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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then I forgive you," said the man, dropping his cloak, andadvancing to the light.
2.  "No, sir," said Danglars; "I merely suspend my decision,that is all."
3.  Three days passed -- seventy-two long tedious hours which hecounted off by minutes!
4.  Chapter 50The Morrel Family.
5.  "Where is he?"
6.  "And what may it be?"


1.  "Why, thus it is," replied Dantes. "Thanks to the influenceof M. Morrel, to whom, next to my father, I owe everyblessing I enjoy, every difficulty his been removed. We havepurchased permission to waive the usual delay; and athalf-past two o'clock the mayor of Marseilles will bewaiting for us at the city hall. Now, as a quarter-past onehas already struck, I do not consider I have asserted toomuch in saying, that, in another hour and thirty minutesMercedes will have become Madame Dantes."
2.  "On what shall I reflect?"
3.  Chapter 110The Indictment.
4.  "No, indeed," replied Madame de Villefort; "and yet itappears to me, sir, that if I had met you anywhere, therecollection of you must have been imprinted on my memory."
5.  "Upon my honor."
6.  "Well, my dear duke," replied Louis XVIII., "I think you arewrongly informed, and know positively that, on the contrary,it is very fine weather in that direction." Man of abilityas he was, Louis XVIII. liked a pleasant jest.


1.  "On the contrary, I shall feel much pleasure." Thus, thefuture father and son-in-law stepped into the same carriage,and Morrel, seeing them pass, became uneasy. Villefort andFranz returned to the Faubourg Saint-Honore. The procureur,without going to see either his wife or his daughter, wentat once to his study, and, offering the young man a chair,-- "M. d'Epinay," said he, "allow me to remind you at thismoment, -- which is perhaps not so ill-chosen as at firstsight may appear, for obedience to the wishes of thedeparted is the first offering which should be made at theirtomb, -- allow me then to remind you of the wish expressedby Madame de Saint-Meran on her death-bed, that Valentine'swedding might not be deferred. You know the affairs of thedeceased are in perfect order, and her will bequeaths toValentine the entire property of the Saint-Meran family; thenotary showed me the documents yesterday, which will enableus to draw up the contract immediately. You may call on thenotary, M. Deschamps, Place Beauveau, Faubourg Saint-Honore,and you have my authority to inspect those deeds."
2.  "And the same love for you -- eh, my dear child?"
3.  "Well!" said Albert.
4.  "Madame, this is precaution, not impertinence; no one entershere without an order from M. d'Avrigny, or without speakingto the procureur."
5.   "You have, doubtless, heard the adventures of M. Zaccone'syouth?"
6.  "What is it?"


1.  "It is written in the good book," said Monte Cristo, "thatthe sins of the fathers shall fall upon their children tothe third and fourth generation. Since God himself dictatedthose words to his prophet, why should I seek to make myselfbetter than God?"
2.  "I never joke with bankers," said Monte Cristo in a freezingmanner, which repelled impertinence; and he turned to thedoor, just as the valet de chambre announced, -- "M. deBoville, receiver-general of the charities."
3.  "No," he muttered, "the doubt I felt was but thecommencement of forgetfulness; but here the wound reopens,and the heart again thirsts for vengeance. And theprisoner," he continued aloud, "was he ever heard ofafterwards?"
4、  "Oh, heavens!" exclaimed Morrel, "I do not deceive myself --that young man who is waving his hat, that youth in theuniform of a lieutenant, is Albert de Morcerf!"
5、  "Come," observed the countess, smiling, "I see my vampire isonly some millionaire, who has taken the appearance of Larain order to avoid being confounded with M. de Rothschild;and you have seen her?"




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      "Precisely. So, my dear viscount, whenever you wish to beregaled with music come and sup with me."

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      "I have just left him," answered Caderousse.

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       "Look round you then." Dantes rose and looked forward, whenhe saw rise within a hundred yards of him the black andfrowning rock on which stands the Chateau d'If. This gloomyfortress, which has for more than three hundred yearsfurnished food for so many wild legends, seemed to Danteslike a scaffold to a malefactor.

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      "No," said Valentine, "you might meet some one; stay."

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    {  "Leave the saucepan," said Dantes; "you can take it awaywhen you bring me my breakfast." This advice was to thejailer's taste, as it spared him the necessity of makinganother trip. He left the saucepan.

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      "I have."}

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      "Do you wish to speak to us?" asked Morrel.

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      "But how could you have these fish brought to France?"

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       "Really, sir," retorted the count, "have you attained theeminent situation in which you are, without having admitted,or even without having met with exceptions? and do you neveruse your eyes, which must have acquired so much finesse andcertainty, to divine, at a glance, the kind of man by whomyou are confronted? Should not a magistrate be not merelythe best administrator of the law, but the most craftyexpounder of the chicanery of his profession, a steel probeto search hearts, a touchstone to try the gold which in eachsoul is mingled with more or less of alloy?"

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    {  "I say that Valentine is dead!" replied d'Avrigny, in avoice terrible in its solemn calm.

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      "Yes," replied Noirtier.