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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "`Are you mad, uncle?' (he called me by this name when hewas in good humor); `do you think I am going to change thelife I lead for your mode of existence -- my agreeableindolence for the hard and precarious toil you impose onyourself, exposed to the bitter frost at night, and thescorching heat by day, compelled to conceal yourself, andwhen you are perceived, receive a volley of bullets, all toearn a paltry sum? Why, I have as much money as I want;mother Assunta always furnishes me when I ask for it! Yousee that I should be a fool to accept your offer.' Thearguments, and his audacity, perfectly stupefied me.Benedetto rejoined his associates, and I saw him from adistance point me out to them as a fool."
2.  "What I have said, I have said," answered Caderousse.
3.  "Never mind that foolish girl, Villefort," said themarquise. "She will soon get over these things." So saying,Madame de Saint-Meran extended her dry bony hand toVillefort, who, while imprinting a son-in-law's respectfulsalute on it, looked at Renee, as much as to say, "I musttry and fancy 'tis your dear hand I kiss, as it should havebeen."
4.  "Do not alarm yourself, sir; justice will be done," saidVillefort. "My father has revealed the culprit's name; myfather thirsts for revenge as much as you do, yet even heconjures you as I do to keep this secret. Do you not,father?"
5.  "So that," said Monte Cristo, "you have lost nearly1,700,000 francs this month."
6.  Due information was given to the authorities, and permissionobtained that the two funerals should take place at the sametime. A second hearse, decked with the same funereal pomp,was brought to M. de Villefort's door, and the coffinremoved into it from the post-wagon. The two bodies were tobe interred in the cemetery of Pere-la-Chaise, where M. deVillefort had long since had a tomb prepared for thereception of his family. The remains of poor Renee werealready deposited there, and now, after ten years ofseparation, her father and mother were to be reunited withher. The Parisians, always curious, always affected byfunereal display, looked on with religious silence while thesplendid procession accompanied to their last abode two ofthe number of the old aristocracy -- the greatest protectorsof commerce and sincere devotees to their principles. In oneof the mourning-coaches Beauchamp, Debray, andChateau-Renaud were talking of the very sudden death of themarchioness. "I saw Madame de Saint-Meran only last year atMarseilles, when I was coming back from Algiers," saidChateau-Renaud; "she looked like a woman destined to live tobe a hundred years old, from her apparent sound health andgreat activity of mind and body. How old was she?"


1.  "You do not mean to say that it would not be a good match?"
2.  "I have sent for one," replied the abbe.
3.  "What will happen then?"
4.  "Give all the information in your power."
5.  "At the prefect's last night. Paris, you can understand, isastonished at the sight of such unusual splendor, and thepolice have made inquiries."
6.  At this sound, as he was already partially exposed to view,he stepped back and concealed himself completely, remainingperfectly motionless. He had formed his resolution. If itwas Valentine alone, he would speak as she passed; if shewas accompanied, and he could not speak, still he should seeher, and know that she was safe; if they were strangers, hewould listen to their conversation, and might understandsomething of this hitherto incomprehensible mystery. Themoon had just then escaped from behind the cloud which hadconcealed it, and Morrel saw Villefort come out upon thesteps, followed by a gentleman in black. They descended, andadvanced towards the clump of trees, and Morrel soonrecognized the other gentleman as Doctor d'Avrigny.


1.  "Do you consider the last twelve months to have beenwasted?" asked the abbe.
2.  "Follow me," said the man. A door opened, through which theattendant and the baron disappeared. The man who hadfollowed Danglars sat down on a bench. The clerk continuedto write for the next five minutes; the man preservedprofound silence, and remained perfectly motionless. Thenthe pen of the clerk ceased to move over the paper; heraised his head, and appearing to be perfectly sure ofprivacy, -- "Ah, ha," he said, "here you are, Peppino!"
3.  At the moment when d'Avrigny was returning to Valentine'sroom, accompanied by Villefort, an Italian priest, ofserious demeanor and calm and firm tone, hired for his usethe house adjoining the hotel of M. de Villefort. No oneknew how the three former tenants of that house left it.About two hours afterwards its foundation was reported to beunsafe; but the report did not prevent the new occupantestablishing himself there with his modest furniture thesame day at five o'clock. The lease was drawn up for three,six, or nine years by the new tenant, who, according to therule of the proprietor, paid six months in advance. This newtenant, who, as we have said, was an Italian, was called IlSignor Giacomo Busoni. Workmen were immediately called in,and that same night the passengers at the end of thefaubourg saw with surprise that carpenters and masons wereoccupied in repairing the lower part of the tottering house.
4.  "He burnt the sole evidence that could at all havecriminated me."
5.   "Oh, no," answered Franz, "I had no such intention; and evenif I had felt a wish to witness the spectacle, I might havedone so from Monte Pincio -- could I not?"
6.  "Valentine, I have always regarded our love in the light ofsomething sacred; consequently, I have covered it with theveil of respect, and hid it in the innermost recesses of mysoul. No human being, not even my sister, is aware of itsexistence. Valentine, will you permit me to make a confidantof a friend and reveal to him the love I bear you?"


1.  "His father?"
2.  "It is he!" said Villefort, turning pale.
3.  "I have already told you, my lord, that I shall see no one."
4、  "To tell you all I know," was the reply.
5、  "Phantoms are visible to those only who ought to see them.It was the soul of my husband! -- Well, if my husband's soulcan come to me, why should not my soul reappear to guard mygranddaughter? the tie is even more direct, it seems to me."




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      At each moment, in the midst of the crowd, the buzzing, andthe laughter, the door-keeper's voice was heard announcingsome name well known in the financial department, respectedin the army, or illustrious in the literary world, and whichwas acknowledged by a slight movement in the differentgroups. But for one whose privilege it was to agitate thatocean of human waves, how many were received with a look ofindifference or a sneer of disdain! At the moment when thehand of the massive time-piece, representing Endymionasleep, pointed to nine on its golden face, and the hammer,the faithful type of mechanical thought, struck nine times,the name of the Count of Monte Cristo resounded in its turn,and as if by an electric shock all the assembly turnedtowards the door.

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      "I believe I did."

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       "Nay," said the Count; "I will give you three months ere Ijoin you; you see I make an ample allowance for all delaysand difficulties.

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      recounted it at the Jockey Club, and Debray detailed it atlength in the salons of the minister; even Beauchampaccorded twenty lines in his journal to the relation of thecount's courage and gallantry, thereby celebrating him asthe greatest hero of the day in the eyes of all the femininemembers of the aristocracy. Vast was the crowd of visitorsand inquiring friends who left their names at the residenceof Madame de Villefort, with the design of renewing theirvisit at the right moment, of hearing from her lips all theinteresting circumstances of this most romantic adventure.As for M. de Villefort, he fulfilled the predictions ofHeloise to the letter, -- donned his dress suit, drew on apair of white gloves, ordered the servants to attend thecarriage dressed in their full livery, and drove that samenight to No. 30 in the Avenue des Champs-Elysees.

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    {  "Do you know this Island of Monte Cristo?"

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      This time Danglars had double reason to understand, for ifthe word and gesture had not explained the speaker'smeaning, it was clearly expressed by the man walking behindhim, who pushed him so rudely that he struck against theguide. This guide was our friend Peppino, who dashed intothe thicket of high weeds, through a path which none butlizards or polecats could have imagined to be an open road.Peppino stopped before a pit overhung by thick hedges; thepit, half open, afforded a passage to the young man, whodisappeared like the evil spirits in the fairy tales. Thevoice and gesture of the man who followed Danglars orderedhim to do the same. There was no longer any doubt, thebankrupt was in the hands of Roman banditti. Danglarsacquitted himself like a man placed between two dangerouspositions, and who is rendered brave by fear.Notwithstanding his large stomach, certainly not intended topenetrate the fissures of the Campagna, he slid down likePeppino, and closing his eyes fell upon his feet. As hetouched the ground, he opened his eyes. The path was wide,but dark. Peppino, who cared little for being recognized nowthat he was in his own territories, struck a light and lit atorch. Two other men descended after Danglars forming therearguard, and pushing Danglars whenever he happened tostop, they came by a gentle declivity to the intersection oftwo corridors. The walls were hollowed out in sepulchres,one above the other, and which seemed in contrast with thewhite stones to open their large dark eyes, like those whichwe see on the faces of the dead. A sentinel struck the ringsof his carbine against his left hand. "Who comes there?" hecried.}

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      "No," said Monte Cristo folding the five notes, "mostdecidedly not; the thing is so curious, I will make theexperiment myself. I am credited on you for six millions. Ihave drawn nine hundred thousand francs, you therefore stillowe me five millions and a hundred thousand francs. I willtake the five scraps of paper that I now hold as bonds, withyour signature alone, and here is a receipt in full for thesix millions between us. I had prepared it beforehand, for Iam much in want of money to-day." And Monte Cristo placedthe bonds in his pocket with one hand, while with the otherhe held out the receipt to Danglars. If a thunderbolt hadfallen at the banker's feet, he could not have experiencedgreater terror.

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      "And you?"

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    {  "For what?"

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      "How can I tell? You are questioning me like a king'sattorney. I only repeat what I have been told, and like myinformant I can do no more. The poor devil would eatnothing, from fear."