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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I think that you know me well enough, Watson, to understand thatI am by no means a nervous man. At the same time, it is stupidityrather than courage to refuse to recognize danger when it is closeupon you. Might I trouble you for a match?" He drew in the smoke ofhis cigarette as if the soothing influence was grateful to him."I must apologize for calling so late," said he, "and I must furtherbeg you to be so unconventional as to allow me to leave your housepresently by scrambling over your back garden wall."
2.  "He said that you could solve anything."
3.  "'It is not worth your while to wait,' she went on. 'You can passthrough the door; no one hinders.' And then, seeing that I smiledand shook my head, she suddenly threw aside her constraint and madea step forward, with her hands wrang together. 'For the love ofHeaven!' she whispered, 'get away from here before it is too late!'"But I am somewhat headstrong by nature, and the more ready toengage in an affair when there is some obstacle in the way. Ithought of my fifty-guinea fee, of my wearisome journey, and of theunpleasant night which seemed to be before me. Was it all to go fornothing? Why should I slink away without having carried out mycommission, and without the payment which was my due? This womanmight, for all I knew, be a monomaniac. With a stout bearing,therefore, though her manner had shaken me more than I cared toconfess, I still shook my head and declared my intention ofremaining where I was. She was about to renew her entreaties when adoor slammed overhead, and the sound of several footsteps was heardupon the stairs. She listened for an instant, threw up her handswith a despairing gesture, and vanished as suddenly and as noiselesslyas she had come.
4.  But before we could move, the man had emerged again. As he cameout into the glimmering patch of light, we saw that he carriedsomething white under his arm. He looked stealthily all round him. Thesilence of the deserted street reassured him. Turning his back upon ushe laid down his burden, and the next instant there was the sound of asharp tap, followed by a clatter and rattle. The man was so intentupon what he was doing that he never heard our steps as we stoleacross the grass plot. With the bound of a tiger Holmes was on hisback, and an instant later Lestrade and I had him by either wrist, andthe handcuffs had been fastened. As we turned him over I saw ahideous, sallow face, with writhing, furious features, glaring up atus, and I knew that it was indeed the man of the photograph whom wehad secured.
5.  Holmes sank back in his chair.
6.  "'I was boiling the kettle when I fell asleep, sir.' He looked at meand then up at the still quivering bell with an ever-growingastonishment upon his face.


1.  "On the back, sir. No trace of a struggle. No marks. No weapon.The short note from Miss Dunbar was clutched in her left hand.""Clutched, you say?"
2.  "Unless I bring you into it."
3.  "We must define the situation a little more clearly. It may bearsome more innocent interpretation. Come, Watson, let us go acrossourselves and see what we can make of it."
4.  "It is a question of hydraulics, you see, and came within my ownprovince."
5.  Holmes shook his head. "He did not turn pale. He was pale when weentered the room," said he. "It is just possible that-"His words were interrupted by a sharp rat-tat from the directionof the inner door.
6.  "Then hand me that little box from the mantlepiece."


1.  A spaniel had lain in a basket in the corner. It came slowly forwardtowards its master, walking with difficulty. Its hind legs movedirregularly and its tail was on the ground. It licked Ferguson's hand."What is it, Mr. Holmes?"
2.  "No; you're wrong there."
3.  "You will let me know any fresh development, Miss Smith. I am verybusy just now, but I will find time to make some inquiries into yourcase. In the meantime, take no step without letting me know. Good-bye,and I trust that we shall have nothing but good news from you.""It is part of the settled order of Nature that such a girl shouldhave followers," said Holmes, he pulled at his meditative pipe, "butfor choice not on bicycles in lonely country roads. Some secretivelover, beyond all doubt. But there are curious and suggestivedetails about the case, Watson."
4.  He handed the letter across. It was headed with the address quoted.DEAR MR. HOLMES [it said]:
5.   Holmes rubbed his hands.
6.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


1.  "About six."
2.  "So I am. Very much so."
3.  Mr. Sherlock Holmes listened with attention to the long report whichI was able to present to him that evening, but it did not elicitthat word of curt praise which I had hoped for and should have valued.On the contrary, his austere face was even more severe than usual ashe commented upon the things that I had done and the things that I hadnot.
4、  "`I should certainly speak to the police,' I said.
5、  "What then?"




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      "In the cells."

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      It was in vain that I asked Holmes to remain for the evening. It wasevident to me that he thought he might bring trouble to the roof hewas under, and that that was the motive which impelled him to go. Witha few hurried words as to our plans for the morrow he rose and cameout with me into the garden, clambering over the wall which leads intoMortimer Street, and immediately whistling for a hansom, in which Iheard him drive away.

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       "I fear I cannot help you much. His only correspondent, so far asI know, was his own father."

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    {  "So I came to a dead end, Mr. Holmes. There was no getting pastit. I could only pretend to accept the situation and register a vowinwardly that I would never rest until my friend's fate had beencleared up. It was a dull evening. We dined quietly, the three ofus, in a gloomy faded old room. The lady questioned me eagerly abouther son, but the old man seemed morose and depressed. I was so boredby the whole proceeding that I made an excuse as soon as I decentlycould and retired to my bedroom. It was a large, bare room on theground floor, as gloomy as the rest of the house, but after a yearof sleeping upon the veldt, Mr. Holmes, one is not too particularabout one's quarters. I opened the curtains and looked out into thegarden, remarking that it was a fine night with a bright half-moon.Then I sat down by the roaring fire with the lamp on a table besideme, and endeavoured to distract my mind with a novel. I wasinterrupted, however, by Ralph, the old butler, who came in with afresh supply of coals.

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      "You see, Watson," he explained in the early hours of themorning as we sat over a glass of whisky and soda in Baker Street,"it was perfectly obvious from the first that the only possibleobject of this rather fantastic business of the advertisement ofthe League, and the copying of the Encyclopaedia, must be to getthis not over-bright pawnbroker out of the way for a number ofhours every day. It was a curious way of managing it, but,really, it would be difficult to suggest a better. The method wasno doubt suggested to Clay's ingenious mind by the colour of hisaccomplice's hair. The 4 pound a week was a lure which must draw him,and what was it to them, who were playing for thousands? They putin the advertisement, one rogue has the temporary office, theother rogue incites the man to apply for it, and together theymanage to secure his absence every morning in the week. From thetime that I heard of the assistant having come for half wages, itwas obvious to me that he had some strong motive for securing thesituation."}

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      "`Yes, I knew him well, in fact, he was an old suitor of mine. Thankheaven that I had the sense to turn away from him and to marry abetter, if poorer, man. I was engaged to him, Mr. Holmes, when I hearda shocking story of how he had turned a cat loose in an aviary, andI was so horrified at his brutal cruelty that I would have nothingmore to do with him.' She rummaged in a bureau, and presently sheproduced a photograph of a woman, shamefully defaced and mutilatedwith a knife. `That is my own photograph,' she said. `He sent it to mein that state, with his curse, upon my wedding morning.'"`Well,' said I, `at least he has forgiven you now, since he hasleft all his property to your son.'

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      Holmes had stepped across, had lit the candle, and was passing itbackward and forward across the window-panes. Then he peered intothe darkness, blew the candle out, and threw it on the floor."I rather think that will be helpful," said he. He came over andstood in deep thought while the two professionals were examining thebody. "You say that three people came out from the flat while you werewaiting downstairs," said he at last. "Did you observe them closely?""Yes, I did."

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       "She died just two years ago, and it is of her death that I wishto speak to you. You can understand that, living the life which I havedescribed, we were little likely to see anyone of our own age andposition. We had, however, an aunt, my mother's maiden sister, MissHonoria Westphail, who lives near Harrow, and we were occasionallyallowed to pay short visits at this lady's house. Julia went thereat Christmas two years ago, and met there a half-pay major of marines,to whom she became engaged. My stepfather learned of the engagementwhen my sister returned and offered no objection to the marriage;but within a fortnight of the day which had been fixed for thewedding, the terrible event occurred which has deprived me of myonly companion."

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    {  "We must be circumspect for we are dealing with a very cunningman. We can do nothing until seven o'clock. At that hour we shall bewith you, and it will not be long before we solve the mystery."We were as good as our word, for it was just seven when we reachedthe Copper Beeches, having put up our trap at a waysidepublic-house. The group of trees, with their dark leaves shininglike burnished metal in the light of the setting sun, weresufficient to mark the house even had Miss Hunter not been standingsmiling on the door-step.

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      At first it was but a lurid spark upon the stone pavement.Then it lengthened out until it became a yellow line, and then,without any warning or sound, a gash seemed to open and a handappeared; a white, almost womanly hand, which felt about in thecentre of the little area of light. For a minute or more thehand, with its writhing fingers, protruded out of the floor. Thenit was withdrawn as suddenly as it appeared, and all was darkagain save the single lurid spark which marked a chink between thestones.