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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Your excellency his not stated the number of guests."
2.  "Then how comes it," said Monte Cristo with a frown, "that,when I desired you to purchase for me the finest pair ofhorses to be found in Paris, there is another pair, fully asfine as mine, not in my stables?" At the look ofdispleasure, added to the angry tone in which the countspoke, Ali turned pale and held down his head. "It is notyour fault, my good Ali," said the count in the Arabiclanguage, and with a gentleness none would have thought himcapable of showing, either in voice or face -- "it is notyour fault. You do not understand the points of Englishhorses." The countenance of poor Ali recovered its serenity."Permit me to assure your excellency," said Bertuccio, "thatthe horses you speak of were not to be sold when I purchasedyours." Monte Cristo shrugged his shoulders. "It seems, sirsteward," said he, "that you have yet to learn that allthings are to be sold to such as care to pay the price."
3.  "What, mother?"
4.  "I perfectly well remember Perugia, sir, and the Hotel desPostes, and the festival of which you speak," said Madame deVillefort, "but in vain do I tax my memory, of whosetreachery I am ashamed, for I really do not recall to mindthat I ever had the pleasure of seeing you before."
5.  "Ah, monsieur," returned Albert, "I would never forgive youthis mistake if you had seen another picture beside this.You do not know my mother; she it is whom you see here. Shehad her portrait painted thus six or eight years ago. Thiscostume is a fancy one, it appears, and the resemblance isso great that I think I still see my mother the same as shewas in 1830. The countess had this portrait painted duringthe count's absence. She doubtless intended giving him anagreeable surprise; but, strange to say, this portraitseemed to displease my father, and the value of the picture,which is, as you see, one of the best works of LeopoldRobert, could not overcome his dislike to it. It is true,between ourselves, that M. de Morcerf is one of the mostassiduous peers at the Luxembourg, a general renowned fortheory, but a most mediocre amateur of art. It is differentwith my mother, who paints exceedingly well, and who,unwilling to part with so valuable a picture, gave it to meto put here, where it would be less likely to displease M.de Morcerf, whose portrait, by Gros, I will also show you.Excuse my talking of family matters, but as I shall have thehonor of introducing you to the count, I tell you this toprevent you making any allusions to this picture. Thepicture seems to have a malign influence, for my motherrarely comes here without looking at it, and still morerarely does she look at it without weeping. Thisdisagreement is the only one that has ever taken placebetween the count and countess, who are still as muchunited, although married more than twenty years, as on thefirst day of their wedding."
6.  Monte Cristo advanced into the room; Maximilian was obligedto let him pass, but he followed him. "You were writing?"said Monte Cristo with a searching look.


1.  "Listen, Hermine; I consider myself as brave as most men,but when I drew from my breast the little key of thestaircase, which I had found in my coat -- that little keywe both used to cherish so much, which you wished to havefastened to a golden ring -- when I opened the door, and sawthe pale moon shedding a long stream of white light on thespiral staircase like a spectre, I leaned against the wall,and nearly shrieked. I seemed to be going mad. At last Imastered my agitation. I descended the staircase step bystep; the only thing I could not conquer was a strangetrembling in my knees. I grasped the railings; if I hadrelaxed my hold for a moment, I should have fallen. Ireached the lower door. Outside this door a spade was placedagainst the wall; I took it, and advanced towards thethicket. I had provided myself with a dark lantern. In themiddle of the lawn I stopped to light it, then I continuedmy path.
2.  "He himself."
3.  "Count, will you allow me to send Baptistin to inquire aftersome one you know?"
4.  "Oh," said Valentine, "we have been waiting for you withsuch impatience, dear M. d'Avrigny. But, first of all, howare Madeleine and Antoinette?" Madeleine was the daughter ofM. d'Avrigny, and Antoinette his niece. M. d'Avrigny smiledsadly. "Antoinette is very well," he said, "and Madeleinetolerably so. But you sent for me, my dear child. It is notyour father or Madame de Villefort who is ill. As for you,although we doctors cannot divest our patients of nerves, Ifancy you have no further need of me than to recommend younot to allow your imagination to take too wide a field."Valentine colored. M. d'Avrigny carried the science ofdivination almost to a miraculous extent, for he was one ofthe physicians who always work upon the body through themind. "No," she replied, "it is for my poor grandmother. Youknow the calamity that has happened to us, do you not?"
5.  The window whence the noise proceeded was opposite theopening by which the count could see into the dressing-room.He fixed his eyes on that window -- he distinguished ashadow in the darkness; then one of the panes became quiteopaque, as if a sheet of paper were stuck on the outside,then the square cracked without falling. Through the openingan arm was passed to find the fastening, then a second; thewindow turned on its hinges, and a man entered. He wasalone.
6.  "My daughter" --


1.  The host sat down, after having made each of them arespectful bow, which meant that he was ready to tell themall they wished to know concerning Luigi Vampa. "You tellme," said Franz, at the moment Signor Pastrini was about toopen his mouth, "that you knew Luigi Vampa when he was achild -- he is still a young man, then?"
2.  "Yes, yes," said Danglars, laughing, "it would do her agreat deal of good."
3.  "Did it belong to M. de Saint-Meran?" demanded Monte Cristo.
4.  "Where do you live?"
5.   "How once?" stammered Debray; "what do you mean?"
6.  "And so, in fact, he is," said the owner.


1.  "The former royal attorney at Nimes?"
2.  The emperor, now king of the petty Island of Elba, afterhaving held sovereign sway over one-half of the world,counting as his subjects a small population of five or sixthousand souls, -- after having been accustomed to hear the"Vive Napoleons" of a hundred and twenty millions of humanbeings, uttered in ten different languages, -- was lookedupon here as a ruined man, separated forever from any freshconnection with France or claim to her throne.
3.  "Come, come, you are going on quickly, M. Benedetto!"
4、  This last explanation was wholly lost upon Dantes, who hadalways imagined, from seeing the sun rise from behind themountains and set in the Mediterranean, that it moved, andnot the earth. A double movement of the globe he inhabited,and of which he could feel nothing, appeared to himperfectly impossible. Each word that fell from hiscompanion's lips seemed fraught with the mysteries ofscience, as worthy of digging out as the gold and diamondsin the mines of Guzerat and Golconda, which he could justrecollect having visited during a voyage made in hisearliest youth.
5、  Valentine went to the door, and called Barrois. Villefort'simpatience during this scene made the perspiration roll fromhis forehead, and Franz was stupefied. The old servant came."Barrois," said Valentine, "my grandfather has told me toopen that drawer in the secretary, but there is a secretspring in it, which you know -- will you open it?"




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      "Yes, your excellency; excuse me, but, as you will see, Ionly tell you what is absolutely necessary. Just at thistime the famous massacres took place in the south of France.Three brigands, called Trestaillon, Truphemy, and Graffan,publicly assassinated everybody whom they suspected ofBonapartism. You have doubtless heard of these massacres,your excellency?"

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      "Oh, yes, if it be true," cried the young man, "he shall payme all I have suffered."

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       "My dear count," said Morcerf, "I beg of you not to applythat title so prematurely."

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      "Monsieur Morrel," said Valentine to the young man, who wasregarding her with the most intense interest, "mygrandfather, M. Noirtier, had a thousand things to say,which he told me three days ago; and now, he has sent foryou, that I may repeat them to you. I will repeat them,then; and since he has chosen me as his interpreter, I willbe faithful to the trust, and will not alter a word of hisintentions."

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    {  "If they did not speak of me, I am sure they thought aboutme, and I am in despair."

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      "Yes," said the old man.}

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      "Free to do what?" asked the young girl.

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      "Well, you promise me, if I tell all I know, to relate, inyour turn, all that I do not know?"

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       "Then," said Monte Cristo "you went to him?"

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    {  "Alas," returned the captain with an accent of the mostprofound pity, "we ought always to help one another. Veryoften the bandits are hard pressed by gendarmes orcarbineers; well, they see a vessel, and good fellows likeus on board, they come and demand hospitality of us; youcan't refuse help to a poor hunted devil; we receive them,and for greater security we stand out to sea. This costs usnothing, and saves the life, or at least the liberty, of afellow-creature, who on the first occasion returns theservice by pointing out some safe spot where we can land ourgoods without interruption."

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      "I told you he was not at home," repeated the valet. "Thenon his return give him that card and this sealed paper. Willhe be at home at eight o'clock this evening?"