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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Danglars did not lose one pang that Fernand endured.
2.  "No, no," cried the abbe; "impossible!" Dantes endeavored torenew the subject; the abbe shook his head in token ofdisapproval, and refused to make any further response. Threemonths passed away.
3.  Albert felt the blood mounting to his brow; there was nodoubt upon the subject. Danglars defended himself with thebaseness, but at the same time with the assurance, of a manwho speaks the truth, at least in part, if not wholly -- notfor conscience' sake, but through fear. Besides, what wasMorcerf seeking? It was not whether Danglars or Monte Cristowas more or less guilty; it was a man who would answer forthe offence, whether trifling or serious; it was a man whowould fight, and it was evident Danglars's would not fight.And, in addition to this, everything forgotten orunperceived before presented itself now to his recollection.Monte Cristo knew everything, as he had bought the daughterof Ali Pasha; and, knowing everything, he had advisedDanglars to write to Yanina. The answer known, he hadyielded to Albert's wish to be introduced to Haidee, andallowed the conversation to turn on the death of Ali, andhad not opposed Haidee's recital (but having, doubtless,warned the young girl, in the few Romaic words he spoke toher, not to implicate Morcerf's father). Besides, had he notbegged of Morcerf not to mention his father's name beforeHaidee? Lastly, he had taken Albert to Normandy when he knewthe final blow was near. There could be no doubt that allhad been calculated and previously arranged; Monte Cristothen was in league with his father's enemies. Albert tookBeauchamp aside, and communicated these ideas to him.
4.  "Will it be long first?" muttered Villefort, saluting theminister, whose career was ended, and looking about him fora hackney-coach. One passed at the moment, which he hailed;he gave his address to the driver, and springing in, threwhimself on the seat, and gave loose to dreams of ambition.
5.  "Come nearer," said the magistrate, with a patronizing waveof the hand, "and tell me to what circumstance I owe thehonor of this visit."
6.  Noirtier made no answer. "What do you want with a notary?"again repeated Villefort. The invalid's eye remained fixed,by which expression he intended to intimate that hisresolution was unalterable. "Is it to do us some ill turn?Do you think it is worth while?" said Villefort.


1.  "As you please, sir," said Franz.
2.  "Ah," said Monte Cristo "I did not expect that the affairwould be so promptly concluded."
3.  "`"It is this: -- `I swear by my honor not to reveal to anyone what I have seen and heard on the 5th of February, 1815,between nine and ten o'clock in the evening; and I pleadguilty of death should I ever violate this oath.'" Thegeneral appeared to be affected by a nervous tremor, whichprevented his answering for some moments; then, overcominghis manifest repugnance, he pronounced the required oath,but in so low a tone as to be scarcely audible to themajority of the members, who insisted on his repeating itclearly and distinctly, which he did.
4.  "Laugh as much as you will," replied Albert, "I am in love."
5.  "He is quite right," returned Beauchamp; "for I criticisehim without knowing what he does. Good-day, commander!"
6.  "Then the postscript" --


1.  "Yes; it was Benedetto."
2.  The handle of this saucepan was of iron; Dantes would havegiven ten years of his life in exchange for it.
3.  "Yes, especially if you will show me the poor abbe's room."
4.  "Willingly."
5.   "Oh. my dear count." said Albert gayly, arranging his cravatand wristbands, "you are really most kind, and I hope youwill consider me as under eternal obligations to you, in thefirst place for the carriage, and in the next for thisvisit," and he put out his hand to the Count, who shudderedas he gave his own, but who nevertheless did give it. Thebandit gazed on this scene with amazement; he was evidentlyaccustomed to see his prisoners tremble before him, and yethere was one whose gay temperament was not for a momentaltered; as for Franz, he was enchanted at the way in whichAlbert had sustained the national honor in the presence ofthe bandit. "My dear Albert," he said, "if you will makehaste, we shall yet have time to finish the night atTorlonia's. You may conclude your interrupted galop, so thatyou will owe no ill-will to Signor Luigi, who has, indeed,throughout this whole affair acted like a gentleman."
6.  "Another hope defeated!" said the count. Then, with a sigh,"Poor Haidee!" murmured he.


1.  "A man, too, who could boast of Dante for a genealogist, andcould reckon back to the `Divine Comedy.'"
2.  "The chief's mistress?"
3.  "Oh, had he been my own son," replied Bertuccio, "or even mynephew, I would have brought him back to the right road, forthe knowledge that you are doing your duty gives youstrength, but the idea that I was striking a child whosefather I had killed, made it impossible for me to punishhim. I gave my sister, who constantly defended theunfortunate boy, good advice, and as she confessed that shehad several times missed money to a considerable amount, Ishowed her a safe place in which to conceal our littletreasure for the future. My mind was already made up.Benedetto could read, write, and cipher perfectly, for whenthe fit seized him, he learned more in a day than others ina week. My intention was to enter him as a clerk in someship, and without letting him know anything of my plan, toconvey him some morning on board; by this means his futuretreatment would depend upon his own conduct. I set off forFrance, after having fixed upon the plan. Our cargo was tobe landed in the Gulf of Lyons, and this was a difficultthing to do because it was then the year 1829. The mostperfect tranquillity was restored, and the vigilance of thecustom-house officers was redoubled, and their strictnesswas increased at this time, in consequence of the fair atBeaucaire.
4、  "Precisely, monsieur," replied Monte Cristo with one ofthose smiles that a painter could never represent or aphysiologist analyze.
5、  "What? You believe so?"




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      "I stumbled over some object; I stooped to examine -- it wasthe second pistol, which had not gone off, probably from thepowder being wet. I approached the jeweller, who was notquite dead, and at the sound of my footsteps and thecreaking of the floor, he opened his eyes, fixed them on mewith an anxious and inquiring gaze, moved his lips as thoughtrying to speak, then, overcome by the effort, fell back andexpired. This appalling sight almost bereft me of my senses,and finding that I could no longer be of service to any onein the house, my only desire was to fly. I rushed towardsthe staircase, clutching my hair, and uttering a groan ofhorror. Upon reaching the room below, I found five or sixcustom-house officers, and two or three gendarmes -- allheavily armed. They threw themselves upon me. I made noresistance; I was no longer master of my senses. When Istrove to speak, a few inarticulate sounds alone escaped mylips.

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      "What do you think of the count?" inquired Debray; "he isnot much amiss, according to my ideas of good looks."

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       "Oh, he is always as colorless as you now see him," saidFranz.

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      "Let us visit this one first," added he.

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    {  "And your present happiness, has it softened your heart?"

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      "I have made a mistake owing to an error in my plans. I tookthe wrong angle, and have come out fifteen feet from where Iintended. I took the wall you are mining for the outer wallof the fortress."}

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      "By the help of his eyes, which are still full of life, and,as you perceive, possess the power of inflicting mortalinjury."

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      "No one had entered the house since I had left it. It wasfive o'clock in the afternoon; I ascended into the red room,and waited for night. There all the thoughts which haddisturbed me during my year of constant agony came back withdouble force. The Corsican, who had declared the vendettaagainst me, who had followed me from Nimes to Paris, who hadhid himself in the garden, who had struck me, had seen medig the grave, had seen me inter the child, -- he mightbecome acquainted with your person, -- nay, he might eventhen have known it. Would he not one day make you pay forkeeping this terrible secret? Would it not be a sweetrevenge for him when he found that I had not died from theblow of his dagger? It was therefore necessary, beforeeverything else, and at all risks, that I should cause alltraces of the past to disappear -- that I should destroyevery material vestige; too much reality would always remainin my recollection. It was for this I had annulled the lease-- it was for this I had come -- it was for this I waswaiting. Night arrived; I allowed it to become quite dark. Iwas without a light in that room; when the wind shook allthe doors, behind which I continually expected to see somespy concealed, I trembled. I seemed everywhere to hear yourmoans behind me in the bed, and I dared not turn around. Myheart beat so violently that I feared my wound would open.At length, one by one, all the noises in the neighborhoodceased. I understood that I had nothing to fear, that Ishould neither be seen nor heard, so I decided upondescending to the garden.

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       "Indeed they are not; but God his supplied man with theintelligence that enables him to overcome the limitations ofnatural conditions. I furnished myself with a light."

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    {  "Or from your generosity, my friend; to so good a marksmanas you are, I may say what would appear absurd to another."

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      Faria sat up to receive him, avoiding all gestures in orderthat he might conceal from the governor the paralysis thathad already half stricken him with death. His fear was lestthe governor, touched with pity, might order him to beremoved to better quarters, and thus separate him from hisyoung companion. But fortunately this was not the case, andthe governor left him, convinced that the poor madman, forwhom in his heart he felt a kind of affection, was onlytroubled with a slight indisposition.