were movingonward in all directions. She met girls of her own age, wholooked at her as if with contempt for her diffidence. Shewondered at the magnitude of this life and at the importance ofknowing much in order to do anything in it at all. Dread at herown inefficiency crept upon her. She would not know how, shewould not be quick enough. Had not all the other places refusedher because she did not know something or other? She would bescolded, abused, ignominiously discharged.

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    {  Carrie had noticed the appearance of gayety and pleasure-seekingin the streets which they were following. Coaches were numerous,pedestrians many, and in Fifty-ninth Street the street cars werecrowded. At Fifty-ninth Street and Fifth Avenue a blaze oflights from several new hotels which bordered the Plaza Squaregave a suggestion of sumptuous hotel life. Fifth Avenue, thehome of the wealthy, was noticeably crowded with carriages, andgentlemen in evening dress. At Sherry's an imposing doormanopened the coach door and helped them out. Young Ames heldCarrie's elbow as he helped her up the steps. They entered thelobby already swarming with patrons, and then, after divestingthemselves of their wraps, went into a sumptuous dining-room.

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      "Great," said Drouet. He was as much affected by this show offinery and gayety as she. He pressed her arm warmly. Once shelooked up, her even teeth glistening through her smiling lips,her eyes alight. As they were moving out he whispered down toher, "You look lovely!" They were right where the coach-callerwas swinging open a coach-door and ushering in two ladies.}

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      "Got to go straight home, have you?" he said.

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      "It doesn't do any harm," said Vance, who was still studying thebill of fare, though he had ordered.

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       "No, what is it?" said Hurstwood, looking down the items of news.

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    {  Now he looked up in her face, for she was standing a moment,while he sat.

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      "What's the use of acting like that now, Cad?" insisted thedrummer, stopping in his work and putting up a hand expressively."You might let me know where I stand, at least."