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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Indeed? And is the reason known?"
2.  "Andrea?"
3.  "`Monsieur,' I said, `my brother was assassinated yesterdayin the streets of Nimes, I know not by whom, but it is yourduty to find out. You are the representative of justicehere, and it is for justice to avenge those she has beenunable to protect.' -- `Who was your brother?' asked he. --`A lieutenant in the Corsican battalion.' -- `A soldier ofthe usurper, then?' -- `A soldier of the French army.' --`Well,' replied he, `he has smitten with the sword, and hehas perished by the sword.' -- `You are mistaken, monsieur,'I replied; `he has perished by the poniard.' -- `What do youwant me to do?' asked the magistrate. -- `I have alreadytold you -- avenge him.' -- `On whom?' -- `On hismurderers.' -- `How should I know who they are?' -- `Orderthem to be sought for.' -- `Why, your brother has beeninvolved in a quarrel, and killed in a duel. All these oldsoldiers commit excesses which were tolerated in the time ofthe emperor, but which are not suffered now, for the peoplehere do not like soldiers of such disorderly conduct.' --`Monsieur,' I replied, `it is not for myself that I entreatyour interference -- I should grieve for him or avenge him,but my poor brother had a wife, and were anything to happento me, the poor creature would perish from want, for mybrother's pay alone kept her. Pray, try and obtain a smallgovernment pension for her.'
4.  "What can you mean?" asked the procureur, alarmed.
5.  "Then," pursued the young man eagerly --
6.  "Why do you mention my father?" stammered he; "why do youmingle a recollection of him with the affairs of today?"


1.  "Ah, sir," replied Caderousse, "we cannot console those whowill not be consoled, and he was one of these; besides, Iknow not why, but he seemed to dislike seeing me. One night,however, I heard his sobs, and I could not resist my desireto go up to him, but when I reached his door he was nolonger weeping but praying. I cannot now repeat to you, sir,all the eloquent words and imploring language he made useof; it was more than piety, it was more than grief, and I,who am no canter, and hate the Jesuits, said then to myself,`It is really well, and I am very glad that I have not anychildren; for if I were a father and felt such excessivegrief as the old man does, and did not find in my memory orheart all he is now saying, I should throw myself into thesea at once, for I could not bear it.'"
2.  "And besides," said Beauchamp, "with a collar above hiscravat, an open coat and white waistcoat! Why has he notpainted a spot upon his heart? -- it would have been moresimple." Meanwhile Albert had arrived within ten paces ofthe group formed by the five young men. He jumped from hishorse, threw the bridle on his servant's arms, and joinedthem. He was pale, and his eyes were red and swollen; it wasevident that he had not slept. A shade of melancholy gravityoverspread his countenance, which was not natural to him. "Ithank you, gentlemen," said he, "for having complied with myrequest; I feel extremely grateful for this mark offriendship." Morrel had stepped back as Morcerf approached,and remained at a short distance. "And to you also, M.Morrel, my thanks are due. Come, there cannot be too many."
3.  "It is well. As soon as he arrives inform me. We must beexpeditious. And then I also wish to see a notary, that Imay be assured that all our property returns to Valentine."
4.  "Noirtier!" repeated the abbe; "Noirtier! -- I knew a personof that name at the court of the Queen of Etruria, -- aNoirtier, who had been a Girondin during the Revolution!What was your deputy called?"
5.  Edmond waited till life seemed extinct in the body of hisfriend, then, taking up the knife, he with difficulty forcedopen the closely fixed jaws, carefully administered theappointed number of drops, and anxiously awaited the result.An hour passed away and the old man gave no sign ofreturning animation. Dantes began to fear he had delayed toolong ere he administered the remedy, and, thrusting hishands into his hair, continued gazing on the lifelessfeatures of his friend. At length a slight color tinged thelivid cheeks, consciousness returned to the dull, openeyeballs, a faint sigh issued from the lips, and thesufferer made a feeble effort to move.
6.  "It is a prisoner," said Edmond joyfully. The night passedin perfect silence. Edmond did not close his eyes.


1.  "A Greek?" murmured the Count of Morcerf.
2.  "You're wrong. Come with us to Marseilles -- come along."
3.  "No, madame, contrary to most history, it is true; but whatyou tell me, madame, what you inquire of me, is not theresult of a chance query, for two years ago you asked me thesame questions, and said then, that for a very long timethis history of Mithridates had occupied your mind."
4.  "The Count of Monte Cristo."
5.   Mercedes raised her eyes to heaven with an expression itwould be impossible to describe, and tears, which hadhitherto been restrained, now yielded to her emotion, andran down her cheeks.
6.  "I think that with a hundred francs a month" --


1.  "But does Maximilian go to Rome?" exclaimed Emmanuel.
2.  "Oh, sir!" cried Morrel.
3.  "Listen to me, my son has also guessed who you are, -- heattributes his father's misfortunes to you."
4、  "What did I say? Oh, my brain whirls; I no longer understandanything. Oh, my God, my God!" And she rose, with her hairdishevelled, and her lips foaming.
5、  "I have found already."




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      "The same as usual, my dear, my glass is there on the table-- give it to me, Valentine." Valentine poured the orangeadeinto a glass and gave it to her grandmother with a certaindegree of dread, for it was the same glass she fancied thathad been touched by the spectre. The marchioness drained theglass at a single draught, and then turned on her pillow,repeating, -- "The notary, the notary!"

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      "Marriage? If she dislikes that so much, why did she evermarry herself?"

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       The eyes of the paralytic expressed a multitude oftumultuous thoughts. "You like M. Maximilian Morrel, do younot, grandpapa?" asked Valentine.

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      "That is what I call devoted friendship, to recommend toanother one whom you would not marry yourself." Albertsmiled. -- "Apropos," continued he, "Franz is coming soon,but it will not interest you; you dislike him, I think?"

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    {  "I am not difficult of access, sir; for yesterday, if mymemory does not deceive me, you were at my house."

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      "And what is the pay?"}

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      "And yet it has not prevented your sending for me to play mesome trick."

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      "I should like to be there at the time you come, and I willendeavor to repay you, as far as lies in my power, for yourliberal hospitality displayed to me at Monte Cristo."

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       "What," said the notary, "do you not intend makingMademoiselle Valentine de Villefort your residuary legatee?"

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    {  "He did not know," said the abbe.

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      "Stop," said Albert, "here he comes. I shall complimentMademoiselle Danglars on her cameo, while the father talksto you."