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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What is it you want, dear grandpapa?" said Valentine, andshe endeavored to recall to mind all the things which hewould be likely to need; and as the ideas presentedthemselves to her mind, she repeated them aloud, then, --finding that all her efforts elicited nothing but a constant"No," -- she said, "Come, since this plan does not answer, Iwill have recourse to another." She then recited all theletters of the alphabet from A down to N. When she arrivedat that letter the paralytic made her understand that shehad spoken the initial letter of the thing he wanted. "Ah,"said Valentine, "the thing you desire begins with the letterN; it is with N that we have to do, then. Well, let me see,what can you want that begins with N? Na -- Ne -- Ni -- No"--
2.  "What do you mean? -- the album!"
3.  "Ah, father," said Albert with a smile, "it is evident youdo not know the Count of Monte Cristo; he despises allhonors, and contents himself with those written on hispassport."
4.  "Do you intend devoting it to charitable purposes, then?"pursued the notary.
5.  "On the contrary, we shall meet again," said Mercedes,pointing to heaven with solemnity. "I tell you so to proveto you that I still hope." And after pressing her owntrembling hand upon that of the count, Mercedes rushed upthe stairs and disappeared. Monte Cristo slowly left thehouse and turned towards the quay. But Mercedes did notwitness his departure, although she was seated at the littlewindow of the room which had been occupied by old Dantes.Her eyes were straining to see the ship which was carryingher son over the vast sea; but still her voice involuntarilymurmured softly, "Edmond, Edmond, Edmond!"
6.  "It is a long story."


1.  "No, no; thanks. You need not look for it; I do not wantit," said the old man.
2.  "And what is become of this Benedetto?"
3.  "I did not come to Rome to see," said Danglars aloud; thenhe added softly, with an avaricious smile, "I came totouch!" and he rapped his pocket-book, in which he had justplaced a letter.
4.  "All my fortune is in the funds; seven or eight hundredthousand francs."
5.  "Exactly; one comes from the Volga, and the other from LakeFusaro."
6.  "I will fulfil all your wishes, my dear mother," said theyoung man. "Yes, I share your hopes; the anger of heavenwill not pursue us, since you are pure and I am innocent.But, since our resolution is formed, let us act promptly. M.de Morcerf went out about half an hour ago; the opportunityin favorable to avoid an explanation."


1.  "What particulars would your excellency like to hear?"
2.  "Let us hear the history," said Franz, motioning SignorPastrini to seat himself.
3.  "Of the evil you have done," said the voice.
4.  "He must be the Shah of Persia, travelling incog."
5.   "I do not desire to do otherwise."
6.  "Into what room did you take him?"


1.  "Of what packet are you speaking, Danglars?"
2.  "Oh, mon Dieu, that is very easily done. Last February youwere the first who told me of the Haitian funds. You haddreamed that a ship had entered the harbor at Havre, thatthis ship brought news that a payment we had looked upon aslost was going to be made. I know how clear-sighted yourdreams are; I therefore purchased immediately as many sharesas I could of the Haitian debt, and I gained 400,000 francsby it, of which 100,000 have been honestly paid to you. Youspent it as you pleased; that was your business. In Marchthere was a question about a grant to a railway. Threecompanies presented themselves, each offering equalsecurities. You told me that your instinct, -- and althoughyou pretend to know nothing about speculations, I think onthe contrary, that your comprehension is very clear uponcertain affairs, -- well, you told me that your instinct ledyou to believe the grant would be given to the companycalled the Southern. I bought two thirds of the shares ofthat company; as you had foreseen, the shares trebled invalue, and I picked up a million, from which 250,000 francswere paid to you for pin-money. How have you spent this250,000 francs? -- it is no business of mine."
3.  "No," replied Haidee, "he did not dare to keep us, so wewere sold to some slave-merchants who were going toConstantinople. We traversed Greece, and arrived half deadat the imperial gates. They were surrounded by a crowd ofpeople, who opened a way for us to pass, when suddenly mymother, having looked closely at an object which wasattracting their attention, uttered a piercing cry and fellto the ground, pointing as she did so to a head which wasplaced over the gates, and beneath which were inscribedthese words:
4、  "Oh, yes, with all my soul."
5、  "No."




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      "It would seem so; but listen, and you will understand. Somedays before the return of the emperor, Fernand was drafted.The Bourbons left him quietly enough at the Catalans, butNapoleon returned, a special levy was made, and Fernand wascompelled to join. I went too; but as I was older thanFernand, and had just married my poor wife, I was only sentto the coast. Fernand was enrolled in the active troop, wentto the frontier with his regiment, and was at the battle ofLigny. The night after that battle he was sentry at the doorof a general who carried on a secret correspondence with theenemy. That same night the general was to go over to theEnglish. He proposed to Fernand to accompany him; Fernandagreed to do so, deserted his post, and followed thegeneral. Fernand would have been court-martialed if Napoleonhad remained on the throne, but his action was rewarded bythe Bourbons. He returned to France with the epaulet ofsub-lieutenant, and as the protection of the general, who isin the highest favor, was accorded to him, he was a captainin 1823, during the Spanish war -- that is to say, at thetime when Danglars made his early speculations. Fernand wasa Spaniard, and being sent to Spain to ascertain the feelingof his fellow-countrymen, found Danglars there, got on veryintimate terms with him, won over the support of theroyalists at the capital and in the provinces, receivedpromises and made pledges on his own part, guided hisregiment by paths known to himself alone through themountain gorges which were held by the royalists, and, infact, rendered such services in this brief campaign that,after the taking of Trocadero, he was made colonel, andreceived the title of count and the cross of an officer ofthe Legion of Honor."

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      "Morcerf!" repeated Debray. Then noticing in the dim lightthe still youthful and veiled figure of Madame de Morcerf:-- "Pardon me," he added with a smile, "I leave you,Albert." Albert understood his thoughts. "Mother," he said,turning towards Mercedes, "this is M. Debray, secretary ofthe minister for the interior, once a friend of mine."

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       "I think so."

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      "I seem to myself as though living a life of bondage, yet atthe same time am so conscious of my own weakness that I fearto break the restraint in which I am held, lest I fallutterly helpless. Then, too, my father is not a person whoseorders may be infringed with impunity; protected as he is byhis high position and firmly established reputation fortalent and unswerving integrity, no one could oppose him; heis all-powerful even with the king; he would crush you at aword. Dear Maximilian, believe me when I assure you that ifI do not attempt to resist my father's commands it is moreon your account than my own."

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    {  "You are sure?"

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      The artist who could have depicted the expression of thesetwo countenances would certainly have made of them abeautiful picture. All these proofs of an energeticresolution, which Albert did not fear on his own account,alarmed him for his mother. "What are you doing?" asked he.}

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      "Well, then," said Franz, "let us to the Colosseum."

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      "Have they any fortune?"

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       "Oh, sir, twenty-five years."

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    {  "Yes."

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      "Leave you? Why should I leave you?"