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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You thought it a mercy then, miserable wretch! The cowardwho feared death rejoiced at perpetual disgrace; for likeall galley-slaves, you said, `I may escape from prison, Icannot from the grave.' And you said truly; the way wasopened for you unexpectedly. An Englishman visited Toulon,who had vowed to rescue two men from infamy, and his choicefell on you and your companion. You received a secondfortune, money and tranquillity were restored to you, andyou, who had been condemned to a felon's life, might live asother men. Then, wretched creature, then you tempted God athird time. `I have not enough,' you said, when you had morethan you before possessed, and you committed a third crime,without reason, without excuse. God is wearied; he haspunished you." Caderousse was fast sinking. "Give me drink,"said he: "I thirst -- I burn!" Monte Cristo gave him a glassof water. "And yet that villain, Benedetto, will escape!"
2.  "Opposite the scaffold?"
3.  "Yes."
4.  "Why not? I am fond of grass and shade," said Monte Cristo.
5.  "Yes."
6.  "No."


1.  "Forgive me, sir," said Franz in a resolute tone. "I wouldnot lose this opportunity of proving to M. Noirtier howwrong it would be of him to encourage feelings of dislike tome, which I am determined to conquer, whatever they may be,by my devotion." And without listening to Villefort hearose, and followed Valentine, who was running down-stairswith the joy of a shipwrecked mariner who finds a rock tocling to. M. de Villefort followed them. Chateau-Renaud andMorcerf exchanged a third look of still increasing wonder.
2.  "Yes."
3.  "So much that I wonder how a man who can cook thus cancomplain of hard living."
4.  "But the child -- the child, sir?" repeated the agitatedmother.
5.  "But who are you, then?" asked Caderousse, fixing his dyingeyes on the count. "Look well at me!" said Monte Cristo,putting the light near his face. "Well, the abbe -- the AbbeBusoni." Monte Cristo took off the wig which disfigured him,and let fall his black hair, which added so much to thebeauty of his pallid features. "Oh?" said Caderousse,thunderstruck, "but for that black hair, I should say youwere the Englishman, Lord Wilmore."
6.  Monte Cristo advanced into the room; Maximilian was obligedto let him pass, but he followed him. "You were writing?"said Monte Cristo with a searching look.


1.  "Then you accept his offer?" said the host.
2.  "What?" said Villefort, "do you mean to say that Valentineis not interested in your will?"
3.  "No one told me you were, but you have frequently been seenat the opera with a young and lovely woman."
4.  "Indeed I do not know what he is; he has three unlimitedcredits -- one on me, one on Rothschild, one on Lafitte;and, you see," he added carelessly, "he has given me thepreference, by leaving a balance of 100,000 francs." M. deBoville manifested signs of extraordinary admiration. "Imust visit him," he said, "and obtain some pious grant fromhim."
5.   "Exactly so."
6.  "Yes, yes; let us hasten up; it was in Valentine's room."But before the doctor and the father could reach the room,the servants who were on the same floor had entered, andseeing Valentine pale and motionless on her bed, they liftedup their hands towards heaven and stood transfixed, asthough struck by lightening. "Call Madame de Villefort! --wake Madame de Villefort!" cried the procureur from the doorof his chamber, which apparently he scarcely dared to leave.But instead of obeying him, the servants stood watching M.d'Avrigny, who ran to Valentine, and raised her in his arms."What? -- this one, too?" he exclaimed. "Oh, where will bethe end?" Villefort rushed into the room. "What are yousaying, doctor?" he exclaimed, raising his hands to heaven.


1.  "Yes, and for a considerable sum."
2.  "Your pardon," replied Danglars, "I merely said you seemedin a hurry, and we have lots of time; the Pharaon cannot beunder weigh again in less than three months."
3.  "The contract," answered Dantes, laughingly, "it didn't takelong to fix that. Mercedes has no fortune; I have none tosettle on her. So, you see, our papers were quickly writtenout, and certainly do not come very expensive." This jokeelicited a fresh burst of applause.
4、  "But shutters?"
5、  "Dead!" repeated a third voice. "Who said Valentine wasdead?"




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      "I do; that is about the distance that separates yourchamber from mine; only, unfortunately, I did not curvearight; for want of the necessary geometrical instruments tocalculate my scale of proportion, instead of taking anellipsis of forty feet, I made it fifty. I expected, as Itold you, to reach the outer wall, pierce through it, andthrow myself into the sea; I have, however, kept along thecorridor on which your chamber opens, instead of goingbeneath it. My labor is all in vain, for I find that thecorridor looks into a courtyard filled with soldiers."

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      Dantes, as we have said, had traced the marks along therocks, and he had noticed that they led to a small creek.which was hidden like the bath of some ancient nymph. Thiscreek was sufficiently wide at its mouth, and deep in thecentre, to admit of the entrance of a small vessel of thelugger class, which would be perfectly concealed fromobservation.

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       "How was this jealousy manifested? Speak on."

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      "No, for Venice; I shall remain in Italy for another year ortwo."

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    {  He still felt the same self-satisfaction which he hadexperienced the previous evening, and which had procured himso good a night's rest. He was luxuriously stretched in agood English calash, with double springs; he was drawn byfour good horses, at full gallop; he knew the relay to be ata distance of seven leagues. What subject of meditationcould present itself to the banker, so fortunately becomebankrupt?

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      "Have you made inquiry?"}

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      "Had treated with the Serasker* Koorshid, who had been sentby the sultan to gain possession of the person of my father;it was then that Ali Tepelini -- after having sent to thesultan a French officer in whom he reposed great confidence-- resolved to retire to the asylum which he had long beforeprepared for himself, and which he called kataphygion, orthe refuge."

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      "Well," said the young man, "let us demand hospitality ofthese smugglers and bandits. Do you think they will grantit?"

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       "Oh, heaven," said Valentine; "is this the reason whygrandpapa has made me share all his beverages during thelast month?"

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    {  "How do you know it is the doctor?" asked Valentine,astonished.

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      During this time Danglars fixed his piercing glance on theyoung man, on whose heart Caderousse's words fell likemolten lead.