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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Who did?"
2.  "No, no, I am sure they were real friends."
3.  "Well, apart from this cigarette-end, was it not suggestive that theonly time the lodger went out was immediately after his taking therooms? He came back- or someone came back- when all witnesses were outof the way. We have no proof that the person who came back was theperson who went out. Then, again, the man who took the rooms spokeEnglish well. This other, however, prints 'match' when it shouldhave been 'matches.' I can imagine that the word was taken out of adictionary, which would give the noun but not the plural. Thelaconic style may be to conceal the absence of knowledge of English.Yes, Watson, there are good reasons to suspect that there has been asubstitution of lodgers."
4.  "Then you may be so with me."
5.  "Hotel Cosmopolitan Jewel Robbery. John Horner, 26,
6.  Now for the point which I will make more plain when we meet. Indeed,this note is merely to give you a general idea of the situation and toascertain whether you would care to interest yourself in the matter.The lady began to show some curious traits quite alien to herordinarily sweet and gentle disposition. The gentleman had beenmarried twice and he had one son by the first wife. This boy was nowfifteen, a very charming and affectionate youth, though unhappilyinjured through an accident in childhood. Twice the wife was caught inthe act of assaulting this poor lad in the most unprovoked way. Onceshe struck him with a stick and left a great weal on his arm.This was a small matter, however, compared with her conduct to herown child, a dear boy just under one year of age. On one occasionabout a month ago this child had been left by its nurse for a fewminutes. A loud cry from the baby, as of pain, called the nurseback. As she ran into the room she saw her employer, the lady, leaningover the baby and apparently biting his neck. There was a smallwound in the neck from which a stream of blood had escaped. Thenurse was so horrified that she wished to call the husband, but thelady implored her not to do so and actually gave her five pounds asa price for her silence. No explanation was ever given, and for themoment the matter was passed over.


1.  "Capital!" said Holmes, calmly. "Watson, a bucket of water overthe straw. That will do! Lestrade, allow me to present you with yourprincipal missing witness, Mr. Jonas Oldacre."
2.  "Well, I did what she said, Mr. Holmes, and I carried the birdall the way to Kilburn. I told my pal what I had done, for he wasa man that it was easy to tell a thing like that to. He laugheduntil he choked, and we got a knife and opened the goose. Myheart turned to water, for there was no sign of the stone, and Iknew that some terrible mistake had occurred. I left the bird,rushed back to my sister's, and hurried into the back yard. Therewas not a bird to be seen there.
3.  Holmes sank back in his chair.
4.  "And from a noble client?"
5.  "It is as well to have our plans ready. Now, what would you regardas final evidence against the receiver?"
6.  In the morning I obeyed Holmes's injunctions to the letter. A hansomwas procured with such precautions as would prevent its being onewhich was placed ready for us, and I drove immediately after breakfastto the Lowther Arcade, through which I hurried at the top of my speed.A brougham was waiting with a very massive driver wrapped in a darkcloak, who, the instant that I had stepped in, whipped up the horseand rattled off to Victoria Station. On my alighting there he turnedthe carriage, and dashed away again without so much as a look in mydirection.


1.  "And yet, presuming that she met her death shortly after you lefther, you heard no shot?"
2.  "That may be so, but you will admit, Mr. Holmes, that most men wouldshy off a bit when they are asked point-blank what their relationswith a woman may be- if there is really some serious feeling in thecase. I guess most men have a little private reserve of their own insome corner of their souls where they don't welcome intruders. And youburst suddenly into it. But the object excuses you, since it was totry and save her. Well, the stakes are down and the reserve open,and you can explore where you will. What is it you want?""The truth."
3.  I waited until midnight, but there was no sign of his return, so Iretired to my room. It was no uncommon thing for him to be away fordays and nights on end when he was hot upon a scent, so that hislateness caused me no surprise. I do not know at what hour he came in,but when I came down to breakfast in the morning there he was with acup of coffee in one hand and the paper in the other, as fresh andtrim as possible.
4.  As we passed out he exchanged a few words with the landlord,explaining that we were going on a late visit to an acquaintance,and that it was possible that we might spend the night there. A momentlater we were out on the dark road, a chill wind blowing in our faces,and one yellow light twinkling in front of us through the gloom toguide us on our sombre errand.
5.   "What do you make of it, Inspector?"
6.  "But when will that be?"


1.  "He has to take the tray in. Surely we could conceal ourselves andsee him do it."
2.  "I answered that I had not.
3.  "Excellent, Watson! His seat, then, was either thirty orthirty-two."
4、  "The devil, sir, for all I know. It was at the window.""What was at the window, and when?"
5、  "Do you mean that it disappeared before you went for help?""Yes, it was gone."




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      "Within a few yards from the spot."

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      "Does it really matter?" I asked with as careless an air as Icould muster. "You can see that the piece is genuine, and, as to thevalue, I am content to take an expert's valuation."

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       The house-agent's was close by, but we found that it was closedfor the day, so we made our way back to Baker Street. It was nottill after dinner that Holmes reverted to the subject.

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      "This gentleman, Mr. Staunton's friend, was referred to me byScotland Yard."

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    {  "So help me the Lord! Masser Holmes, I told you the truth before.I don't know. My boss Barney gives me orders and that's all.""Well, just bear in mind, Steve, that the lady in that house, andeverything under that roof, is under my protection. Don't forget it.""All right, Masser Holmes. I'll remember."

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      "Yes, sir, that is undoubtedly my hat."}

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      "I was going to say that my practice could get along very well for aday or two, since it is the slackest time in the year.""Excellent," said he, recovering his good-humour. "Then we'll lookinto this matter together. I think that we should begin by seeingForbes. He can probably tell us all the details we want until weknow from what side the case is to be approached."

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      "And I'll work it myself, Mr. Holmes. It's only due to my own creditto do so. Your name is made, but I have still to make mine. I shouldbe glad to be able to say afterwards that I had solved it without yourhelp."

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       We were fortunate in finding that Lord Holdhurst was still in hischambers in Downing Street, and on Holmes sending in his card wewere instantly shown up. The statesman received us with thatold-fashioned courtesy for which he is remarkable and seated us on thetwo luxuriant lounges on either side of the fireplace. Standing on therug between us, with his slight, tall figure, his sharp features,thoughtful face, and curling hair prematurely tinged with gray, heseemed to represent that not too common type, a nobleman who is intruth noble.

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    {  "Well, there is just one point."

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      THE END