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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "May the blessings of heaven fall upon Monsieur! But it is notthe less true that that letter--"
2.  The host had the appearance of as honest a man as any on earth.He received the travelers with his candlestick in one hand andhis cotton nightcap in the other. He wished to ledge the twotravelers each in a charming chamber; but unfortunately thesecharming chambers were at the opposite extremities of the hotel.D'Artagnan and Athos refused them. The host replied that he hadno other worthy of their Excellencies; but the travelers declaredthey would sleep in the common chamber, each on a mattress whichmight be thrown upon the ground. The host insisted; but thetravelers were firm, and he was obliged to do as they wished.They had just prepared their beds and barricaded their doorwithin, when someone knocked at the yard shutter; they demandedwho was there, and recognizing the voices of their lackeys,opened the shutter. It was indeed Planchet and Grimaud."Grimaud can take care of the horses," said Planchet. "If youare willing, gentlemen, I will sleep across your doorway, and youwill then be certain that nobody can reach you."
3.  "My Lord the Duke of Buckingham," said Mme. Bonacieux, in anundertone; "and now you may ruin us all."
4.  Bazin perceived he was wrong; he bowed and went out."Ah!" said D'Artagnan with a smile, "you sell yourproductions at their weight in gold. You are veryfortunate, my friend; but take care or you will lose thatletter which is peeping from your doublet, and which alsocomes, no doubt, from your publisher."
5.  Porthos and Aramis remained behind to encounter the jokes ofthe dragoon and the Swiss.
6.  However flattering this compliment, the officer made no reply;but drawing from his belt a little silver whistle, such asboatswains use in ships of war, he whistled three times, withthree different modulations. Immediately several men appeared,who unharnessed the smoking horses, and put the carriage into acoach house.


1.  It was thus with Milady. She escaped the cruisers of both nations, andarrived at Boulogne without accident.
2.  Milady continued:
3.  "Well, we are beaten! Now let us try to take our revenge.""I will assist you with all my heart, monseigneur; be assured ofthat."
4.  His reflections were not very cheerful. From the time ofhis arrival in Paris, he had been mixed up with publicaffairs; but his own private affairs had made no greatprogress, either in love or fortune. As to love, the onlywoman he could have loved was Mme. Bonacieux; and Mme.Bonacieux had disappeared, without his being able todiscover what had become of her. As to fortune, he hadmade--he, humble as he was--an enemy of the cardinal; thatis to say, of a man before whom trembled the greatest men ofthe kingdom, beginning with the king.
5.  "Then, put me to the proof."
6.  As nine o'clock sounded, D'Artagnan was at the Place Royale.It was evident that the servants who waited in theantechamber were warned, for as soon as D'Artagnan appeared,before even he had asked if Milady were visible, one of themran to announce him.


1.  "Before God and before men," said he, "I accuse this woman of havingpoisoned Constance Bonacieux, who died yesterday evening."He turned towards Porthos and Aramis.
2.  "May I be permitted to inform my wife?" said he.
3.  "I respected your father very much," said he. "What can I do forthe son? Tell me quickly; my time is not my own.""Monsieur," said D'Artagnan, "on quitting Tarbes and cominghither, it was my intention to request of you, in remembrance ofthe friendship which you have not forgotten, the uniform of aMusketeer; but after all that I have seen during the last twohours, I comprehend that such a favor is enormous, and tremblelest I should not merit it."
4.  "Kitty," said he, "I will read to the bottom of your soulwhen-ever you like; don't let that disturb you." And he gaveher a kiss at which the poor girl became as red as a cherry."Oh, no," said Kitty, "it is not me you love! It is mymistress you love; you told me so just now."
5.   She ran to the window and opened it.
6.  "Fifty pistoles at most."


1.  "Wait, then, monsieur, wait," said the king; "I will not detainyou long."
2.  And Kitty, who had not let go the hand of D'Artagnan, ledhim up a little dark, winding staircase, and after ascendingabout fifteen steps, opened a door.
3.  "What vessel is that?" asked Milady.
4、  "I?" said the novice.
5、  D'Artagnan began to be tired, and so did the curate."See what an exordium!" cried the Jesuit.




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      "No, I use your generosity, that's all. But be of good cheer;with certain people, everything comes round."

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      "Indeed, sir," said Milady, "you must be either drunk or mad.Leave the room, and send me a woman."

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       D'Artagnan knew it was considered disobliging by anEnglishman to refuse to pledge him. He therefore drew nearto the table and took the second glass. He did not,however, lose sight of Milady, and in a mirror he perceivedthe change that came over her face. Now that she believedherself to be no longer observed, a sentiment resemblingferocity animated her countenance. She bit her handkerchiefwith her beautiful teeth.

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      The travelers had chosen crossroads in the hope that they mightmeet with less interruption; but at Crevecoeur, Aramis declaredhe could proceed no farther. In fact, it required all thecourage which he concealed beneath his elegant form and polishedmanners to bear him so far. He grew more pale every minute, andthey were obliged to support him on his horse. They lifted himoff at the door of a cabaret, left Bazin with him, who, besides,in a skirmish was more embarrassing than useful, and set forwardagain in the hope of sleeping at Amiens.

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    {  D'Artagnan pursued his way. He had given his word not to watchMme. Bonacieux, and if his life had depended upon the spot towhich she was going or upon the person who should accompany her,D'Artagnan would have returned home, since he had so promised.Five minutes later he was in the Rue des Fossoyeurs."Poor Athos!" said he; "he will never guess what all this means.He will have fallen asleep waiting for me, or else he will havereturned home, where he will have learned that a woman had beenthere. A woman with Athos! After all," continued D'Artagnan,"there was certainly one with Aramis. All this is very strange;and I am curious to know how it will end."

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      At the moment she spoke these words a rap on the ceiling made herraise her head, and a voice which reached her through the ceilingcried, "Dear Madame Bonacieux, open for me the little door on thealley, and I will come down to you."}

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      At that moment a burst of ironical laughter resounded through thecorridor. The baron, attracted by the noise, in his chambergown, his sword under his arm, stood in the doorway."Ah," said he, "here we are, at the last act of the tragedy. Yousee, Felton, the drama has gone through all the phases I named;but be easy, no blood will flow."

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      "Now escort me."

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       The king, however, who sought distraction, while traveling as fast aspossible--for he was anxious to be in Paris by the twenty-third--stoppedfrom time to time to fly the magpie, a pastime for which the taste hadbeen formerly inspired in him by De Luynes, and for which he had alwayspreserved a great predilection. Out of the twenty Musketeers sixteen,when this took place, rejoiced greatly at this relaxation; but the otherfour cursed it heartily. D'Artagnan, in particular, had a perpetualbuzzing in his ears, which Porthos explained thus: "A very great ladyhas told me that this means that somebody is talking of you somewhere."At length the escort passed through Paris on the twenty-third, in thenight. The king thanked M. de Treville, and permitted him to distributefurloughs for four days, on condition that the favored parties shouldnot appear in any public place, under penalty of the Bastille.The first four furloughs granted, as may be imagined, were to our fourfriends. Still further, Athos obtained of M. de Treville six daysinstead of four, and introduced into these six days two more nights--forthey set out on the twenty-fourth at five o'clock in the evening, and asa further kindness M. de Treville post-dated the leave to the morning ofthe twenty-fifth.

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    {  "That of the patrol going their rounds."

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      "Oh, ours is a theological quarrel," replied Aramis, making asign to D'Artagnan to keep secret the cause of their duel.Athos indeed saw a second smile on the lips of D'Artagnan."Indeed?" said Athos.