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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "They say," said Aramis, resuming his pious reading, "thatthe dyke which the cardinal is making drives them all outinto the open sea."
3.  "Why, then, are you about to betray it to me?"
4.  "Whither should I go? Do you believe there is a spot on the earth whichthe cardinal cannot reach if he takes the trouble to stretch forth hishand? If I were a man, that would barely be possible; but what can awoman do? This young boarder of yours, has she tried to fly?""No, that is true; but she--that is another thing; I believe she isdetained in France by some love affair."
5.  "Who told you that I had been weeping?" said she."It appeared to me--"
6.  "But you are not the men to allow sword wounds to beinflicted upon you thus," said the cardinal. "Come, befrank, gentlemen, you have settled accounts with somebody!Confess; you know I have the right of giving absolution.""I, monseigneur?" said Athos. "I did not even draw mysword, but I took him who offended me round the body, andthrew him out of the window. It appears that in falling,"continued Athos, with some hesitation, "he broke his thigh.""Ah, ah!" said the cardinal; "and you, Monsieur Porthos?""I, monseigneur, knowing that dueling is prohibited--Iseized a bench, and gave one of those brigands such a blowthat I believe his shoulder is broken."


1.  "Ah, my God!" whispered Mme. Bonacieux, "we shall hear no more.""On the contrary," said D'Artagnan, "we shall hear better."D'Artagnan raised the three or four boards which made his chamberanother ear of Dionysius, spread a carpet on the floor, went uponhis knees, and made a sign to Mme. Bonacieux to stoop as he didtoward the opening.
2.  This man was Armand Jean Duplessis, Cardinal de Richelieu; notsuch as he is now represented--broken down like an old man,suffering like a martyr, his body bent, his voice failing, buriedin a large armchair as in an anticipated tomb; no longer livingbut by the strength of his genius, and no longer maintaining thestruggle with Europe but by the eternal application of histhoughts--but such as he really was at this period; that is tosay, an active and gallant cavalier, already weak of body, butsustained by that moral power which made of him one of the mostextraordinary men that ever lived, preparing, after havingsupported the Duc de Nevers in his duchy of Mantua, after havingtaken Nimes, Castres, and Uzes, to drive the English from theIsle of Re and lay siege to La Rochelle.
3.  The voice of the king was tremulous with anger. Everybody lookedand listened with astonishment, comprehending nothing of whatpassed.
4.  The king looked at the cardinal as if to interrogate him; but hehad not time to address any question to him--a cry of admirationburst from every mouth. If the king appeared to be the firstgentleman of his kingdom, the queen was without doubt the mostbeautiful woman in France.
5.  On their way they met Grimaud. Athos made him a sign tocome with them. Grimaud, according to custom, obeyed insilence; the poor lad had nearly come to the pass offorgetting how to speak.
6.  Dec. 3, 1627


1.  "Who goes there, yourselves?" replied one of the horsemen."That is not an answer," replied Athos. "Who goes there?Answer, or we charge."
2.  The two gentlemen were exasperated; they had had a long ride, andwere dying with hunger and thirst.
3.  "Has anyone an interest in preventing your arrival there?""The cardinal, I believe, would give the world to prevent mysuccess."
4.  But soon thou dost afford
5.   "Of lofty stature."
6.  "Assassin of Buckingham, assassin of Felton, assassin of my brother, Idemand justice upon you, and I swear that if it be not granted to me, Iwill execute it myself."


1.  "This is all very well," murmured the king, "yes, this is justthe account the duke gave me of the affair. Poor cardinal!Seven men in two days, and those of his very best! But that'squite enough, gentlemen; please to understand, that's enough.You have taken your revenge for the Rue Ferou, and even exceededit; you ought to be satisfied."
2.  "How can that be?"
3.  "Seven or eight leagues at the most. We will keep on the frontiers, forinstance; and at the first alarm we can leave France.""And what can we do there?"
4、  On their arrival at the castle they learned that Buckingham andthe king were hawking in the marshes two or three leagues away.In twenty minutes they were on the spot named. Patrick sooncaught the sound of his master's voice calling his falcon."Whom must I announce to my Lord Duke?" asked Patrick."The young man who one evening sought a quarrel with him on thePont Neuf, opposite the Samaritaine."
5、  "Describe him to me, then."




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      "But it appears to me that my Guards--mine--are also hisMajesty's Guards; and whoever serves in a French corpsserves the king."

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      A man, enveloped in a cloak, came out immediately, andexchanged some rapid words with the cardinal; after which hemounted his horse, and set off in the direction of Surgeres,which was likewise the way to Paris.

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       "And yet that is the most simple thing in the world, my dearsister. Have you not observed that the captain of your littlevessel, on entering the roadstead, sent forward, in order toobtain permission to enter the port, a little boat bearing hislogbook and the register of his voyagers? I am commandant of theport. They brought me that book. I recognized your name in it.My heart told me what your mouth has just confirmed--that is tosay, with what view you have exposed yourself to the dangers of asea so perilous, or at least so troublesome at this moment--and Isent my cutter to meet you. You know the rest."

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      "I wished to know the detail," said she, "because, havingmany relatives in business, I was almost sure of obtainingthings at a hundred per cent less than you would payyourself."

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    {  The same evening the cardinal spoke to M. de Treville of theexploit of the morning, which was the talk of the wholecamp. M. de Treville, who had received the account of theadventure from the mouths of the heroes of it, related it inall its details to his Eminence, not forgetting the episodeof the napkin.

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      "How many shots?"}

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      "I will try to accompany you," said Aramis, "though I scarcelyfeel in a condition to mount on horseback. Yesterday I undertookto employ that cord which you see hanging against the wall, butpain prevented my continuing the pious exercise.""That's the first time I ever heard of anybody trying to curegunshot wounds with cat-o'-nine-tails; but you were ill, andillness renders the head weak, therefore you may be excused.""When do you mean to set out?"

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      "Yes, sir, I certainly committed that imprudence; but why shouldI have done otherwise? A name like yours must be as a buckler tome on my way. Judge if I should not put myself under itsprotection."

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       "Oh, my God!" cried Anne of Austria, with an accent of terrorwhich proved how much greater an interest she took in the dukethan she ventured to tell.

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    {  The wonder was increased, though the doubt continued to exist."Is it not true, Aramis?" said Porthos, turning toward anotherMusketeer.

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      Buckingham at once remembered the circumstance, and suspectingthat something was going on in France of which it was necessaryhe should be informed, he only took the time to inquire where themessenger was, and recognizing from afar the uniform of theGuards, he put his horse into a gallop, and rode straight up toD'Artagnan. Patrick discreetly kept in the background."No misfortune has happened to the queen?" cried Buckingham, theinstant he came up, throwing all his fear and love into thequestion.