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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And yet," cried Porthos, "we will not leave--"
2.  D'Artagnan raised her by passing his arm round her waist; but ashe felt by her weight she was on the point of fainting, he madehaste to reassure her by protestations of devotedness. Theseprotestations were nothing for Mme. Bonacieux, for suchprotestations may be made with the worst intentions in the world;but the voice was all Mme. Bonacieux thought she recognized thesound of that voice; she reopened her eyes, cast a quick glanceupon the man who had terrified her so, and at once perceiving itwas D'Artagnan, she uttered a cry of joy, "Oh, it is you, it isyou! Thank God, thank God!"
3.  "But if it is a woman who writes," said Aramis, "and thatwoman desires not to be seen, remember, you compromise her,D'Artagnan; which is not the part of a gentleman.""We will remain in the background," said Porthos, "and hewill advance alone."
4.  "Yes, and France is about to pay for her king's refusal with awar. I am not allowed to see you, madame, but you shall everyday hear of me. What object, think you, have this expedition toRe and this league with the Protestants of La Rochelle which I amprojecting? The pleasure of seeing you. I have no hope ofpenetrating, sword in hand, to Paris, I know that well. But thiswar may bring round a peace; this peace will require anegotiator; that negotiator will be me. They will not dare torefuse me then; and I will return to Paris, and will see youagain, and will be happy for an instant. Thousands of men, it istrue, will have to pay for my happiness with their lives; butwhat is that to me, provided I see you again! All this isperhaps folly--perhaps insanity; but tell me what woman has alover more truly in love; what queen a servant more ardent?""My Lord, my Lord, you invoke in your defense things which accuseyou more strongly. All these proofs of love which you would giveme are almost crimes."
5.  He had been informed at seven o'clock in the morning that a rope ladderfloated from one of the windows of the castle; he had hastened toMilady's chamber, had found it empty, the window open, and the barsfiled, had remembered the verbal caution D'Artagnan had transmitted tohim by his messenger, had trembled for the duke, and running to thestable without taking time to have a horse saddled, had jumped upon thefirst he found, had galloped off like the wind, had alighted below inthe courtyard, had ascended the stairs precipitately, and on the topstep, as we have said, had encountered Felton.
6.  The goldsmith knew the duke. He knew all objection would beuseless, and instantly determined how to act.


1.  "Perhaps you did not see well."
2.  "Oh, I resolved that it should take place as soon as possible. Ihad no doubt he would return the following night. During the dayI had nothing to fear.
3.  The procurator had without doubt been warned of his visit,as he expressed no surprise at the sight of Porthos, whoadvanced toward him with a sufficiently easy air, andsaluted him courteously.
4.  "What do you find so astonishing in that language?" said Milady,smiling.
5.  "But why did we not breakfast at the Parpaillot?""Because we have very important matters to communicate toone another, and it was impossible to talk five minutes inthat inn without being annoyed by all those importunatefellows, who keep coming in, saluting you, and addressingyou. Here at least," said Athos, pointing to the bastion,"they will not come and disturb us."
6.  "Company of Treville."


1.  "I am sorry for that," said D'Artagnan; "for as I am in greathaste likewise, I wish to beg you to render me a service.""What?"
2.  "Well, of the four horses of our lackeys we will make two for themasters, for which we will draw lots. With the four hundredlivres we will make the half of one for one of the unmounted, andthen we will give the turnings out of our pockets to D'Artagnan,who has a steady hand, and will go and play in the first gaminghouse we come to. There!"
4.  "But they may come any moment, for you left word that I awaitedthem?"
5.   "And what have you been doing since yesterday?"
6.  It was thus with Milady. She escaped the cruisers of both nations, andarrived at Boulogne without accident.


1.  Three days afterward the four Musketeers were in Paris; they had notexceeded their leave of absence, and that same evening they went to paytheir customary visit to M. de Treville.
2.  Then the cardinal added, "A PROPOS, sire, do not forget to tellher Majesty the evening before the fete that you should like tosee how her diamond studs become her."
3.  Both resumed their way. As D'Artagnan had foreseen, Athos wasnot within. He took the key, which was customarily given him asone of the family, ascended the stairs, and introduced Mme.Bonacieux into the little apartment of which we have given adescription.
4、  "The devil!" said D'Artagnan.
5、  "You are in a hurry?" said the Musketeer, as pale as a sheet."Under that pretense you run against me! You say. 'Excuse me,'and you believe that is sufficient? Not at all my young man. Doyou fancy because you have heard Monsieur de Treville speak to usa little cavalierly today that other people are to treat us as hespeaks to us? Undeceive yourself, comrade, you are not Monsieurde Treville."




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      He repaired, therefore, immediately to his hotel, and causedhimself to be announced.

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      "Never! Though I remember, in our affair of the Rue Ferou, Ireceived a sword wound which at the end of fifteen or eighteendays produced the same effect."

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       "He will ask you what you want, and you will answer by these twowords, 'Tours' and 'Bruxelles.' He will at once put himself atyour orders."

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      "What, CAPITAL?"

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    {  It took some time for D'Artagnan to resume this littledialogue; but then all the ideas of vengeance which he hadbrought with him had completely vanished. This womanexercised over him an unaccountable power; he hated andadored her at the same time. He would not have believedthat two sentiments so opposite could dwell in the sameheart, and by their union constitute a passion so strange,and as it were, diabolical.

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      "Vous qui pleurez un passe plein de charmes,}

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      "Then, gentlemen, you will not oppose our executing the orders wehave received?" asked one who appeared to be the leader of theparty.

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      "You were right, my Lord," said Felton, with a tone of profounddisgust which sounded to the very bottom of the heart of Milady,"you were right, my Lord, and I was wrong."

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       "The fact is," hazarded D'Artagnan, timidly, "I did not see thehandkerchief fall from the pocket of Monsieur Aramis. He had hisfoot upon it, that is all; and I thought from having his footupon it the handkerchief was his."

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    {  "But," said D'Artagnan, in the ear of Athos, "you are goingto get us all killed without mercy."

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      Rochefort remained for a moment in thought; then, as they were only aday's journey from Surgeres, whither the cardinal was to come to meetthe king, he resolved to follow the advice of Athos and go with them.Besides, this return offered him the advantage of watching his prisoner.They resumed their route.