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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  D'Artagnan blushed with pleasure, and bowed a sign ofassent.
2.  Felton recognized it also, and made a step toward the door.Milady sprang toward him. "Oh, not a word," said she in aconcentrated voice, "not a word of all that I have said to you tothis man, or I am lost, and it would be you--you--"Then as the steps drew near, she became silent for fear of beingheard, applying, with a gesture of infinite terror, her beautifulhand to Felton's mouth.
3.  "Why, then, are you about to betray it to me?"
4.  "Another gasconade!" murmured the gentleman. "By my honor, theseGascons are incorrigible! Keep up the dance, then, since he willhave it so. When he is tired, he will perhaps tell us that hehas had enough of it."
5.  "And who is that other person?" asked Milady, warmly. "Can younot tell me his name?"
6.  D'Artagnan seized the hand held out to him, and kissed itardently.


1.  "I have no doubt of it."
2.  "Oh, monsieur!" said Planchet, humiliated by the suspicion,and moreover, terrified at the calm air of the Musketeer."And I," said Porthos, rolling his large eyes, "remember, Iwill skin you alive."
3.  M. de Treville smiled at this flourish; and leaving his young mancompatriot in the embrasure of the window, where they had talkedtogether, he seated himself at a table in order to write thepromised letter of recommendation. While he was doing this,D'Artagnan, having no better employment, amused himself withbeating a march upon the window and with looking at theMusketeers, who went away, one after another, following them withhis eyes until they disappeared.
4.  "You may."
5.  D'Artagnan burst into a laugh which changed the shiver of thehost into a burning fever.
6.  Silence was re-established. Two hours passed away. Milady'ssupper was brought in, and she was found deeply engaged in sayingher prayers aloud--prayers which she had learned of an oldservant of her second husband, a most austere Puritan. Sheappeared to be in ecstasy, and did not pay the least attention towhat was going on around her. Felton made a sign that she shouldnot be disturbed; and when all was arranged, he went out quietlywith the soldiers.


1.  "Scoundrel!" murmured Felton.
2.  "For Monsieur de Wardes?" said Kitty.
3.  "It is worth something, you see, to have been brought up somewhere.""You will wait for me, then?"
4.  "And do you always forget your eyes when you run?" asked Porthos."No," replied D'Artagnan, piqued, "and thanks to my eyes, I cansee what other people cannot see."
5.   "What do you mean?" cried D'Artagnan. "In the name of heaven,explain yourself!"
6.  "Blue and clear eyes, of a strange brilliancy, with blackeyelids and eyebrows?"


1.  "Only I concealed a glass of water, which remained after mybreakfast, thirst having been the chief of my sufferings when Iremained forty-eight hours without eating or drinking."The day passed away without having any other influence on methan to strengthen the resolution I had formed; only I took carethat my face should not betray the thoughts of my heart, for Ihad no doubt I was watched. Several times, even, I felt a smileon my lips. Felton, I dare not tell you at what idea I smiled;you would hold me in horror--"
2.  "Porthos," replied Aramis, "I have had the occasion to observe toyou more than once that you are very indiscreet; and that isinjurious to you among the women."
3.  It resulted from this that the real stake in this game,which two most powerful kingdoms played for the goodpleasure of two amorous men, was simply a kind look fromAnne of Austria.
4、  "Commend me to the cardinal."
5、  "By the way," resumed De Winter, stopping at the threshold of thedoor, "you must not, Milady, let this check take away yourappetite. Taste that fowl and those fish. On my honor, they arenot poisoned. I have a very good cook, and he is not to be myheir; I have full and perfect confidence in him. Do as I do.Adieu, dear sister, till your next swoon!"




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      "Have you no information as to his abiding place?""None. One day, as I was conveying my wife back to the Louvre,he was coming out as she was going in, and she showed him to me.""The devil! The devil!" murmured D'Artagnan; "all this is vagueenough. From whom have you learned of the abduction of yourwife?"

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      "Playing the day before! And with whom?"

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       "And that is situated?"

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      At the same moment the door of the cell yielded to a shock, rather thanopened; several men rushed into the chamber. Mme. Bonacieux had sunkinto an armchair, without the power of moving.

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    {  "So that now it is no longer hatred, but vengeance.""Indeed!"

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      "And upon what then must I live? I have nothing but memory. Itis my happiness, my treasure, my hope. Every time I see you is afresh diamond which I enclose in the casket of my heart. Thisis the fourth which you have let fall and I have picked up; forin three years, madame, I have only seen you four times--thefirst, which I have described to you; the second, at the mansionof Madame de Chevreuse; the third, in the gardens of Amiens.""Duke," said the queen, blushing, "never speak of that evening.""Oh, let us speak of it; on the contrary, let us speak of it!That is the most happy and brilliant evening of my life! Youremember what a beautiful night it was? How soft and perfumedwas the air; how lovely the blue heavens and star-enameled sky!Ah, then, madame, I was able for one instant to be alone withyou. Then you were about to tell me all--the isolation of yourlife, the griefs of your heart. You leaned upon my arm--uponthis, madame! I felt, in bending my head toward you, yourbeautiful hair touch my cheek; and every time that it touched meI trembled from head to foot. Oh, Queen! Queen! You do notknow what felicity from heaven, what joys from paradise, arecomprised in a moment like that. Take my wealth, my fortune, myglory, all the days I have to live, for such an instant, for anight like that. For that night, madame, that night you lovedme, I will swear it."}

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      Bazin was stupefied at the sight of the gold, and forgotthat he came to announce D'Artagnan, who, curious to knowwho the mendicant could be, came to Aramis on leaving Athos.Now, as D'Artagnan used no ceremony with Aramis, seeing thatBazin forgot to announce him, he announced himself."The devil! my dear Aramis," said D'Artagnan, "if these arethe prunes that are sent to you from Tours, I beg you willmake my compliments to the gardener who gathers them.""You are mistaken, friend D'Artagnan," said Aramis, alwayson his guard; "this is from my publisher, who has just sentme the price of that poem in one-syllable verse which Ibegan yonder."

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      "What the devil could that handkerchief signify?"Placed where he was, D'Artagnan could not perceive the face ofAramis. We say Aramis, because the young man entertained nodoubt that it was his friend who held this dialogue from theinterior with the lady of the exterior. Curiosity prevailed overprudence; and profiting by the preoccupation into which the sightof the handkerchief appeared to have plunged the two personagesnow on the scene, he stole from his hiding place, and quick aslightning, but stepping with utmost caution, he ran and placedhimself close to the angle of the wall, from which his eye couldpierce the interior of Aramis's room.

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       "Well, what does the queen believe?"

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    {  "I depend upon your word."

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      "I can send to each of them leave of absence for fifteen days,that is all--to Athos, whose wound still makes him suffer, to goto the waters of Forges; to Porthos and Aramis to accompany theirfriend, whom they are not willing to abandon in such a painfulcondition. Sending their leave of absence will be proof enoughthat I authorize their journey."