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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  When this species of summons was made the officer inquired aloudthe point of the brig's departure, its route, its landings; andto all these questions the captain replied without difficulty andwithout hesitation. Then the officer began to pass in review allthe people, one after the other, and stopping when he came toMilady, surveyed her very closely, but without addressing asingle word to her.
2.  Planchet went down into the yard, and wished to saddle thehorses; but the horses were all used up. Mousqueton's horsewhich had traveled for five or six hours without a rider the daybefore, might have been able to pursue the journey; but by aninconceivable error the veterinary surgeon, who had been sentfor, as it appeared, to bleed one of the host's horses, had bledMousqueton's.
3.  However brilliant had been the part played by Porthos in theduel, it had not made him forget the dinner of theprocurator's wife.
4.  "And now," said D'Artagnan, "as there is no longer any fearof being overheard, I hope you are going to let me into yoursecret."
5.  Anne of Austria re-entered her apartment, and came out againalmost immediately, holding a rosewood casket in her hand, withher cipher encrusted with gold.
6.  Athos, wounded anew by Cahusac, became evidently paler, but didnot give way a foot. He only changed his sword hand, and foughtwith his left hand.


1.  "Ready money is needful for the present time, and we mustlearn how to make sacrifices. Go, D'Artagnan, go; Grimaudwill accompany you with his musketoon."
2.  "No, indeed!"
3.  "It is some superior officer making his night rounds," saidAthos. "What do you wish, gentlemen?"
4.  "Oh, then, some pledge of your indulgence, some object which camefrom you, and may remind me that I have not been dreaming;something you have worn, and that I may wear in my turn--a ring,a necklace, a chain."
5.  "Yes, monsieur, I know only him."
6.  "Oh, that is not my secret."


1.  "We will give them money?" replied Athos. "Have you anymoney?"
2.  "Balzempleu!" said the Swiss, who, notwithstanding theadmirable collection of oaths possessed by the Germanlanguage, had acquired a habit of swearing in French."But it is probable," said the light-horseman, "that theywill send pioneers this morning to repair the bastion.""Yes, that's probable," said D'Artagnan.
3.  "Order it as you please, sire; you possess the right of pardon.""The right of pardoning only applies to the guilty," saidTreville, who was determined to have the last word, "and myMusketeer is innocent. It is not mercy, then, that you are aboutto accord, sire, it is justice."
4.  "Besides," said Athos, waiting till D'Artagnan, who went to thankMonsieur de Treville, had shut the door, "besides, there is thatbeautiful ring which beams from the finger of our friend. Whatthe devil! D'Artagnan is too good a comrade to leave hisbrothers in embarrassment while he wears the ransom of a king onhis finger."
5.   "What a brute of a host! Why did you give him six pistoles?""You told me to give them to him."
6.  "Scoundrel, infamous scoundrel!" howled Milady.


1.  "Ah, monsieur!"
2.  This verse, into which the terrible enchantress threw her wholesoul, completed the trouble which had seized the heart of theyoung officer. He opened the door quickly; and Milady saw himappear, pale as usual, but with his eye inflamed and almost wild."Why do you sing thus, and with such a voice?" said he."Your pardon, sir," said Milady, with mildness. "I forgot thatmy songs are out of place in this castle. I have perhapsoffended you in your creed; but it was without wishing to do so,I swear. Pardon me, then, a fault which is perhaps great, butwhich certainly was involuntary."
3.  "And what do you believe?' His voice was stifled by sobs."I believe everything," said Athos biting his lips till the blood sprangto avoid sighing.
4、  D'Artagnan went out first, as had been agreed upon. Then, inorder that he might have nothing to reproach himself with, hedirected his steps, for the last time, toward the residences ofhis three friends. No news had been received of them; only aletter, all perfumed and of an elegant writing in smallcharacters, had come for Aramis. D'Artagnan took charge of it.Ten minutes afterward Planchet joined him at the stables of theHotel des Gardes. D'Artagnan, in order that there might be notime lost, had saddled his horse himself.
5、  "Stop," said D'Artagnan; "we are near Athos's door. Yes, here itis."




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      Treville bowed very respectfully, with a joy that was not unmixedwith fear; he would have preferred an obstinate resistance on thepart of the cardinal to this sudden yielding.

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      "A person who takes more interest in you than she is willingto confess wishes to know on what day it will suit you towalk in the forest? Tomorrow, at the Hotel Field of theCloth of Gold, a lackey in black and red will wait for yourreply."

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       "But of what sort?"

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      "You are mistaken, my Lord, blood will flow; and may that bloodfall back on those who cause it to flow!"

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    {  "I have no seconds on my part, monsieur," said D'Artagnan; "forhaving only arrived yesterday in Paris, I as yet know no one butMonsieur de Treville, to whom I was recommended by my father, whohas the honor to be, in some degree, one of his friends."Athos reflected for an instant. "You know no one but Monsieur deTreville?" he asked.

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      "This is all very strange," said M. de Treville, after meditatinga minute; "you mentioned my name, then, aloud?"}

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      "Well, monsieur," said he, "you appear to be more stupidthan I am, for you forget there is a little quarrel toarrange between us two."

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      "Well, and what does it signify whether it was he or I? Is thereany crime in this request?"

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       "An opportunity will come," replied Rochefort.

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    {  "De Wardes; I know it," cried D'Artagnan.

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      "Or Camille de Bois-Tracy."