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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, no," said the gardener; "not in the least, since thereis no danger that anyone can possibly understand what we aresaying."
2.  "Laugh as much as you will," replied Albert, "I am in love."
3.  "What ails you, baron?" he exclaimed. "You appear quiteaghast. Has your uneasiness anything to do with what M. deBlacas has told me, and M. de Villefort has just confirmed?"M. de Blacas moved suddenly towards the baron, but thefright of the courtier pleaded for the forbearance of thestatesman; and besides, as matters were, it was much more tohis advantage that the prefect of police should triumph overhim than that he should humiliate the prefect.
4.  "Willingly. M. Danglars dined with me."
5.  "Now, madame," continued Debray, first opening the closet,then the chest; -- "now, madame, here are 800 notes of 1,000francs each, resembling, as you see, a large book bound iniron; to this I add a certificate in the funds of 25,000francs; then, for the odd cash, making I think about 110,000francs, here is a check upon my banker, who, not being M.Danglars, will pay you the amount, you may rest assured."Madame Danglars mechanically took the check, the bond, andthe heap of bank-notes. This enormous fortune made no greatappearance on the table. Madame Danglars, with tearlesseyes, but with her breast heaving with concealed emotion,placed the bank-notes in her bag, put the certificate andcheck into her pocket-book, and then, standing pale andmute, awaited one kind word of consolation. But she waitedin vain.
6.  "By right of the objections you have raised, and theexplanations you have demanded, which certainly must havesome motive."


1.  "Certainly. But lose no time; we have lost too muchalready."
2.  "Listen," said Morcerf -- "if Mademoiselle Danglars weredisposed to take pity on my supposed martyrdom on heraccount, and would dispense with all matrimonial formalitiesbetween our two families, I am ready to agree to thearrangement. In a word, Mademoiselle Danglars would make acharming mistress -- but a wife -- diable!"
3.  "Say to the Comte de Salvieux that I would like to see him."
4.  "In conjunction with the affairs of Ali Pasha?"
5.  "At any rate," murmured he, "if it be, so much the better,for I have made a rare acquisition." Under pretence of beingfatigued, Dantes asked to take the helm; the steersman, gladto be relieved, looked at the captain, and the latter by asign indicated that he might abandon it to his new comrade.Dantes could thus keep his eyes on Marseilles.
6.  "Well."


1.  "`I, El-Kobbir, a slave-merchant, and purveyor of the haremof his highness, acknowledge having received fortransmission to the sublime emperor, from the French lord,the Count of Monte Cristo, an emerald valued at eighthundred thousand francs; as the ransom of a young Christianslave of eleven years of age, named Haidee, the acknowledgeddaughter of the late lord Ali Tepelini, pasha of Yanina, andof Vasiliki, his favorite; she having been sold to me sevenyears previously, with her mother, who had died on arrivingat Constantinople, by a French colonel in the service of theVizier Ali Tepelini, named Fernand Mondego. Theabove-mentioned purchase was made on his highness's account,whose mandate I had, for the sum of four hundred thousandfrancs.
2.  The young man, seeing them approach, drew back mechanically,until he found himself stopped by a sycamore-tree in thecentre of the clump; there he was compelled to remain. Soonthe two gentlemen stopped also.
3.  "No, indeed, -- I am calm," said Morrel, giving his hand tothe count; "my pulse does not beat slower or faster thanusual. No, I feel that I have reached the goal, and I willgo no farther. You told me to wait and hope; do you knowwhat you did, unfortunate adviser? I waited a month, orrather I suffered for a month! I did hope (man is a poorwretched creature), I did hope. What I cannot tell, --something wonderful, an absurdity, a miracle, -- of whatnature he alone can tell who has mingled with our reasonthat folly we call hope. Yes, I did wait -- yes, I did hope,count, and during this quarter of an hour we have beentalking together, you have unconsciously wounded, torturedmy heart, for every word you have uttered proved that therewas no hope for me. Oh, count, I shall sleep calmly,deliciously in the arms of death." Morrel uttered thesewords with an energy which made the count shudder. "Myfriend," continued Morrel, "you named the fifth of Octoberas the end of the period of waiting, -- to-day is the fifthof October," he took out his watch, "it is now nine o'clock,-- I have yet three hours to live."
4.  "Oh, count, what a service you might render me! I shouldlike you a hundred times better if, by your intervention, Icould manage to remain a bachelor, even were it only for tenyears."
5.   "Oh," cried Andrea, leaping with joy. Then he mentallyadded, -- "Still my unknown protector! I am not forgotten.They wish for secrecy, since we are to converse in a privateroom. I understand, Bertuccio has been sent by myprotector."
6.  At last, with a horrible splash, he darted like an arrowinto the ice-cold water, and as he did so he uttered ashrill cry, stifled in a moment by his immersion beneath thewaves.


1.  "Yes."
2.  "Exactly, sir."
3.  "In the navy."
4、  "I know it, and I expected this result."
5、  The island was familiar to the crew of The Young Amelia, --it was one of her regular haunts. As to Dantes, he hadpassed it on his voyage to and from the Levant, but nevertouched at it. He questioned Jacopo. "Where shall we passthe night?" he inquired.




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      "That's right!" exclaimed a multitude of voices, "go, andreturn as quickly as you can!"

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      "That is it precisely, Signor Aladdin; it is hashish -- thepurest and most unadulterated hashish of Alexandria, -- thehashish of Abou-Gor, the celebrated maker, the only man, theman to whom there should be built a palace, inscribed withthese words, `A grateful world to the dealer in happiness.'"

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       "And what would you do, my dear diplomatist," repliedMorcerf, with a slight degree of irony in his voice, "if youdid nothing? What? private secretary to a minister, plungedat once into European cabals and Parisian intrigues; havingkings, and, better still, queens, to protect, parties tounite, elections to direct; making more use of your cabinetwith your pen and your telegraph than Napoleon did of hisbattle-fields with his sword and his victories; possessingfive and twenty thousand francs a year, besides your place;a horse, for which Chateau-Renaud offered you four hundredlouis, and which you would not part with; a tailor who neverdisappoints you; with the opera, the jockey-club, and otherdiversions, can you not amuse yourself? Well, I will amuseyou."

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      "Oh, that is very easily arranged. I have engaged the threelower windows at the Cafe Rospoli; should I have obtainedthe requisite pardon for Peppino, the two outside windowswill be hung with yellow damasks, and the centre with white,having a large cross in red marked on it."

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    {  "Let us start, then; we need no witnesses."

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      "Well, this is just what amuses me," said Monte Cristo. "Iam like Nero -- cupitor impossibilium; and that is what isamusing you at this moment. This fish, which seems soexquisite to you, is very likely no better than perch orsalmon; but it seemed impossible to procure it, and here itis."}

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      The count, fearing to yield to the entreaties of her he hadso ardently loved, called his sufferings to the assistanceof his hatred. "Revenge yourself, then, Edmond," cried thepoor mother; "but let your vengeance fall on the culprits,-- on him, on me, but not on my son!"

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      "Yesterday I was at your house, sir," said the young man;"because then I knew not who you were." In pronouncing thesewords Albert had raised his voice so as to be heard by thosein the adjoining boxes and in the lobby. Thus the attentionof many was attracted by this altercation. "Where are youcome from, sir? You do not appear to be in the possession ofyour senses."

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       "I am neither the Abbe Busoni nor Lord Wilmore," said MonteCristo; "think again, -- do you not recollect me?" Those wasa magic effect in the count's words, which once more revivedthe exhausted powers of the miserable man. "Yes, indeed,"said he; "I think I have seen you and known you formerly."

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    {  "Edward, you naughty boy," exclaimed Madame de Villefort,snatching the mutilated book from the urchin's grasp, "youare positively past bearing; you really disturb theconversation; go, leave us, and join your sister Valentinein dear grandpapa Noirtier's room."

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      Danglars did not lose one pang that Fernand endured.