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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You have a good memory, sir, to recollect dates so well."
2.  "Then the postscript is as favorably received by you as therest of the letter?"
3.  "I have not the honor of knowing Madame Danglars; but I havealready met M. Lucien Debray."
4.  "That happens just lucky, your excellency! Only a fewminutes ago they brought me the tavolettas."
5.  "Your excellency knows him?"
6.  Caderousse raised his glass to his mouth with unsteady hand,and swallowed the contents at a gulp. Fernand dashed his onthe ground.


1.  "And who completed it as it now is?"
2.  "Ah, true," said Monte Cristo "there is a postscript."
3.  In a moment that part of the floor on which Dantes wasresting his two hands, as he knelt with his head in theopening, suddenly gave way; he drew back smartly, while amass of stones and earth disappeared in a hole that openedbeneath the aperture he himself had formed. Then from thebottom of this passage, the depth of which it was impossibleto measure, he saw appear, first the head, then theshoulders, and lastly the body of a man, who sprang lightlyinto his cell.
4.  "No, his horse; of which we each of us ate a slice with ahearty appetite. It was very hard."
5.  "My dear Maximilian, you are really too fanciful; you willnot love even me long. A man who accustoms himself to livein such a world of poetry and imagination must find far toolittle excitement in a common, every-day sort of attachmentsuch as ours. But they are calling me. Do you hear?"
6.  "Well, sir, I was educated at home by a poor devil of anabbe, who disappeared suddenly. I have since learned that hewas confined in the Chateau d'If, and I should like to learnsome particulars of his death."


1.  Having arrived before the Pont du Gard, the horse stopped,but whether for his own pleasure or that of his rider wouldhave been difficult to say. However that might have been,the priest, dismounting, led his steed by the bridle insearch of some place to which he could secure him. Availinghimself of a handle that projected from a half-fallen door,he tied the animal safely and having drawn a red cottonhandkerchief, from his pocket, wiped away the perspirationthat streamed from his brow, then, advancing to the door,struck thrice with the end of his iron-shod stick. At thisunusual sound, a huge black dog came rushing to meet thedaring assailant of his ordinarily tranquil abode, snarlingand displaying his sharp white teeth with a determinedhostility that abundantly proved how little he wasaccustomed to society. At that moment a heavy footstep washeard descending the wooden staircase that led from theupper floor, and, with many bows and courteous smiles, minehost of the Pont du Gard besought his guest to enter.
2.  "No," replied the count; "I was forced to go out of my roadto obtain some information near Nimes, so that I wassomewhat late, and therefore I did not choose to stop."
3.  "The fact is, Maximilian, that I was there, and my presencehad the effect of rendering you unjust in your comparison."
4.  "All the horrors that disturb my thoughts make your houseodious and fatal. Adieu, sir."
5.   "I do not think that, for he has complained of feelingalmost suffocated, and asked why the Venetian blinds werenot opened as well as the windows."
6.  "That I am dependent on another, I who have always gained myown livelihood honestly."


1.  "It was the only letter you had?"
2.  "Incomprehensible is not the word," interrupted theprocureur, shrugging his shoulders. "It is an old man'scaprice."
3.  Behind the sentinel was a staircase with twenty steps. Franzand the count descended these, and found themselves in amortuary chamber. Five corridors diverged like the rays of astar, and the walls, dug into niches, which were arrangedone above the other in the shape of coffins, showed thatthey were at last in the catacombs. Down one of thecorridors, whose extent it was impossible to determine, raysof light were visible. The count laid his hand on Franz'sshoulder. "Would you like to see a camp of bandits inrepose?" he inquired.
4、  "The letter signed `Sinbad the Sailor,' is it not?"
5、  "Well," said Franz to Albert, "do you know what is the bestthing we can do? It is to pass the Carnival at Venice; therewe are sure of obtaining gondolas if we cannot havecarriages."




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      Villefort rushed up-stairs to fetch him. "Take this," saidMadame de Villefort, giving her smelling-bottle toValentine. "They will, no doubt, bleed him; therefore I willretire, for I cannot endure the sight of blood;" and shefollowed her husband up-stairs. Morrel now emerged from hishiding-place, where he had remained quite unperceived, sogreat had been the general confusion. "Go away as quick asyou can, Maximilian," said Valentine, "and stay till I sendfor you. Go."

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      "But where is the doctor?" exclaimed Villefort; "where ishe?" Madame de Villefort now deliberately descended thestaircase. In one hand she held her handkerchief, with whichshe appeared to be wiping her face, and in the other abottle of English smelling-salts. Her first look on enteringthe room was at Noirtier, whose face, independent of theemotion which such a scene could not fail of producing,proclaimed him to be in possession of his usual health; hersecond glance was at the dying man. She turned pale, and hereye passed quickly from the servant and rested on themaster.

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       "`And then do you take this poniard,' said the youngherdsman; `you will not find one better carved betweenAlbano and Civita-Castellana.'

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      "No. I gave the custom-house officers a copy of our bill oflading; and as to the other papers, they sent a man off withthe pilot, to whom I gave them."

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    {  "Their demand was fair, and the chief inclined his head insign of acquiescence. The eyes of all shone fiercely as theymade their demand, and the red light of the fire made themlook like demons. The names of all, including Carlini, wereplaced in a hat, and the youngest of the band drew forth aticket; the ticket bore the name of Diovolaccio. He was theman who had proposed to Carlini the health of their chief,and to whom Carlini replied by breaking the glass across hisface. A large wound, extending from the temple to the mouth,was bleeding profusely. Diovalaccio, seeing himself thusfavored by fortune, burst into a loud laugh. `Captain,' saidhe, `just now Carlini would not drink your health when Iproposed it to him; propose mine to him, and let us see ifhe will be more condescending to you than to me.' Every oneexpected an explosion on Carlini's part; but to their greatsurprise, he took a glass in one hand and a flask in theother, and filling it, -- `Your health, Diavolaccio,' saidhe calmly, and he drank it off, without his hand tremblingin the least. Then sitting down by the fire, `My supper,'said he; `my expedition has given me an appetite.' -- `Welldone, Carlini!' cried the brigands; `that is acting like agood fellow;' and they all formed a circle round the fire,while Diavolaccio disappeared. Carlini ate and drank as ifnothing had happened. The bandits looked on withastonishment at this singular conduct until they heardfootsteps. They turned round, and saw Diavolaccio bearingthe young girl in his arms. Her head hung back, and her longhair swept the ground. As they entered the circle, thebandits could perceive, by the firelight, the unearthlypallor of the young girl and of Diavolaccio. This apparitionwas so strange and so solemn, that every one rose, with theexception of Carlini, who remained seated, and ate and drankcalmly. Diavolaccio advanced amidst the most profoundsilence, and laid Rita at the captain's feet. Then every onecould understand the cause of the unearthly pallor in theyoung girl and the bandit. A knife was plunged up to thehilt in Rita's left breast. Every one looked at Carlini; thesheath at his belt was empty. `Ah, ah,' said the chief, `Inow understand why Carlini stayed behind.' All savagenatures appreciate a desperate deed. No other of the banditswould, perhaps, have done the same; but they all understoodwhat Carlini had done. `Now, then,' cried Carlini, rising inhis turn, and approaching the corpse, his hand on the buttof one of his pistols, `does any one dispute the possessionof this woman with me?' -- `No,' returned the chief, `she isthine.' Carlini raised her in his arms, and carried her outof the circle of firelight. Cucumetto placed his sentinelsfor the night, and the bandits wrapped themselves in theircloaks, and lay down before the fire. At midnight thesentinel gave the alarm, and in an instant all were on thealert. It was Rita's father, who brought his daughter'sransom in person. `Here,' said he, to Cucumetto, `here arethree hundred piastres; give me back my child. But thechief, without taking the money, made a sign to him tofollow. The old man obeyed. They both advanced beneath thetrees, through whose branches streamed the moonlight.Cucumetto stopped at last, and pointed to two personsgrouped at the foot of a tree.

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      "Well," replied Mercedes, sighing, "go, Albert; I will notmake you a slave to your filial piety." Albert pretended hedid not hear, bowed to his mother, and quitted her. Scarcelyhad he shut her door, when Mercedes called a confidentialservant, and ordered him to follow Albert wherever he shouldgo that evening, and to come and tell her immediately whathe observed. Then she rang for her lady's maid, and, weak asshe was, she dressed, in order to be ready for whatevermight happen. The footman's mission was an easy one. Albertwent to his room, and dressed with unusual care. At tenminutes to eight Beauchamp arrived; he had seenChateau-Renaud, who had promised to be in the orchestrabefore the curtain was raised. Both got into Albert's coupe;and, as the young man had no reason to conceal where he wasgoing, he called aloud, "To the opera." In his impatience hearrived before the beginning of the performance.}

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      Dantes heard joyfully the key grate in the lock; he listeneduntil the sound of steps died away, and then, hastilydisplacing his bed, saw by the faint light that penetratedinto his cell, that he had labored uselessly the previousevening in attacking the stone instead of removing theplaster that surrounded it.

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      "Without revealing himself?"

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       "Always ready?"

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    {  "No," said the count, with an imperceptible smile ofcontempt, for he had no wish to be seen in the young man'ssociety, -- "no; I prefer listening to you here, my dear M.Andrea; we can chat better in-doors, and there is nocoachman to overhear our conversation." The count returnedto a small drawing-room on the first floor, sat down, andcrossing his legs motioned to the young man to take a seatalso. Andrea assumed his gayest manner. "You know, my dearcount," said he, "the ceremony is to take place thisevening. At nine o'clock the contract is to be signed at myfather-in-law's."

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      "I confess," observed Monte Cristo, "that I have somedifficulty in comprehending your objection to a young ladywho is both rich and beautiful."