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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, I am listening with the greatest impatience," repliedthe young man; "speak, I beg of you." Valentine cast downher eyes; this was a good omen for Morrel, for he knew thatnothing but happiness could have the power of thusovercoming Valentine. "My grandfather intends leaving thishouse," said she, "and Barrois is looking out suitableapartments for him in another."
2.  "Yes, you're right," replied the companion.
3.  "I have already fought three duels with him," said theEnglishman, "the first with the pistol, the second with thesword, and the third with the sabre."
4.  The next day M. Noirtier sent for the notary; the first willwas torn up and a second made, in which he left the whole ofhis fortune to Valentine, on condition that she should neverbe separated from him. It was then generally reported thatMademoiselle de Villefort, the heiress of the marquis andmarchioness of Saint-Meran, had regained the good graces ofher grandfather, and that she would ultimately be inpossession of an income of 300,000 livres.
5.  "What is it?" said she, starting at Madame Danglars, touchas she would have done from an electric shock. "It is, mydear Valentine," said the baroness, "that you are,doubtless, suffering."
6.  "Hope!" repeated Danglars.


1.  "But," said Renee, "this letter, which, after all, is but ananonymous scrawl, is not even addressed to you, but to theking's attorney."
2.  "Indeed?"
3.  "Yes; what does it signify to you if the castle of Yaninawas given up by a French officer?"
4.  "Yes."
5.  "Therefore," said Monte Cristo feigning to mistake hismeaning -- "therefore I will not, for another instant,retard the pleasure of your meeting. Are you prepared toembrace your worthy father?"
6.  "Come," said Andrea, "you are a man void of compassion; I'llhave you turned out." This made the keeper turn around, andhe burst into a loud laugh. The prisoners then approachedand formed a circle. "I tell you that with that wretchedsum," continued Andrea, "I could obtain a coat, and a roomin which to receive the illustrious visitor I am dailyexpecting."


1.  "How many covers?"
2.  "M. Chateau-Renaud, who has lived in Russia, will tell youthe name of one, and Major Cavalcanti, who is an Italian,will tell you the name of the other."
3.  "Why?" said Gaetano with a smile.
4.  "The mother retires into the country, and the son enters thearmy."
5.   "Yes; that is to say, he fought for the independence of theGreeks, and hence arises the calumny."
6.  "Oh, yes, yes; this instant, I entreat you."


1.  "No, I do not," replied Monte Cristo, without even knowingof what or to whom he was speaking, so much was he occupiedin watching Morrel, who was holding his breath with emotion."The discourse is over; farewell, gentlemen," said thecount. And he disappeared without anyone seeing whither hewent. The funeral being over, the guests returned to Paris.Chateau-Renaud looked for a moment for Morrel; but whilethey were watching the departure of the count, Morrel hadquitted his post, and Chateau-Renaud, failing in his search,joined Debray and Beauchamp.
2.  "Have you an exact idea of the amount of your fortune?"
3.  "Explain yourself, pray."
4、  "Oh, yes; I will listen, monsieur, for I am most curious tohear what explanation you will give. These two gentlemenshall decide between us; but, first, I will state the caseto them. Gentlemen," continued the baroness, "among the tenhorses in the stables of Baron Danglars, are two that belongexclusively to me -- a pair of the handsomest and mostspirited creatures to be found in Paris. But to you, atleast, M. Debray, I need not give a further description,because to you my beautiful pair of dappled grays were wellknown. Well, I had promised Madame de Villefort the loan ofmy carriage to drive to-morrow to the Bois; but when mycoachman goes to fetch the grays from the stables they aregone -- positively gone. No doubt M. Danglars has sacrificedthem to the selfish consideration of gaining some thousandsof paltry francs. Oh, what a detestable crew they are, thesemercenary speculators!"
5、  "In arithmetic?"




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      "No," said the banker; "I have appeared rather ridiculoussince that affair of Benedetto, so I remain in thebackground."

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      Baptistin left the room. "Really," said the major, "I amquite ashamed of the trouble I am giving you."

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       "And yet you will let me perish with hunger?"

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      "Can you be a coward?" continued Villefort, with increasingexcitement, "you, who could count, one by one, the minutesof four death agonies? You, who have arranged your infernalplans, and removed the beverages with a talent and precisionalmost miraculous? Have you, then, who have calculatedeverything with such nicety, have you forgotten to calculateone thing -- I mean where the revelation of your crimes willlead you to? Oh, it is impossible -- you must have savedsome surer, more subtle and deadly poison than any other,that you might escape the punishment that you deserve. Youhave done this -- I hope so, at least." Madame de Villefortstretched out her hands, and fell on her knees.

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    {  "Impossible!" cried Madame Danglars: "a man may murderanother out of revenge, but he would not deliberately drowna child."

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      "Edmond Dantes."}

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      "What did you say, sir?" asked the man.

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      At the expiration of a year the governor was transferred; hehad obtained charge of the fortress at Ham. He took with himseveral of his subordinates, and amongst them Dantes'jailer. A new governor arrived; it would have been tootedious to acquire the names of the prisoners; he learnedtheir numbers instead. This horrible place contained fiftycells; their inhabitants were designated by the numbers oftheir cell, and the unhappy young man was no longer calledEdmond Dantes -- he was now number 34.

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       "The son has been educated in a college in the south; Ibelieve near Marseilles. You will find him quiteenthusiastic."

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    {  "Just so," returned Franz, "you have guessed it."

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      "Never? That is a long time; but it is something that youbelieve so. Rise and answer." Peppino glanced anxiously atFranz. "Oh, you may speak before his excellency," said he;"he is one of my friends. You allow me to give you thistitle?" continued the count in French, "it is necessary toexcite this man's confidence."